2019 American League (AL) MVP Award

The American League MVP Award is Mike Trout’s to lose but could an injury bring superstars like Houston’s Alex Bregman and last year’s AL MVP Mookie Betts back into the race?

What is the AL MVP Award?

In the National and American League each season, the best player is awarded the league’s Most Valuable Player Award. The MVP trophy is the top achievement that any player can obtain in Major League Baseball.

The award is important because it is a mark of excellence that holds substantial weight when a player’s legacy is judged by voters for the Hall of Fame at the conclusion of a player’s career.

How is the American League MVP Award Decided?

The AL MVP Award is chosen by a group of baseball writers. Each team in the American League has two writers that are given votes for the league’s MVP award.

The voters are usually writers that follow the team on a daily basis and see most of the other players in the league. These voters use their ballots to designate a place for the players they feel are worthy of the award.

Once their ballot are completed, voters have chosen a first through tenth place player for the MVP in the league they are voting for, whether it be for the American or National League.

The votes are then calculated by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, who employs a weighted formula to count the final vote totals and designate an eventual winner of the honor.

There has been just one tie for an MVP award since the leagues split their voting in 1931. That irregularity happened in 1979 when Keith Hernandez and Willie Stargell tied in votes and both won the NL MVP.

Who Has Won the Most MVP Awards?

Barry Bonds leads the MLB in total wins with seven MVP trophies. In the early 1990s, Bonds won three MVP awards in four years. Bonds then won four straight NL MVPs from 2001-2004 with the San Francisco Giants.

Next to Bonds, Yankees’ legends Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Joe Dimaggio won three AL MVP awards.

Other American League superstars to win three MVP awards include controversial shortstop Alex Rodriguez. Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams won two MVP awards during his prolific career.

Who are Recent Winners of the American League MVP Award?

Last season, Mookie Betts put together an amazing season as he led the Boston Red Sox to the World Series title.

Betts hit .346 to lead the American League. The Gold Glove right fielder also went 30-30 in 2018 by hitting 32 homers and stealing a career high 30 bases.

Over the last decade, two players have won multiple AL MVPs as Miguel Cabrera went back to back with wins in 2012 and 2013. Mike Trout also pull off the MVP two-fer in 2014 and 2016.

The last pitcher to win the American League MVP is Justin Verlander who won the award in 2011 after putting a 24-win season together as the ace of the Detroit Tigers.

Who are the Favorites to win the 2019 AL MVP Award?

Mike Trout

Mike Trout is going to win the American League MVP. As it stands on August 1st, Trout leads the AL in WAR, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, home runs, RBI, and walks.

Trout is going to shatter his career high in home runs as the centerfielder looks ready to break the ceiling on a 50-homer campaign.

In the last seven years, Trout has finished somewhere in the top four in AL MVP voting and in 2019, he is poised to win his third MVP.

Other career highs that will probably fall for Trout this year include RBI as he just needs 27 more and potentially, runs scored as he is just 46 shy of his all-time best.

The only thing that Trout is not doing this season is stealing bases as the two-time MVP only has eight on the season. His career low is 11, set back in 2015.

Seeing that Trout’s year is one of his career’s best shows how special the 2019 season is for the Angels’ franchise player and a prime reason why his AL MVP Award for this season should be unanimous.

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DJ LeMahieu

LeMahieu has put the adage that he could only hit in Coors Field to bed with his stellar season for the Yankees.

New York has had a steady rotating door of injuries and LeMahieu has certainly been the rock that steadied the lineup and provided the team with terrific offensive output.

The second baseman has hit 15 homers, driven in 71 runs and scored 74 runs this season. LeMahieu has also has one of the top batting averages in the AL as he’s hitting .332.

As nice as LeMahieu’s season has been, seeing that he’s runner-up to Trout shows you how great the Angels’ centerfielder has been in 2019 and how much distance he has on the rest of the field.

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Alex Bregman

The 25-year old third baseman is headed to career highs in homers, runs and RBI for the Astros.

As great as the Astros have been in 2019, the pitching staff is getting most of the credit as Bregman has quietly put a wonderful third season for his career.

Through August 1st, Bregman has hit 26 homers, scored 77 runs and driven in 63 runs.

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Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, and Rafael Devers

These three Boston Red Sox superstars are having phenomenal seasons but the team’s lack of success is certainly costing all three a chance at AL MVP.

Betts has already scored 99 runs on the year and leads the American League.

Bogaerts has reached his career high in homers and is on his way to eclipse his best marks in runs and RBI.

The 22-year old Devers is in the midst of a full scale breakout with career highs in homers, runs and RBI while hitting .331.

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Who Will Win the 2019 American League MVP Award?

Out of the four major awards in baseball, the AL MVP is the closest to being a complete runaway as Trout is in complete control. Even if his season ended today, Trout might continue to be the odds-on favorite.

Next to Trout, LeMahieu has certainly anchored a Yankees’ lineup that has had their fair share of injuries, but when you stack the stats next to each other the second baseman is nowhere close to the Angels’ superstar.

Even at -560, grouping a bet on Trout in a parlay should help return solid money even if the worst, like a season ending injury unfortunately falls on the two-time MVP.

Winner the AL MVP Award: Odds

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Gary Sanchez +10000 Bet Now
Max Scherzer +10000 Bet Now
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Gerrit Cole +15000 Bet Now
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