Map Reveals the Most Successful Colleges in the NFL Draft

Every April, NFL owners, general managers, head coaches and scouts retreat to their war rooms to prepare for the three day spectacle that is the NFL Draft.

Hopeful players from colleges all over the country sit and await their fate. Some will realize their dream of playing in the NFL. Some may even make it to a Pro Bowl one day. For many, the phone doesn’t ring.

What separates those players that make the cut on Draft Day from those that don’t? How big of an impact does the college at which they cut their teeth have on their chances of success?

We wanted to find out. So we collected data for all 29,000 players that have been drafted in the NFL throughout history and the college that they each attended – going all the way back to 1936.

Our aim was not just to find out which colleges consistently produce NFL stars, because we already know that certain universities are renowned for their football programs. We were more interested in how we could compare colleges across the country in a visual way to highlight the impact they each have had in the NFL.

The final result was an interactive map that pins every college that has ever had a player drafted in the NFL.

Check out the map here: Discover Which Colleges Produce the Most NFL Stars

The size of each pin is representative of the total number of players drafted from that college. You can hover over each college to see exact numbers.

We have also included data on active players, Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers which you can filter on the map.

Note: This data has been updated with the results of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Top 10 Colleges with Most Players Drafted in the NFL

Notre DameIN598
Ohio St.OH502
Penn St.PA407

Top 10 Colleges with Most Active Players Drafted in the NFL

CollegeStateActive Players
Ohio St.OH54
Florida St.FL38
Notre DameIN37

Top 10 Colleges with Most NFL Pro Bowlers

CollegeStatePro Bowlers
Notre DameIN188
Ohio St.OH174
Penn St.PA119

Top 10 Colleges with Most NFL Hall of Famers

CollegeStateHall of Famers
Notre DameIN13
Ohio St.OH8
Penn St.PA6

For details on all colleges across the country be sure to check out the full map.

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We collected data for this map from

Updated April 28, 2020.

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