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NFL Defense Rankings 2023: Defense Takes Center Stage in Week 18

Written by: Michael Savio
Updated January 4, 2024
10 min read

High-octane offenses may sell tickets, but defense wins championships. We have seen this hold true year after year in the NFL, and 2023 has been no different.

Each week, we will share how the league’s defenses stack up. We will share each team's latest stats, news, and insights to help make informed bets on your favorite NFL sportsbook. Combine these with our NFL offensive rankings, and you will have everything you need for a profitable NFL season.

Before we dive into our defense rankings, let's check in on the NFL Defensive Player and Rookie of the Year award races. 

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

Myles GarrettDECleveland Browns-250
Micah ParsonsLBDallas Cowboys+350
TJ WattLBPittsburgh Steelers+450
Maxx CrosbyDELas Vegas Raiders+6000
Danielle HunterLBMinnesota Vikings+10000

Odds Courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has now made Myles Garrett a clear favorite to win the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, but we still think Watt is the best bet on the board. His stats are more impressive, and he has been even more important to his team than Garrett. Both players stepped up to help their teams overcome quarterback injuries, but Watt did it with much less support. If Watt has a big game on Sunday and the Steelers secure a playoff spot, the Steelers linebacker should have the award locked in. 

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NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year 

Jalen CarterDTPhiladelphia Eagles-275
Will Anderson JrDEHouston Texans+240
Kobie TurnerDTLos Angeles Rams+700
Brian BranchSDetroit Lions+6500
Devon WitherspoonCBSeattle Seahawks+7000

Odds Courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook

We have some movement in our top five favorites to win the 2023 Defensive Rookie of the Year Award, but Jalen Carter remains at the top. Given his current price, the value lies in betting on Will Anderson Jr to take home the hardware. For most of the year, Carter was the better rookie, but Anderson has come alive in key games down the stretch for the Texans. He has four sacks over his last two games and could seal this DROY award with another strong performance on Sunday. 

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NFL Defense Rankings
TeamPoints/GRush TDPass TDTotal YPGRush YPGPass YPGSacksTO3rd %
Cleveland Browns20.71420266.6100.6165.9462732.2
Kansas City Chiefs17.61019285.8112.9172.9541644.1
Carolina Panthers25.42519298.1123175.1241135
Baltimore Ravens16.4517302.1106.6195.6572942.8
New York Jets221419303.1126.3176.9412526.4
New England Patriots21.81319304.687.4217.1351731.7
San Francisco 49ers17.3918306.888.5218.3462747.3
Dallas Cowboys19.11420307.2116.3190.9422347.7
Miami Dolphins23.11525308.695.1213.5532442.2
Buffalo Bills18.61317309.2110.8198.4532849
Atlanta Falcons20.3920316.1115.9200.2391640.2
Chicago Bears22.6829317.484233.4292741.9
New Orleans Saints19.41020323.3122.5200.8332639.1
Houston Texans20.91817328.988.5240.4452337.9
Detroit Lions23.41526329.188.8240.4372142.8
Minnesota Vikings20.81221330.2100.5229.7422239.5
Tennessee Titans21.71018333.4109.3224.1451232.3
Las Vegas Raiders19.81420333.7122.9210.8412134.5
Los Angeles Rams22.31223340.3105.7234.6381440.8
Jacksonville Jaguars21.41325343.898.6245.3382636.9
Green Bay Packers21.31521344131.6212.4401846
Pittsburgh Steelers19.6922349.5115.6233.9432536.4
Philadelphia Eagles25.11134352.4103.1249.4411748.6
Indianapolis Colts24.52119352.6127.8224.8492436.7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers20.31123353.393.1260.3452441.8
Arizona Cardinals27.11930357.5143.5214331739.2
Seattle Seahawks23.92320365.4134.1231.3461935.4
New York Giants24.82420365.6132.4233.3292729.5
Los Angeles Chargers24.11826368.9112.6256.3472038.5
Denver Broncos24.11427371.5137.6233.9392637
Cincinnati Bengals23.11721382.8127.6255.2412438.4
Washington Commanders301435385.8126.5259.3391736.4

Top 5 NFL Pass Defenses

#5 Carolina Panthers

While the Panthers don’t generate many sacks or interceptions, their pass defense is allowing the third-fewest passing yards per game (175.1 YPG). They don’t have stars or playmakers, but there is no denying the results they have posted this season, earning them a spot in our final top five of the season.

