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Your Rights as a Player

Knowing Your Rights

Sports betting online or in-person is a fun and sometimes rewarding pastime but just like any activity you need to know what you’re getting yourself into before getting started. As a sports bettor, you have certain rights when you engage in the activity since Sportsbook Operators can only operate by the grace of the States that they operate in. With that in mind, there are laws in place that act as guardrails that set certain protections and rights for you as a sports bettor.

However, every State has the ability to set its own rules and laws when it comes to sports wagering and the pastime of sports betting it is best to educate yourself as a sports bettor based on the state you live in and the States that you visit where you intend to engage in sports betting.

On this page, you will find a breakdown of sports betting for some of the States where you can engage in sports betting. This is not a complete list of all the states where sports betting is legal. To check out your state’s player rights head to your states gambling authority website and check out what it says for you!

State by State Protections and Rights

New Jersey

New Jersey was the first state out of Nevada to legalize sports betting and that means they have had the longest time to construct and set up their sports betting market. Check out the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement to learn your rights as a player including Self-Exclusion Registration and the rules and amendments set up to protect you.


Sports bettors in the State of Oregon can check the privacy policies and your rights as a player at the Oregon State Lottery, who is in charge of Sports betting in the State. Check the Oregon Lottery Rights page here to learn more about your rights as a player.


No one has been doing sports betting longer than the Great State of Nevada. Check out the legalities of sports betting in Nevada here on the Nevada Gaming Control Board and Gaming Commission website.


Sports bettors in Arizona can check the rules and regulations of sports betting in that state with the Arizona Department of Gaming here on their website


If you’re sports betting in the State of Colorado then you’re in good hands. At the Colorado Department of Revenue website, you can check the sports betting public and consumer playing resources where you can see the rules and regulations as well as file a complaint against an operator.