NFL Week 6: Point Spreads, Picks, Predictions and Odds

After five weeks of professional football, just two NFL teams remain undefeated and it’s to nobody’s surprise (and to their haters’ dismay) that one of them is last year’s Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots, led by their two GOATs, general manager / head coach / defensive guru Bill Belichick and their forever young forty-two year old quarterback Tom Brady.

The other is the well-rested 4-0 San Francisco 49ers who took care of the Cleveland Browns on Monday Night Football by an overwhelming score of 31-3

On the other end of that spectrum are four teams who have yet to find a victory during the NFL’s 100th season – the Washington Redskins, the Miami Dolphins, the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets – with all four franchises looking to be in desperate need of new blood at head coaching and under center.

There are some exciting games scheduled for the upcoming weekend (and a couple of duds), so here’s a quick take on each of Week 6’s top ten best NFL matchups.

Good luck!

Bye Week: The following four teams have a Week 6 bye – Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts and the Oakland Raiders.

10) 0-5 Washington Redskins at 0-4 Miami Dolphins

How to watch

What: Washington Redskins at Miami Dolphins

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Where: Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida

How (TV): FOX

Current Point Spread: Redskins -3.5, Dolphins +3.5

Game Rivalry: The most exciting thing that can be said about this cross-conference game is that one of these teams is going to finally get a win, and if you are hoping for the first overall draft pick next season, that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Why the favored team will win: The fact that the newly head-coached Washington Redskins are favored in this one by over a field goal says less about them than it does about the Miami Dolphins, who don’t seem like they could win against a community college at this point.

Now that Jay Gruden is gone and interim head coach Bill Callahan is in charge, maybe the Redskins can get back to the real issue at hand here, which is who’s their quarterback?

If Washington can rest rookie Dwayne Haskins, game plan for Colt McCoy under center and somehow balance his passing game with Adrian Peterson’s ‘still could be lethal’ rushing attack, the Redskins should win against these hopeless Dolphins.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Miami Dolphins are coming off a bye week of rest and could get their first 2019 win in Week 6 simply because they are playing the Washington Redskins, a winless team forced to recalculate their entire identity under a midseason head coaching change, as Jay Gruden was fired on Monday.

The only reason this matchup is even included in this top ten list is out of freakish fascination – it  features two winless teams that are most likely hoping for next year’s first overall draft pick, so it will be interesting to see which one of them can maneuver themselves below the other and win the bigger game by losing this one.

Both of these teams are struggling to find a franchise quarterback so this would be the perfect time for the Dolphins’ Josh Rosen to prove that he can get the job done against a headless Redskins team that has obviously lost its way.

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9) 0-5 Cincinnati Bengals at 3-2 Baltimore Ravens

How to watch

What: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Where: M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland

How (TV): CBS

Current Point Spread: Bengals +10.5, Ravens -10.5

Game Rivalry: This AFC North matchup should give the Baltimore Ravens their second divisional win in a row, but the Bengals are due for a victory, with three of their five losses by just four points or less.

Why the favored team will win: The Baltimore Ravens are by far the better team in this AFC North Week 6 matchup, outranking the Bengals in all three aspects of the game, all four if you include the win column in there.

The Ravens could use an easy divisional win here, since it took second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson and his RPO offense until overtime to beat division rival Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 5, and that was after they got spanked by the Cleveland Browns in Week 4.

Baltimore’s traditionally strong defense has dipped to just a 21st ranking this season, but that should still be enough to beat a Bengals team that only averages 16 points per game, 29th least in the league, compared to the Ravens, who rank 1st in that category, posting an average score of 32.2 points per game.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Cincinnati Bengals are one of those teams that constantly come close to winning but who can’t quite close the deal, and that’s usually in spite of quarterback Andy Dalton’s solid numbers.

Injuries have sidelined receivers A.J. Green (ankle) and John Ross (shoulder) and even Alex Erickson (concussion) is now listed as questionable, so Tyler Boyd and backup Auden Tate will need to have a big game for the Bengals to surprise the Ravens.

For the Bengals to win, defensive tackle Geno Atkins will have to help defensive end Sam Hubbard put pressure on Lamar Jackson while somehow shutting down the ability of running back Mark Ingram to make an impact on the ground.

