KBO Predictions, Picks, Betting Odds & Live Stream [May 27]

  • No surprises from Tuesday action, NC Dinos are still atop the KBO with a massive lead in second place.
  • SK Wyverns have sunken deeper and deeper into their last place hole.
  • KT pitcher Bae Je Seong had his first average game of the year, after having a stunning opening to the campaign.

KBO TV and Live Streaming Info

TV Channel:ESPN
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Game Odds – Wednesday, May 27, 2020

SK Wyverns vs Doosan Bears 5:30 AM EST (ESPN)

SK WyvernsDoosan BearsSportsbookAvailable In
+170-209BetMGMNJ, NV
+163-220DraftKingsPA, IN, NJ, IA, WV
+163-220888Sport NJNJ
+160-210Caesars NJNJ

SK Wyverns and Doosan Bears face off again as Doosan looks to continue their streak while SK continues to fall deeper into their tenth place hole.

A win for Doosan Bears would bring them within half a game of second place.

A win for SK Wyverns would bring them within two games of ninth place.

SK Wyverns Team Notes

Manager:YOUM Kyoung Youb
Standing:3-15-0 (10th in KBO)
Form: L-W-L-L

Likely Pitchers: KIM Tae Hoon, MOON Seung Won, LEE Won Joon

SK Wyverns are last in the KBO and much of that is owed to their dreadful hitting ability. They are averaging a .247 on the season with only 89 hits in total.

On the pitching side of things, SK doesn’t fare much better than when they are at bat. They rank eighth in the KBO, posting a 5.42 ERA.

Doosan Bears Team Notes

Manager:KIM Tae Hyung
Standing:11-7-0 (3rd in KBO)

Likely Pitchers: Christopher Flexen, YOO He Kwan, Raul Alcantara

Doosan Bears took the first match of this series, in part due to their fantastic batting ability. They are first in the KBO at-bat, hitting at a league-best .323 with 116 runs.

Jose Fernandez, KIM Jae Ho, and OH Jae Il all rank in the top five in batting average.

They are still a tale of two sides though, as they rank last in the KBO in pitching. They are posting a 6.53 ERA on the year.

WSN’s Pick: SK Wyverns def. Doosan Bears

Save for a late collapse by SK Wyverns, the last match between the two would’ve been theirs.

Samsung Lions vs Lotte Giants 5:30 AM EST (Twitch)

Samsung LionsLotte GiantsSportsbookAvailable In
+130-162BetMGMNJ, NV
+120-152DraftKingsPA, IN, NJ, IA, WV
+120-152888Sport NJNJ
+120-155Caesars NJNJ

Samsung Lions are near the bottom of the league with eyes on taking down Lotte Giants, who are itching to crack the top four.

A win for Samsung Lions would bring them within half a game of eighth place in the KBO.

A win for Lotte Giants would bring them level with KIA Tigers for fourth in the KBO.

Samsung Lions Team Notes

Manager:HEO Sam Young
Standing:6-12-0 (9th in KBO)
Form: L-W-L-L

Likely Pitchers: CHOI Chae Heung, KWON Oh Joon, WON Tae In

Samsung Lions are looking to rebound by improving on their ninth-place batting average. Their struggles to catch up when down are haunting them late in games. Their .247 average is good enough for ninth in the KBO.

Their pitching can be described as average. Posting a 5.24 ERA as a team, they are seventh in the league from the mound.

Lotte Giants Team Notes

Manager:HER Mun Hoe
Standing:10-8-0 (5th in KBO)

Likely Pitchers: OH Hyoun Taek, LEE In Bok, NOH Kyung Eum

Lotte Giants took the sole run in their last match to win against Samsung Lions. Their clutch run in the eighth inning secured it for them. Lotte isn’t the strongest team at bat, but regular pitching errors by Samsung have haunted them all season. Lotte’s .268 batting average is good enough for sixth in the KBO.

Lotte’s bullpen are posting a 5.10 ERA on the season, ranking sixth in the KBO.

WSN’s Pick: Lotte Giants def. Samsung Lions

Samsung Lions held on late in their final match, but ultimately Lotte’s hitting came through. After a scare on Tuesday, Lotte Giants are likely to tighten the screws in this match.

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Kiwoom Heroes vs NC Dinos 5:30 AM EST (Twitch)

Kiwoom HeroesNC DinosSportsbookAvailable In
+135-167BetMGMNJ, NV
+123-157DraftKingsPA, IN, NJ, IA, WV
+123-157888Sport NJNJ
+120-155Caesars NJNJ

Kiwoom Heroes look to take down KBO giants NC Dinos in their second match of this week’s series.

A win for Kiwoom Heroes could bring them level with Lotte Giants in fifth place.

A win for NC Dinos would give them as much as a 3.5 game lead over second place in the KBO.

