2020 MLB Hits Leader - Predictions and Betting Odds

MLB Hits Leader 2020 Predictions

Player to Record Most Hits 2020 – Betting Odds

The odds for the player to record the most hits in the 2020 regular season are provided by BetMGM.

Player to Record Most Hits in 2020

J. Altuve+1300
W. Merrifield+1300
N. Arenado+1300
R. Devers+1400
DJ. LeMahieu+1600
F. Lindor+1600
O. Albies+2100
X. Bogarts+2300
J. Segura+2300
T. Anderson+2300
J. Polanco+2300
C. Yelich+2300
M. Betts+2600
F. Freeman+2600
J. McNeil+2900
J.D. Martinez+3100
R. Acuna Jr+3400
Y. Gurriel+3400


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The race to see who leads MLB in hits in 2020 should be fierce competition as the odds of a reduced schedule are high. All-stars who hit high in the lineup are positioned best to see the most plate appearances which translates into ranking high among the hits leaders.

There are five hitters that sportsbooks feel have the best odds to rank atop the hits leaderboard at the end of the 2020 season.

All bat high in their team’s lineup and have the history to put up career-high and become the hit king this season.

Jose Altuve

The Houston Astros second baseman shares the top odds with last year’s hit champion, Whit Merrifield.

The reason why Jose Altuve ranks among the best odds to win the hit crown for 2020 is that he ranked as the top hitter in baseball two of four seasons, but all was not lost as he won the AL hit title in the other two years.

But for two straight seasons, Altuve hasn’t played more than 137 games as he’s battled injuries. The problem with injuries is that most hitters can’t overcome the lost at-bats to win the hits race.

Whit Merrifield

The 2019 hits leader was Kansas City Royals second baseman-slash-outfielder Whit Merrifield.

Whit has led baseball in total hits each of the last two seasons, making him the odds-on favorite, along with Altuve, to win the hit title.

The great thing about Merrifield is that he has played 320 out of a possible 324 games the last two seasons hitting atop the Royals lineup. Health is a huge part of winning the MLB hit title and if Merrifield continues to show health, he’ll be hard to beat in 2020.

DJ LeMahieu

With a career-high 197 hits last season, DJ LeMahieu has impressed bookmakers who have slotted the utility infielder with the third-best odds of taking home the MLB hit crown in 2020.

If DJ has a slight knock to his career numbers, it is that he only played 145 games last season and 128 in 2019.

With another ten games last year, chances were high that LeMahieu won the hit crown from Merrifield.

Xander Bogaerts & Jean Segura

The fourth and fifth players in the odds chart are the Boston Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts and the Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Jean Segura.

Both have a history of posting a lot of at-bats and hitting with a high average making them interesting value plays at 22-1.

Bogaerts finished fourth last season with 190 hits, just 16 behind Merrifield for the MLB lead.

Without Mookie Betts in Boston, Bogaerts could lose a few plate appearances, something that’s absolutely vital to have in the hit race.

Segura should hit high in the Philadelphia lineup and if the season is shortened, players like the converted third baseman could surprise with a torrid stretch.

MLB Hits Leader FAQ

Who led the MLB in hits last season?

Kansas City Royals third baseman Whit Merrifield led MLB with 206 hits last season.

How many times has Jose Altuve led MLB in hits in his career?

Altuve has led the American League four straight times, with MLB titles in 2014 and 2016.

What is Whit Merrifield’s best season in hits?

Last season, Whit Merrifield posted a career-best 206 hits in 2019, up 14 from his total of 192 in 2019.

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