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8) 2-3 New York Giants at 5-0 New England Patriots

How to watch

What: New York Giants at New England Patriots

When: Thursday Night Football, October 10, 2019 at 8:20 p.m. ET

Where: Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts

How (TV): NFLN

Current Point Spread: Giants +16.5, Patriots -16.5

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Game Rivalry: These two teams have met a dozen times in the past, their last matchup back during the 2015 season, with each of them winning six of those battles.

Why the favored team will win: The New England Patriots will win this one because that’s what happens when a great team run by a GOAT plays at home against a struggling team run by a rookie, which is also why they are favored by almost two touchdowns and a field goal.

The way Tom Brady is playing, protected nicely behind his offensive line and throwing accurately (and quickly) to his receivers (Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon or whoever’s open) with a two-headed rushing attack (Sony Michel and James White) to balance that off, this team may never lose.

Especially given that the Patriots’ defense is best in the league right now and head coach Bill Belichick keeps finding ways to make them even more effective by neutralizing their opponents’ most effective weapon(s).

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The New York Giants could win this one if…say, the Patriots decided to rest all their starters and their backups completely forgot the playbook. Or missed the flight to the game.

In other words, there’s no way the Giants win this one – especially since in Week 5 their rookie quarterback Daniel Jones actually looked like a newbie out there, completing 21-of-38 (that’s a shaky 55.26 completion percentage) for 182 yards and a touchdown with an interception.

It doesn’t help that the Giants are a bit banged up, especially on defense, where over a dozen players (half of them linebackers) have been placed on injured reserve.

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7) 3-2 Dallas Cowboys at 0-4 New York Jets

How to watch

What: Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Where: MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey

How (TV): CBS

Current Point Spread: Cowboys -8.5, Jets +8.5

Game Rivalry: This cross-conference, eastern division matchup between the Cowboys and Jets has only taken place 11 times before, with the Cowboys winning 7 of those games and the Jets winning 4.

Why the favored team will win: The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a two-game losing streak that will finally end in East Rutherford against these winless New York Jets.

Regardless of who is under center in New York, the Cowboys and their 6th best defense in the league will keep them to about 18 points or under like they have everyone else they’ve played this season.

Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are extremely dangerous, then add running back Ezekiel Elliott (on a good day, not like he had in Green Bay last week) and this Cowboys offense will outscore anyone, certainly the Jets.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: Whether the New York Jets can win this Week 6 game or not depends directly on if the mono that quarterback Sam Darnold recently contracted still makes a hit to his spleen deadly.

If it doesn’t, the Jets could possibly win an emotionally charged surprise victory inspired by his return, though they would also have to get a huge game out of Le’Veon Bell, meaning over 100 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving, something he has yet to do this season.

The Jets’ defense is actually decent (ranked 13th right now after allowing opponents to gain an average of 347.8 yards per game) so if they were to win this one it would require coordinator Brant Boyer to design a game plan that keeps Dak Prescott totally unsafe and Zeke Elliot totally unproductive.

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6) 4-1 Seattle Seahawks at 2-3 Cleveland Browns

How to watch

What: Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Where: FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio

How (TV): FOX

Current Point Spread: Seahawks +2.5, Browns -2.5

Game Rivalry: These cross-conference rivals haven’t met each other since 2015, when the Seahawks pummeled the Browns by a score of 30-13, just one of their total 18 past meetings.

Why the favored team will win: The Cleveland Browns will win this one because, in case you haven’t noticed, they are developing into a very good team on all three sides of the ball, despite their public road whooping by the well-rested San Francisco 49ers, 3-31.

Whereas last season they were okay on offense and weak on defense and horrible on special teams, this season the Browns are a fairly respectable 11th ranked offense, the 12th ranked defense and their placekicker has made all seven of his attempted field goals.

This Browns team will win because Baker Mayfield to Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry would be hard to stop on its own, but add in running back Nick Chubb and a pass rush that already has 14 total sacks, and this team can beat anybody, including the Seahawks in Week 6.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Seattle Seahawks are one of those teams that is easy to underestimate because they seem to fly under the radar most of the time, but they are 4-1 in the NFL and head coach Pete Carroll’s team is not to be taken lightly.