#4 Dallas Cowboys

The fact that the Cowboys' pass defense has thrived without Trevon Diggs is nothing short of spectacular. Micah Parsons and the Dallas pass rush deserve some credit for that, but the biggest credit goes to DaRon Bland. The corner has eight interceptions and returned five for touchdowns, leading to offenses avoiding him. As long as they can stay healthy, we expect the Cowboys' pass defense to continue to impress in the postseason.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs' pass defense is one of the few things that have been going right for them over the last two months. They allow the second-fewest passing yards per game (172.9) and have the second-highest sack total. They have a good pass rush and a solid secondary, which gives them a chance to win despite the offense's struggles.

#2 Baltimore Ravens

While the Ravens rank sixth in passing yards allowed (195.6 YPG), they earn second in our rankings. Their domination of the Dolphins last weekend is reason enough to do so. Still, Baltimore also leads the league in sacks (57) and yards per attempt (5.8) while ranking second in passing touchdowns allowed and third in interceptions. 

#1 Cleveland Browns

The Browns have had the best pass defense all season, earning them the top spot in our final rankings. They lead the league in passing yards allowed (165.9 YPG), averaging around several fewer yards than the second-place Chiefs. This Cleveland defense has a lot of strengths, but none are more impressive than their pass defense.

Top 5 NFL Rush Defenses

#5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa’s run defense has been stringing some impressive performances together as they fight for a playoff spot. They did a good job slowing the Saints last week and completely shut down Travis Etienne Jr and the Jags the week before. We expect them to show up in a big way against the lowly Panthers this weekend, landing the Bucs an NFC South title. 

#4 Houston Texans

Houston’s defense is young and has some growing to do, but their run defense has been fantastic in the second half of the season. They now rank fourth in rushing yards allowed (88.5 YPG) and are second in yard-per-carry average (3.3). The Texans will need their run defense to step up this weekend as they face off against Jonathan Taylor and the Colts with a playoff spot on the line. 

#3 New England Patriots

The Pats rank second in the league in rushing yards allowed (87.4 YPG), but they have allowed more touchdowns than both the Niners and Bears. Their stats are impressive when you consider how bad their offense was. It led to opponents running to the ball to eat the clock, but the Pats have been able to stand tall. Their success hasn’t translated to wins, but it is hard to deny just how good this unit has played. 

#2 San Francisco 49ers

The Niners' run defense is back in our second spot after a great showing against the Commanders. We know they have the talent to be one of the best in the league against the run, but there has been some cause for concern over the last month. We believe in this unit, but we’ll see if they can stay strong in the playoffs. 

#1 Chicago Bears

Another week, another good showing from the Bears' run defense. They did a good job containing the Falcons' impressive run game last week, and now they will have a chance for payback against one of the league’s most explosive backs: Aaron Jones. Chicago leads the league in rushing yards allowed (84.0 YPG) and second in touchdowns allowed on the ground (8), so we have them finishing the season atop our run defense rankings.

Week 18 NFL Defense Rankings

Below are our rankings of all 32 NFL defenses, broken into five tiers. We have a new tier theme each week that represents the defenses in each. 

Tier 5 

#32 Washington Commanders

Washington’s defense is the worst in the NFL, and it's not even close. They are dead last in the league in yards allowed (385.8 YPG) and opponent scoring (30.0 PPG). They’ve allowed three teams to score 40+ points on them this season, and they could do so again in their final game. They don’t have any playmakers or much to hope for in the future, so we expect this unit to remain bad for the foreseeable future. 

The Commanders will finish the season by hosting the Dallas Cowboys.

