NFL Top 100 Players of 2019

The NFL’s list of Top-100 players has just been released and of course, all the players’ rankings are being hotly debated, so we take a closer look at how this list is determined and we feature the top ten players who made this list of a hundred in 2019.

Around the League - Recapping this week's NHL headlines - Week 7

It was a big week for on and off the ice news. Trades that were good for business took place. Massive, long-term contracts were signed. Players have retired and head offices made changes. The city of Calgary has approved a new arena for the Flames and their future division rivals from Seattle hope to have a name and image by next year. Also, oddsmakers have released new odds. Read on to see which teams have the best chance of winning a Stanley Cup within the next three years as well as all the other headlines from the world of hockey.

2019 FIBA World Cup Team Preview - Canada Roster & Odds

Don't let their FIBA ranking fool you. Canada is one of the strongest teams in this tournament. Despite not being in the top five by the oddsmakers, their team is rife with youthful NBA talent. Are they the team to watch?

NFL 2019 Hall of Fame Game Breakdown

The NFL's Hall of Fame Game has become a tradition for football fans of every team, and here we take a look at its history as we provide you with all the information you need to enjoy this official start to the upcoming 2019 professional football season.

Quarterback Andrew Luck's 2019 Output with Indianapolis Colts - Odds and Predictions

Under their new head coach Frank Reich’s leadership last season, the Indianapolis Colts went from posting a 4-12 record in 2017 to playing in the playoffs for the first time in almost half a decade, but the true winner was getting a healthy quarterback Andrew Luck and his rehabbed shoulder back under center, but now with a lingering calf injury that’s kept him sidelined at training camp we take a look at the odds and predictions of his possible 2019-20 output.

2019 FIBA World Cup Team Preview - USA Odds & Predictions

The USA has dominated basketball competition since the early nineties when professionals were deemed eligible to compete in the global competition. After a wild NBA Offseason, Team USA is in flux. Are they still the odds-on favorite to win?

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