Russell Wilson has been having fun finding rookie receiver D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett, an air attack balanced by a rushing game led by running backs Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny, a deadly combo that fuels up the team’s 7th ranked offense.

The Seahawks are coming off a close win over the Los Angeles Rams, 30-29, so they are most likely convinced they can beat anyone at this point, even the surging Browns in front of their own hometown fans.

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5) 2-1-1 Detroit Lions at 4-1 Green Bay Packers

How to watch

What: Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

When: Monday Night Football, October 14, 2019 at 8:15 p.m. ET

Where: Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin

How (TV): ESPN

Current Point Spread: Lions +5, Packers -5

Game Rivalry: This NFC North Black and Blue rivalry between the division’s top two teams will help decide whether these Lions and Packers are for real.

Why the favored team will win: The Green Bay Packers went to Dallas in Week 5 without receiver Davante Adams and used Aaron Jones’ running game to win decisively, and that is exactly what they will do against these Detroit Lions, ranked just 21st against the run.

In his ‘old’ age, quarterback Aaron Rodgers has figured out that he doesn’t have to always be an on-the-field miracle worker and his Packers, led by their youthful new head coach Matt LaFleur, have created a much more balanced offensive attack.

Then add that to Mike Pettine’s Smith-enhanced defense (quarterback hunting linebackers Za’Darius Smith and Preston Smith were added this offseason) and you’ve got a Packers team that looks ready for its inevitable postseason run.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Detroit Lions are another one of those teams that is easy to underestimate, mostly because the football world is used to seeing them struggle in big games.

Not so this season, with head coach Matt Patricia’s gang already beating the Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles and coming close to knocking off the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4, 30-34.

The Lions are coming off a bye week and are well rested, and Matthew Stafford with his 9 touchdowns and 2 interceptions will be ready to prove his team can beat these pesky Packers, even in Lambeau.

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4) 3-2 Carolina Panthers at 2-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How to watch

What: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. ET

Where: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England

How (TV): NFLN

Current Point Spread: Panthers -1.5, Bucs +1.5

Game Rivalry: This NFC South London-based showdown between the 2nd place Panthers and the 3rd place Bucs will make it clear which of these two teams will be the ones to give the 1st place New Orleans Saints a legitimate run for their divisional money.

Why the favored team will win: The Carolina Panthers may not have quarterback Cam Newton right now, but that doesn’t seem to matter with backup Kyle Allen under center, who is 3-0 as the starter right now.

One of the things that makes these Panthers fun to watch (and downright unbeatable) is dual-threat running back Christian McCaffery, who has a legitimate chance of winning the league MVP this season given how he is running, catching (and mid-air flipping) with the ball.

Best not to underestimate defensive coordinator Eric Washington’s squad, either, his defense ranked 8th best in the league right now, allowing opponents to average 331.4 total yards of offense per game.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: New head coach Bruce Arian’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a team waiting to break out, and what better place to do it than in front of a worldwide crowd.

Bucs’ quarterback Jameis Winston had a solid game against the New Orleans Saints in Week 5 (15-of-27 for 204 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions) despite not getting the win, with receiver Chris Godwin emerging as a solid go to target.

Tampa Bay’s defense has allowed opponents to gain almost 400 yards per game (ranked 26th) so they will have to step up and figure out how to slow down McCaffery, or else this one could get out of control.

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3) 3-2 Houston Texans at 4-1 Kansas City Chiefs

How to watch

What: Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Where: Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri

How (TV): CBS

Current Point Spread: Texans +6, Chiefs -6

Game Rivalry: This is an AFC rivalry that’s taken place 10 other times (including 1 postseason game) and was last won by the Chiefs during the 2017 season by a score of 42-34.

Check out our detailed article on the Texans vs Chiefs here!

Why the favored team will win: The Kansas City Chiefs will win this one (their second home game in a row) if quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ ankle (the one that was already banged up and then stepped on by one of his own 300+ pound linemen) can heal up by then.

Mahomes showed in the Chiefs’ loss to the Indianapolis Colts that if he’s not able to get mobile, he’s not quite as dangerous, though the young man can throw the football from just about any angle regardless.