Kiwoom Heroes Team Notes

Manager:SON Hyuk
Standing:10-9-0 (6th in KBO)
Form: L-L-W-L

Likely Pitchers: HAN Hyun Hee, Eric Jokisch, CHOI Won Tae

Kiwoom Heroes lost their last match as their bullpen gave up seven runs to their two. Their pitchers are posting a 4.10 ERA, ranking them third in the KBO.

Kiwoom’s hitters struggled in their last match, as they currently rank seventh in the KBO with a .258 hitting average.

NC Dinos Team Notes

Manager:LEE Dong Wook
Standing:15-3-0 (1st in KBO)

Likely Pitchers: KIM Yong Kyu, Dennis Wright, KANG Dong Yeon

NC Dinos are incredible in all facets of the game. Ranking third at-bat with a .289 average, NC Dinos were able to dispatch Kiwoom early in their last outing.

From the mound, NC Dinos are top of the league. With a 3.26 ERA and a league-best, 130 hits allowed, NC Dinos’ bullpen is both efficient and consistent.

WSN’s Pick: NC Dinos def. Kiwoom Heroes

NC Dinos put away Kiwoom early in their last match and the same is expected this time out. While they won’t have their star pitcher on the mound, their depth is enough to put them over the top.

KIA Tigers vs KT Wiz 5:30 AM EST (Twitch)

 KIA TigersKT WizSportsbookAvailable In
+140-176BetMGMNJ, NV
+135-175DraftKingsPA, IN, NJ, IA, WV
+135-175888Sport NJNJ
+120-155Caesars NJNJ

KIA Tigers and KT Wiz battle it out with their own desires to climb the KBO table.

Ranked fourth in the KBO table, the KIA Tigers could bring themselves level with Doosan Bears with a win.

KT Wiz has an uphill battle, as a win would only bring them within three games of sixth in the KBO.

KIA Tigers Team Notes

Manager:Matthew Williams
Standing:11-8-0 (4th in KBO)
Form: W-L-W-W

Likely Pitchers: Aaron Brooks, LEE Min Woo, IM Gi Yeong

KIA Tigers are looking to improve on their late match consistency as they scored three of their four runs in the last three innings. Despite only a .275 batting average, placing them fifth in the KBO, KIA has been able to capitalize on late pitching errors.

KIA’s pitchers are ranked second in the league as a team posting a 3.90 ERA.

KT Wiz Team Notes

Manager:LEE Kang Chul
Standing:7-11-0 (7th in KBO)

Likely Pitchers: KIM Seong Hun, SON Dong Hyun, KIM Min

KT Wiz struggled throughout their last match. Their hitters are second best in the league with a .320 average and a league-best 112 RBI. However they scored a single run in their last match, which took until the final inning.

KT’s pitching remains near the basement of the league, posting a 5.48 ERA and allowing a second-worst 175 hits.

WSN’s Pick: KIA Tigers def. KT Wiz

KT Wiz struggled to keep up in runs in their last time out, with their batters struggling against the depth of the KIA Tigers bullpen. The same is expected in this outing.

LG Twins vs Hanwha Eagles 5:30 AM EST (Twitch)

 LG TwinsHanwha EaglesSportsbookAvailable In
-162+130BetMGMNJ, NV
-167+130DraftKingsPA, IN, NJ, IA, WV
-167+130888Sport NJNJ
-160+125Caesars NJNJ

LG Twins and Hanwha Eagles are on opposite sides of the KBO spectrum.

A win for LG Twins would bring them within 2.5 games of first in the KBO table.

A win for Hanwha Eagles could bring them level with KT Wiz who resides at seventh place in the KBO.

LG Twins Team Notes

Manager:RYU Joong Il
Standing:11-6-0 (2nd in KBO)
Form: W-W-L-W

Likely Pitchers: KIM Dae Yu, IM Chan Kyu, JEONG Chan Heon

LG Twins took care of business when they defeated Hanwha Eagles in their last match. Their hitters gave them their three runs in the last third of the match. At-bat LG Twins are posting a .275 average.

LG’s pitching is similarly average so far this season. Dead center in the league from the mound, LG’s pitchers are posting a 4.65 ERA and have given up 159 hits and 86 runs.

Hanwha Eagles Team Notes

Manager:HAN Yong Duk
Standing:7-12-0 (8th in KBO)

Likely Pitchers: KIM Jong Soo, JANG Min Je, Warwick Saupold

Hanwha Eagles need to improve as the match wears on. Their hitters are ranked eighth in the KBO with a .255 average while scoring only 69 runs on the year.

Their pitching on the other hand is their strong suit. Hanwha is posting a 4.50 ERA on the year, while allowing only 83 runs – good enough for third in the KBO.

WSN’s Pick: LG Twins def. Hanwha Eagles

Hanwha’s pitching woes continue and their form comes at the worst time as they face off with a hot batting LG side. It should go LG’s way once again.

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