An Overview of New Jersey Professional Sports Teams

New Jersey shares a significant amount of their own teams with New York, which can add to confusion about what teams the state has. Overall, just because the teams share New York’s name doesn’t mean New Jersey doesn’t have a stake in them as well. Despite having only one named professional league team, New jersey still shares a number of professional teams. This is in the form of New York and New Jersey sharing teams, especially when New York based teams call some New Jersey stadiums home. Here is WSN’s overview of the New Jersey pro sports landscape and how it affects New Jerseyans on the whole.

The 10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Sports Arenas in New Jersey

New Jersey has a wide range of indoor and outdoor arenas that serve as both places to see your favorite team and as symbolic icons to the state. New Jersey is home to many exceptional arenas and stadiums and their importance to Jersey sports is often overlooked. Here, WSN takes a look at the 10 best arenas in Jersey - in any order - based on their recognizability and quality.

2010s All-Decade Team: New Jersey Edition [Interactive Map]

For the whole decade team, WSN has chosen the best players that represent New Jersey in some form. Whether it be by birthright or simply playing for their teams, the 10 chosen players represent the finest that New Jersey has had to offer in the last 10 years.

Premier League Football-Related Arrests in 2016/2017 (Infographic)

Something that has always put a rather dark side on the wonderful world of football is hooliganism. This excessive violence often covers the footballing world in a veil of shame and anger. Luckily, there are multiple laws in place to combat these incidents. Unfortunately, however, that does not mean that the occurrences have come to a complete halt. In the previous season, it was rather evident that although it is diminishing, the incidents still occur.

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