#31 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals' defense had a chance to capitalize on a struggling Chiefs offense but failed to do so. Cincinnati was unable to put much pressure on Patrick Mahomes and allowed Kansas City to gain 373 yards. That would have been impressive against last year’s Chiefs team, but not anymore. The Chiefs' offense has been broken, and the fact that the Bengals were unable to expose it shows just how awful their defense is. 

The Bengals will close the season with an AFC North battle against the Browns. 

#30 Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers lost their eleventh game of the season on Sunday, but it wasn’t the fault of their defense. They forced backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham to make plays by containing the run game, holding the Broncos to a 3.1 YPC average. They didn’t force any turnovers or put much pressure on the quarterback but played well enough to limit the damage the Broncos could do. This is a terrible defense that will need a total overhaul this offseason, but Sunday’s performance earns them a bit of a bump in our rankings.

The Chargers will close the season against a Chiefs team that has limped into the playoffs.

#29 Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals' defense allowed 24 points and 275 yards against the Eagles in their win on Sunday. While this is not a good defense, Sunday was an incredibly impressive effort on the road against a team that needed the win. The Cardinals will need to rebuild around Kyler Murray in the offseason, but expect them to also focus on bolstering the defense.

Arizona will finish the season with a chance to ruin the Seahawks’ playoff hopes on Sunday. 

#28 Denver Broncos

The Broncos' defense snapped back to get a win against the Chargers on Sunday, but it was too little, too late for Denver’s postseason hopes. As well as they played against a bad LA team, but poor showing against the Pats and Lions knocked them out of contention for one of the AFC’s Wild Card spots. As bad as that run was, you must give this unit credit for rallying after allowing 70 points to Miami in Week 3. It helped keep them in the playoff and AFC West races and gives fans some reason to hope for next season. 

The Broncos will head to Sin City this weekend as they close the season against a Raiders team that has also been eliminated from the playoffs. 

#27 New York Giants

The Giants' defense has been bad this year, but they gave New York a chance to beat the Rams on Sunday. Though they struggled to cover Puka Nacua and DeMarcus Robinson, they sacked Matt Stafford twice, hit him eight times, and intercepted him twice. A punt return for a touchdown gave the Giants a chance to win the game, but the two-point conversion failed. There isn’t much more to say about the Giants as they close another in a long line of forgettable seasons.

The Giants will look to ruin the Eagles NFC East title hopes in their final game of the season on Sunday. 

#26 Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle defense finishes the season in our fifth tier after a brutal showing in a crucial game on Sunday. They allowed a mediocre Pittsburgh offense to score 30 points on 468 yards. It was a game the Seahawks needed to win at home, but they could not slow the Steelers down. While they have some young playmakers, they have not played well as a unit. Now, their defense will need to find a way to stop an Arizona offense that scored 35 points on the road against the Eagles last week.

Seattle will head to Phoenix to take on the Cardinals and attempt to sneak into the postseason.

Tier 4

#25 Philadelphia Eagles

After an impressive effort in the first half, the Eagles' defense came apart to lose an embarrassing home game to the Cardinals. Philly allowed the now 4-12 Cardinals to move the ball easily in the second half, doing damage through the air and on the ground. It seems the Eagles’ defensive struggles are getting worse every week, which is a terrible sign for their NFC Championship hopes. Even their once-elite run defense is struggling, leading them to be one of the league’s worst defenses as we head into the season's final week. 

Philly’s defense will look to finish the season on a high note with a game against a bad Giants offense on Sunday. 

#24 Indianapolis Colts

The Colts’ defense has been bad this season, but they did enough to keep their playoff hopes alive against the Raiders on Sunday. They struggled to slow down Davante Adams but managed to contain the rest of the offense enough to get the 23-20 win they so badly needed. The Colts took advantage of a bad Raiders offense, but they will need to be even better this week as they take on CJ Stroud and the Texans. 

Indianapolis will host the Texans on Saturday night with a division title and playoff spot on the line. 