The Chiefs will beat the Texans if they can put pressure on quarterback Deshaun Watson and stop Houston’s running back combo of Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde, something they couldn’t do against the Colts’ Marlon Mack, which led to their only loss of the season.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Houston Texans could very well win this one if quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to play like he did in Week 5 against their defeat over the Atlanta Falcons, completing 28-of-33 for 426 yards and 5 touchdowns with zero interceptions.

Hyde and Johnson combined for almost 120 yards on the ground plus a touchdown, while Watson also ran for 47 yards (his longest a 30-yarder), while receiver Wil Fuller came alive with 14 catches for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Houston’s defense posted an interception, 2 sacks and a forced fumble in their 53-32 win over the Falcons, some numbers that would have to happen again for this team to beat the Chiefs’ and Andy Reid’s fierce (and effective) offensive game planning.

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2) 3-2 Philadelphia Eagles at 3-2 Minnesota Vikings

How to watch

What: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Where: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota

How (TV): FOX

Current Point Spread: Eagles +3, Vikings -3

Game Rivalry: This NFC battle between the Eagles and the Vikings has happened 28 times before (including 4 postseason games), with each of the two teams winning 14 of those games.

Why the favored team will win: The Minnesota Vikings are coming off an easy away win over the New York Giants by a score of 28-10, so they will be ready to do the same in front of their hometown crowd.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins dismissed any concerns the media had about his relationship with receiver Adam Thielen, who had voiced some concerns about how many targets he was receiving, with Cousins reminding the football world that he’s an 8-year veteran (not a rookie) who’s actually faced and conquered these types of struggles before.

Thielen had 7 catches for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns in their Week 5 win, something he will have to repeat at home in Week 6 if they expect to outplay the Eagles’ 10th ranked defense.

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How the underdog could surprise the world: The Philadelphia Eagles will win this away game against the Vikings by simply outscoring them – they average 28.2 points per game to the Vikings’ 22.4.

The Eagles have the best rushing defense in the league right now and if they can shut down Dalvin Cook, the Vikings’ main offensive weapon this season, it won’t be tough to outscore them, even in front of their hometown crowd.

It’s time for quarterback Carson Wentz to get his game in gear and start playing more like the top-ten hurler he is, right now ranked 16th with 105 completions and a 60.3 completion percentage along with 10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, numbers he can surely improve on in Minneapolis this Sunday.

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1) 4-0 San Francisco 49ers at 3-2 Los Angeles Rams

How to watch

What: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

When: Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 4:05 p.m. ET

Where: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, California

How (TV): FOX

Current Point Spread: 49ers +3.5, Rams -3.5

Game Rivalry: The NFC West is one of the best divisions in the league right now, and this showdown between two of its top teams is the matchup of the week.

Why the favored team will win: The Los Angeles Rams are on a two-game losing skid that they will stop at home in Week 6 against the San Francisco 49ers, who will still be pumped (but exhausted) from their Monday Night Football 31-3 Monday Night Football trouncing of the Cleveland Browns in Week 5.

The Rams are one of the best teams in the NFC but they couldn’t outscore the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 4 or the Seattle Seahawks last week, and that is something that head coach Sean McVay will absolutely fix before Sunday, perhaps by tinkering with his 22nd ranked rushing attack led by Todd Gurley.

Quarterback Jared Goff is the 3rd most productive passer right now with the 2nd best passing attack in the league, so he will have to find his three main targets (Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks) early and often to defeat the 49ers’ 3rd ranked defense.

For more on the Rams, check out this article: Los Angeles Rams Biggest Offseason Moves

How the underdog could surprise the world: The San Francisco 49ers have beaten some of the league’s weaker teams with an effective offense and a crushing defense, and a win over the Rams will prove that they can also win the big games.

Quarterback Jimmy Garopolo is still healthy, and he finally gets to show the football world that he was worth the wait, and it doesn’t hurt to have one of the league’s better soft-handed tight ends in George Kittle on the roster catching passes.

The biggest hurdle that San Francisco is facing these days is with injuries, their roster banged up with a lot of starting players listed as questionable or out right now, so their ability to win this one over the Rams may come down to whether they can suit up a healthy enough team.

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