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England vs Germany Highlights, Why the Jabulani Ball is Killing the World Cup, FIFA Mistakes, More Links

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German goal

Proof the Goal Against Germany was NOT a Goal (Who Ate All the Pies)
See above. Clearly no goal.

Is it Time for Football to Embrace Video Technology? (The Offside)
YES. YES. YES. The mistakes in this World Cup are mocking the beautiful game. USA, Mexico, and England would agree, although the situation is more complex than meets the eye.

The Decline of English Football (EPL Talk)
Title says it all. Why England will never win another World Cup.

World Cup 2010: Five reasons why England were embarrassed by Germany (The Guardian)
Breakdown of England’s Abysmal Performance Against Germany.

Heinze Gets Headbutted and Punches the Camara (The Spoiler)
The camera man gets a little too close to Argentina’s goal celebration.

FIFA Ignoring Referee Mistakes (Dirty Tackle)
FIFA’s Official Website is of course not showing the real story. FIFA is also not allowing Youtube to air most of the World Cup replays. Thanks.

Guti Disproves all Rumors (Caught Offside)
Single? Homosexual? We may never know…

Deconstructing The Jabulani (The Yanks are Coming)
Why the new Jabulani Ball is ruining the World Cup.

At least James Corden won’t be No.1 next week: 10 reasons to be cheerful we’re out (Mirror Football)
It was worth it to hear your missus say: “Cheer up love, there’s always next year’s World Cup” and “It could be worse. You could be Emile Heskey’s agent.”

June 28th, 2010

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