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A New Liverpool? Can the Reds Compete for the Champions League in 2012?

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Dalglish with new signings Carroll and Suarez

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England’s most successful club of the 20th century, Liverpool have taken a turn for the worse in the last couple of seasons. With new signings and new manager however, the club could potentially compete for the title in the next couple of seasons. In 2008-09 they looked as though they were going to win the season before being overthrown by Man United, but this season they will be lucky if they get a spot in the Europa league. Nevertheless, it appears that things are on the upswing at Anfield. There is finally financial stability and more importantly, new goal threats from promising new signings Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez. Along with new manager Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool has again finally started to play some decent football. Trading a struggling Torres was the best move possible for Liverpool. The Spaniard has not scored for Chelsea in 8 appearances.

A chance for a new competitive Liverpool team is close, but first some cobwebs at Anfield must be swept out while a more solid unit must be built. First, Liverpool needs to stop depending so much on Steven Gerrard. The captain has saved Liverpool one too many times. Someone else needs to step up and carry the load, especially because it looks as though Stevie G may be out the rest of the season from injury.

Jamie Carragher has undoubtedly had an amazing club career and has been a great player for Liverpool, but his prime has passed. He lacks the pace that he once had and always seems to be a step behind. Dalglish needs to sign at least one new center back. Skrtel seems to be able to do the job, but when he is paired up with players such as Kyrgaikos there is nothing he can do, even against teams such as West Brom.

Lucas Leiva is a hard worker but a player that arguably should be coming off the bench. He has made great improvements since joining the Premier League, however, when you compare him to players like Javier Mascherono or Xabi Alonso, Lucas definitely is not at their standards. If Liverpool want to compete for the title they need a better player/playmaker in the midfield.

Liverpool absolutely needs to sign a wing player who can attack with pace, beat players, and serve balls into the box. Dalglish must utilize the strength and height of Carrol and the quickness of Suarez through service from the side. There is no wide player at all, and when you watch them play, you can tell that they pose little threat from the wings. The Reds simply need a player with pace and ability to whip in a dangerous ball. They have been linked with Aston Villa’s Ashley Young, which is a player that would be great for Liverpool, but whether they can have the money or can lure him to Liverpool is another story. Regardless, an out and out winger should be one of the first priorities in the summer transfer period.

Liverpool has the makings of a solid team. With a couple of new signings over the summer, a center back, a center midfielder, and a winger, Liverpool could potentially challenge for the Premier league title next year. Liverpool has to believe they are a top side and they must start taking a full three points from bottom half teams. To get back to their glory days will take time and strategic trading, but Liverpool has definitely been given a boost towards that goal with the two young forwards Carroll and Suarez. Lets see what they can do this weekend against City.

April 6th, 2011

8 Responses to “A New Liverpool? Can the Reds Compete for the Champions League in 2012?”

  1. tiny timber Says:

    So what your saying in your conclusion is that Liverpool has the makings of a solid team but they first need to sign three core players. Your a poof! Oh yeah they have a future…. BUT they need to sign the foundation of a team, a solid centerback a creative midfielder. They will walk alone in 2012! go gunners!

  2. tiny timber Says:

    Ok, but this news gives Liverpool hope! If Lebron invests they must be winners! HA

  3. AX Says:

    I guess tiny timber only read the last paragraph. He missed the notes on Liverpool getting their finances situated, picking up a manager that knows what he is doing, jettisoning Torres, and picking up some effective offense. Yeah, I’d say the easy part is signing a good center back (good center backs seem to pop up weekly in the smaller leagues and jet for England and Spain at their first chance) and two good midfielders. Relative of course, this shouldn’t be too difficult once you consider that players always think the grass is greener on the other side.

  4. API Says:

    [...] A New Liverpool? Can the Reds Compete for the Champions League in 2012?… [...]

  5. Special One Says:

    for me alonso is a big player and for sure Liverpool miss him, without Gerrad and some one to do his work they are average. Talk is pepe renia is also on the move?

  6. matthew Says:

    The reason they went after LeBron is because is soooooooooooooooo HUGE in Asia. Standard Chartered wanted us to sign an Asian player (any Liverpool quality Asian players that spring to mind???). This was a brilliant business move. It will also tap into the American market (football is becoming more and more popular here every year), and with NESN hooked up with LeBron’s marketability it’s going to mean more money for us. He’s not going to play a roll in buying/selling players, so relax.

  7. Naby Says:

    thats what they all say at the start, big money people always want a say though

  8. adam Says:

    Torres: 648 minutes and counting…

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