Ballymena vs FK Pelister Bitola - 1x2 Odds Comparison

Macedonian Prva Liga, Date: Sunday November 23, 2014, Time: 12:00 GMT

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Ballymena vs. FK Pelister Bitola - 1x2 Odds Comparison
Average Odds Best Odds Fair Odds Expected
Stake to
Return $100
Ballymena 18.7% 4.81 5.25 5.34 $ 98.35 $ 19.05
FK Pelister Bitola 54.0% 1.67 1.85 1.85 $ 99.82 $ 54.05
Draw 27.3% 3.30 3.50 3.66 $ 95.57 $ 28.57
Payout Percentages: Best Odds 98.35%, Average Odds 90.11%, No Exchanges 98.35%
Implied Probability The probability of winning the bet, calculated from the odds. WSN uses the fair odds to make this calculation, removing the influence of the bookmakers margin.
Average Odds The median odds available from all bookmakers on WSN. Does not include exchanges.
Best Odds The best odds available from all the bookmakers on WSN. Does not include exchanges.
Fair Odds The odds that bookmakers would use if they set their margin (also known as overround or vigorish) to zero. With these odds, the bookmakers would return 100% of the money risked on these bets.
Expected Value The expected return on a $100 bet on average over the long-term. The expected value is calculated from the best odds and implied probability.
Stake to Return $100 The wager size required to return $100. The wager size is calculated using the best odds.
1x2 Description

Bettors predict the result of the match. Bets are placed on either a home team win (1), a draw (X), or an away team win (2). Odds for each home-win/draw/away-win choice are either higher or lower depending on the likelihood of the event occurring, as perceived by the bookmaker.