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World Sports Network (WSN) is an independent sports news site that strives to provide the best stories, picks, predictions, and betting guides to its readership based on a set of guiding editorial principles.

WSN’s staff, analysts, and contributors are experts on the sports they cover and are constantly keeping up to date with breaking news and live odds of leagues across the US and the world.

For more on the unique history and ethos that makes WSN special read our About Us page.

WSN Research Lab

Have you found yourself wondering whether or not NASCAR fan demographics have political ramifications, or what the oldest sporting team is in the United States, or what the latest sports betting revenue reports from individual states mean for the industry as a whole?

WSN does more than just sports reporting. Our team of in house analysts and experts are continuously delving into the stats and trends that give insights into the sporting community as a whole. For a list of our studies or to pursue further inquiries please contact our press office at [email protected].

Media Appearances

WSN’s media has appeared in major publications such as Forbes and Yahoo News. For a shortlist of media WSN has produced see our Media Appearances below.


WSN was cited on Forbes for a study on New Jersey’s sports betting market. Read the full study on Forbes here.

Entrepreneur India

Entrepreneur cited a WSN study on professional sports salaries in the NFL vs NBA. Read the complete study on Entrepreneur here.

Yahoo NewsWSN Yahoo News

WSN conducted a study comparing the salary disparity between the NBA and the WNBA. This work was cited in a Yahoo News article talking about the pay gap that awaited young female basketball players.


WSN content has been cited on Reuters.

CBS NewsWSN Kit CBS News

WSN content has previously been cited on CBS News.


WSN content has previously been cited on ESPN News.

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