#23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs’ defense cost them a chance to lock up a division title and playoff spot against the Saints last week. They allowed Derek Carr to work by ease, sacking him once and failing even to hit him a second time. Tampa did post seven TFLs and did a decent job containing the run,  but it wasn’t enough to get a badly needed-win. The Bucs have been using a “bend but don’t break” approach all season, but this has never been a very good defense. 

They’ll have one more chance to step up this weekend in a must-win game against a bad Panthers team.

#22 Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags' defense was able to end an ugly skid on Sunday with their 26-0 shutout of the Panthers. Carolina only managed 124 yards and converted just one of their 13 third-down attempts. The Jags sacked Bryce Young six times and hit him eight times while also posting eight TFLs. As impressive as all of the stats are, it’s hard to give this bad Jags defense too much credit, given how bad the Panthers are. We’ll see if they can find a way to keep this momentum to secure a division title this weekend.

The Jags will play a banged-up Titans team in Week 18. 

#21 Green Bay Packers

The Packers’ defense has been a bit of an enigma this season, but they were excellent against the Vikings on Sunday. They took advantage of a broken Vikings offense to limit their rival to 211 yards and ten points. Green Bay’s pass rush was fantastic, finishing the game with four sacks and 14 QB hits. The Vikings' offensive line couldn’t slow them down, leading to their playoff hopes ending in smoke. This unit has a lot of talent, but poor scheming by defensive coordinator Joe Barry has been an issue all year, leading to them finishing in the bottom half of our rankings.

The Packers will welcome a vastly improved Bears team to town as they attempt to hold on to an NFC Wild Card spot. 

#20 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers' defense helped lead the team to a crucial Week 17 over the Seahawks. They went on the road and got a vital win, which was capped by a critical stop on their five-yard line with 2:09 remaining in the game. They allowed Seattle to gain yards all game but stood rigid when it mattered the most. While he wasn’t great in the win, TJ Watt continues to lead this unit with 17 sacks, 16 TFLs, eight passes defended, one interception, four forced fumbles, three recovered fumbles, and one touchdown. He’s carried this defense for much of the season, making him a candidate for this year’s NFL MVP Award

The Steelers will face the Ravens this weekend as they fight to capture an AFC Wild Card spot.

#19 Tennessee Titans

The Titans' defense did a decent job cooling off a very talented Texans offense, but it wasn’t enough to get the win. Their struggles in 2023 have been surprising, especially given that 33-year-old Denico Autry is having the best season of his career. He and Harold Landry III both finished with double-digit sack and TFL totals. The Titans' defense has some younger talent, but many starters are beginning to age on both sides of the ball. Tennessee will need to decide if they want to complement the older talent or go all in on a rebuild. We’ll see what they decide, but it is apparent change will be needed in the offseason. 

The Titans will have a chance to affect their division race this week as they face a Jags team that needs a win.

#18 Los Angeles Rams

The Rams came close to losing an NFC Wildcard Spot against the Giants last weekend. While the LA pass rush was great, it wasn’t enough to stop them from gaining 389 yards and coming within a point of tying the game. The Rams registered six sacks, nine TFLs, and ten QB hits in the win, led by another great effort from rookie Kobie Turner. The big defensive tackle had 2.56 sacks, bringing his total to nine on the season. With Aaron Donald aging, the emergence of Turner gives some hope that the unit can be solid for years to come.

The Rams will face a Niners team this weekend that has locked in the NFC’s top spot. 

Tier 3

#17 Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings' defense rallied after a rough first five weeks to help the team remain in playoff contention despite significant injuries to the offense. Unfortunately, they have parted ways over the last three weeks. Minnesota has lost three straight games, with their defense allowing 90 points. They had one of their worst games on New Year’s Eve, allowing the Packers to score 33 points and gain 470 yards. Jordan Love and Aaron Jones went off for huge days, working against the defense without an issue. While Minnesota has a lot of big decisions this offseason, expect them to make fixing the defense a top priority. 

The Vikings will head east to close the season with a game against the Lions. 

