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watch champions league matches
Where to Watch UEFA Champions League 2016-17 Matches
You may be wondering where you can live stream Champions League 2016-17 matches for free, but online bookmakers offer, safe, high-quality and legal streams.
25 October | 11:48 | Jonas Warrer
Cropped Version of Stadium Capacity Map
What Is the Capacity of the Largest Football Stadium in Each European Country? (Map)
If you ever wanted to know which is the largest football stadium in each European Nation, our map and list will fill you in.
30 September | 12:11 | Jonas Warrer
Matched betting
Matched Betting Explained: A Simple Guide to Matched Betting
Here’s an easy-to-follow guide that explains the ins and outs of matched betting, which helps you make a quick profit from bookmakers’ free bet offers.
29 September | 10:00 | Jonas Warrer
Cropped Version of Map of Total Attendance at European Football Leagues
Which European Leagues Have the Highest Total Attendance? (Map)
The Premier League, Serie A or La Liga? Which of Europe’s major football leagues attract the most fans every season? …
19 September | 09:40 | Jonas Warrer
Champions League anthem
The Best Vocal Versions of the Champions League Anthem
For the last few years the Champions League anthem has been performed live before the final by international opera stars. Whose performance was the best? …
9 September | 07:13 | Jonas Warrer
Countries with Champions League Winners
Which Countries Have the Most Champions League Wins? (Map)
Which nation is the most successful in the history of the Champions League? Germany, Italy, England or Spain? …
22 August | 09:17 | Jonas Warrer
How Much do Premier League Football Referees Make?
How Much Do Premier League Football Referees Make?
We all love to hate Premier League football referees, but at least Mark Clattenburg and Mike Dean get a decent wage for their trouble.
9 August | 11:23 | Jonas Warrer
Cristiano Ronaldo
15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Cristiano Ronaldo
Find out the 15 facts you may not know about the Real Madrid and Portugal superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.
29 July | 16:13 | Jonas Warrer
Most Beautiful Football Stadiums in the World
The 7 Most Beautiful Football Stadiums in the World
The most beautiful stadiums in the world don’t have to be the largest, most famous or most expensive. Here are 7 that we love for their looks.
13 July | 07:55 | Jonas Warrer
7 Things Only Hardcore Football Fans Will Understand
7 Things Only Hardcore Football Fans Will Understand
Falling for wild transfer rumours, streaming matches in crazy languages, these are some of the things only the maddest football fans will understand.
11 July | 10:44 | Jonas Warrer
Best football games for Android and iPhone
The 5 Best Football Games for Android and iPhone
Which app wins the title for best mobile football game? Here are our top 5 best football games for iPhone and Android.
7 July | 08:24 | Jonas Warrer
How WIll Brexit Affect the Premier League?
How Will Brexit Affect the Premier League?
The British public rocked the world by voting for Brexit last Thursday. But how does leaving the EU affect Premier League football? …
30 June | 12:49 | Jonas Warrer

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In this blog entry on an overview on New Jersey pro sports teams we take a look at the NBA situation in New Jersey.

MLB Blog

WSN conducted a study on the oldest sporting teams in each state and surprise surprise, Baseball, America’s pastime, has many of the oldest teams in each state including the oldest team in the United States.

And who could forget the time that a little league team snubbed the Houston Astros team?

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WSN has delved into the National Football League many times whether it is an investigation into Kansas City’s reaction to winning both the Super Bowl and the World Series in one year or discussing the history of the Super Bowl.


NASCAR makes big tracks in the US with their speedways and teams competing yearly.

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The National Hockey League has a lot going on with new teams like The Kraken joining the league

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In the International Soccer Blog we have looked into the most beautiful stadiums in the world and the 8 most thrilling hooligan movies as well as many other subjects such as an infographic of the Premier League Football-Related Arrests in the 2016/17 season.

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WSN has conducted many studies and created maps to show the demographics that sports invariably dissect the US into. The blog has a lot to do with sports coverage but when it comes to the best sports betting bonuses we have you covered as well.