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Customer Protection
What Sports Betting Companies Should Be Doing to Protect their Customers
Sports betting companies are better at protecting their customers when it comes to problem gambling, and we take a look at a few ways they are doing this.
23 May | 07:08 | Mike Lukas
Responsible Gambling
How to Gamble Responsibly, According to the Experts
There are multiple ways sports bettors can gamble responsibly, according to the experts, so we take a look at what they have to say.
23 May | 05:51 | Mike Lukas
Super Bowl Facts
7 Interesting Facts About the First Super Bowl
Super Bowl One was full of interesting quirks, check out our article covering the top 7 need to know facts about Super Bowl One.
27 January | 06:52 | Mike Lukas
Map of the most successful colleges in the NFL
Map Reveals the Most Successful States in the NFL Draft
This interactive map US States based on their success in developing NFL players who went on to the draft. Check out which State has the best football culture! …
13 April | 08:08 | James Whitelock
Phil Hellmuth Wise Kracks NFL Totals
Wise Kracks Guest Phil 'The Poker Brat' Hellmuth Has Never Had a Losing Year Betting NFL Totals
Former UFC Fighter Jake Ellenberger talks about his early career and what it takes to succeed in the UFC for WSN's podcast Wise Kracks.
26 February | 09:09 | Bill Krackomberger
Jake Ellenberger on Wise Kracks
Jake Ellenberger on WSN's Wise Kracks: “Mom Kicked My Bro and I Out of the House for MMA Fighting"
Former UFC Fighter Jake Ellenberger talks about his early career and what it takes to succeed in the UFC for WSN's podcast Wise Kracks.
22 February | 09:42 | Mike Lukas
My Home vs Mahomes
My Home vs Mahomes [Interactive Infographic]
Have you ever wondered how long it would take us Average Joes to be able to afford the homes of the sporting elite? Wonder no more.
27 November | 03:49 | James Whitelock
oldest sports teams usa featured
Oldest Sports Teams in the US - State by State [MAP]
Our map reveals the oldest sports team in every state across the US. We analyzed all the teams from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS.
3 July | 10:02 | James Whitelock
Highest Paid Sport
What is the Highest Paid Sport in the World?
WSN compares the highest paid sports from all over the world. Who are the wealthiest teams out there? The answer may surprise you! …
29 May | 09:07 | Evan Henningsen
Sports Likely Return Quarantine
Sports Most Likely to Resume During Quarantine
With more and more sports being canceled there is a lot of speculation on when they will return, these are our best predictions on what will return first. Read more here! …
23 March | 05:48 | James Whitelock
virtual sports betting
Virtual Sports Betting Ultimate Guide [2022]
Ever been curious about virtual sports betting? Here’s the lowdown on this new sports gambling phenomenon.
19 March | 15:45 | James Whitelock
GOAT Major Sports
GOATs of the Sporting World and Their Real Life Equivalents
We compare the Greatest Of All Time athletes with their real-life goat equivalents. Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and the other greats! Read more here! …
18 March | 09:04 | Mike Lukas

Sports Coverage

The blog is your one-stop-shop for a variety of ideas and content across all sports, leagues, and sporting demographics. It is a place where we can delve into the interesting questions and prompts of the wide world of sports that we can’t do anywhere else.

NBA Blog

In this blog entry on an overview on New Jersey pro sports teams we take a look at the NBA situation in New Jersey.

MLB Blog

WSN conducted a study on the oldest sporting teams in each state and surprise surprise, Baseball, America’s pastime, has many of the oldest teams in each state including the oldest team in the United States.

And who could forget the time that a little league team snubbed the Houston Astros team?

NFL Blog

WSN has delved into the National Football League many times whether it is an investigation into Kansas City’s reaction to winning both the Super Bowl and the World Series in one year or discussing the history of the Super Bowl.


NASCAR makes big tracks in the US with their speedways and teams competing yearly.

NHL Blog

The National Hockey League has a lot going on with new teams like The Kraken joining the league

International Soccer Blog

In the International Soccer Blog we have looked into the most beautiful stadiums in the world and the 8 most thrilling hooligan movies as well as many other subjects such as an infographic of the Premier League Football-Related Arrests in the 2016/17 season.

WSN Demographics and Statistics Blog

WSN has conducted many studies and created maps to show the demographics that sports invariably dissect the US into. The blog has a lot to do with sports coverage but when it comes to the best sports betting bonuses we have you covered as well.