#16 Miami Dolphins

No defense had a worse Week 17 than the Dolphins. They were demolished on the road by the Ravens, who scored 56 points on 491 yards. It was an embarrassing showing that was made worse when top pass rusher Bradley Chubb tore his ACL in garbage time during the loss. The linebacker is having the best season of his career, and helped the team overcome the loss of another great pass rusher, Jaelan Phillips. There was no excuse for Miami to have their stars on the field when the game was already over, and it may cost them a trip to the AFC Championship

The Dolphins' loss means they will be playing for the AFC East title this weekend against a surging Bills team.

#15 Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders’ playoff hopes ended with their 23-20 loss to the Colts last weekend. The offense was impressive once again, but the defense couldn’t do enough against Indianapolis. They finished the game with just one sack, three TFLs, and two QB hits as the Colts were able to keep Maxx Crosby in check. This Raiders team surpassed our expectations this season to become a solid unit, so it's hard to be too upset about the Week 17 loss. Expect Vegas to work to improve the unit around Crosby in the offseason. 

The Raiders will finish the season with a chance to sweep their season series with the Broncos. 

#14 Detroit Lions

The Lions' defense played well enough to beat the Cowboys on Sunday, holding their explosive offense to just 20 points in Dallas. Their pass defense wasn’t great, but they made up for it by holding the Cowboys to 61 rushing yards. While many teams have struggled to stop CeeDee Lamb this season, the Lions' struggle against the pass is nothing new (25th in NFL). While it wasn’t bad enough to cost them a division title, it could spell disaster when they make a rare playoff appearance next week.

The Lions will close their with a game against the Vikings that could land them the second seed in the NFC.

#13 Houston Texans

Consistency has been a struggle for the Texans’ defense this season, but they were great on Sunday. They held the Titans to just three points and 187 total yards in the win, largely thanks to their pass rush. They finished the win with six sacks, eight TFLs, and 12 QB hits. NFL Rookie of the Year candidate Will Anderson Jr posted two sacks for the second game in a row, giving the Texans a red-hot pass rusher heading into a must-win game this weekend. Combine that with their fourth-ranked run defense (88.5 YPG), and you get a recipe for a playoff appearance.

The Texans will face off against an AFC South rival, the Colts, with a shot at the title and a playoff spot on the line.

#12 Carolina Panthers

The Panthers' defense was better than the 26-0 score from their loss on Sunday shows. Seven of those points came after the Panthers offense turned the ball over on downs in their own red zone. Every single offensive drive for the Panthers ended with a punt or turnover, which put a ton of pressure on the defense. That has been a theme this season, leading the Panthers' defense to be third in the league in yards allowed (298.1 YPG) but thirtieth in opponent scoring (25.4 PPG). This defense would be in the top ten if they had a competent offense, but their scoring numbers are too ugly to have Carolina any higher on our rankings.

The Panthers will have a chance to spoil the Bucs playoff hopes at home on Sunday. 

#11 Chicago Bears

Few defenses have improved more than the Bears this season, and they were solid again on Sunday. They did a good job containing a very talented Falcons run game to get a blowout win in their final home game of the season. Chicago’s run defense has become the best in the league, which was something we never imagined as we saw Aaron Jones run through them in Week 1. Taking away the run is a big reason for the Bears winning four of their last five games, and it will play a key role against their arch-rival this weekend.

We will see if the Bears' defense can avenge their Week 1 loss and cost the Packers a playoff spot on Sunday afternoon.

Tier 2

#10 New York Jets

The New York defense played like they were checked out on Sunday. They were lit up by Joe Flacco and the Browns, allowing them to score 30 of the team’s 37 points and gain 428 yards. The Jets could not generate pressure on the aging Flacco, which led to a lopsided loss. It is hard to blame this defense for being a big “checked out”. They are arguably a top-five defense in the league, but the team’s struggles on offense have made their job near impossible. This is a defense built to win the Super Bowl, but they’ll need to wait another year.

We will see if this defense will rally this weekend with a chance to beat Bill Belichick and the Pats one last time. 

#9 New England Patriots

New England’s defense has been their strength all season, and they were good again on Sunday. They put the Pats in a position to knock the Bills out of the playoffs, allowing just seven points in the second half. However, a Bills defensive touchdown helped secure the win for Buffalo. It was a familiar scene for the defense, who has been hampered by New England’s offense all season. While their playoff hops are long over, don’t be surprised to see this Pats team go hard this weekend in what will likely be Bill Belichick’s last game. 

The Pats will host a broken and battered Jets team on Sunday. 

#8 New Orleans Saints

The Saints' defense has struggled with consistency this season, but they delivered in a big way on Sunday. They held a hot Bucs team to just 13 points and forced them to turn the ball over four times. The game would have secured Tampa as the division winner, but New Orlean's defensive effort kept the race open heading into Week 18. They’ll face a significant test as they host a Flacons team that runs the ball well. The Saints ranked toward the bottom of the league against the rush and allowed 228 yards in their loss to Atlanta a few weeks ago. While many factors will be in play for this game on Sunday, none will be more important than the Saints' ability to stop the run.

The Saints will face off against the Falcons at home on Sunday.

#7 Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta’s defense had been about the only thing working for the Flacons since Thanksgiving, but that was not the case on Sunday. They struggled to stop the Bears on the ground, allowing 192 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Things weren’t much better through the air, where Field and DJ Moore connected nine times for 159 yards and a touchdown. It was a game the Falcons needed to win, but the unit had no answers for a Bears team that had now won four of their previous five games. 

Fortunately for the defense, they’ll have one more chance to deliver in the clutch as they face off against the Saints in a game that could land them the NFC South title.

#6 Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have been a mystery this season, randomly alternating between elite and laughable. However, their play on defense has remained consistent throughout. Their ugliest games have come due to turnovers and offensive struggles, which has been the story over the last two weeks. The offense has struggled against both the Chargers and Pats, but their defense contained them, and Rasul Douglas returned an interception for a touchdown against both. We talked about Douglas being a game-changer when he was traded to the Bills, and the defensive back has been delivering. He and the rest of this defense will face another significant test this weekend, though the result will likely come down to the play of Josh Allen and the offense.

The Bills are heading to Miami to capture the AFC East title and secure a playoff spot. 

Tier 1

#5 Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys' defense has rebounded well after being beaten up by the Bills three weeks ago. They did well against a great Miami offense in the next game and were fantastic against the Lions on Saturday. While they allowed Detroit to go for 420 yards, the Cowboys only surrendered 19 points in the win. Standout linebacker and Defensive Player of the Year candidate Mich Parsons led the effort with two TFLs and two QB hits, while Dorance Armstrong registered the team's only sack. This Dallas defense has outperformed expectations since losing Trevon Diggs at the start of the season, and it earns them a spot in the top five of our final rankings.

Dallas will end the season with a date with a terrible Washington team. 

#4 Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs' defense stepped up to help the Chiefs clinch another AFC West title, despite their offense falling apart. They took care of business last week against the Bengals, holding them to 263 yards and 17 points. A big reason for their success came from the pass rush, which sacked Jake Browning six times and hit him 14. That is one of the most impressive showings from any defense this season, and it keeps the Chiefs firmly entrenched as one of our top-five defenses heading into Week 18.

The Chiefs will finish the season in LA as they face the Chargers.

#3 San Francisco 49ers

The Niners bounced back from a brutal showing against the Ravens to throttle the Commanders in Week 17. They held Washington to 225 yards and 10 points, leading to an easy win that secured the NFC’s top seed. San Francisco didn’t get much pressure on Sam Howell, but excellent scheming and two turnovers were too much for a weak Commanders offense to handle. The Niners have been one of the best defenses in the second half of the season, but their stats put them behind a few other teams in the league. We have them at third based on their play and overall talent, but we still believe two other defenses are better.

The Niners will host the Rams in a game between rivals who are both locked into the playoffs. 

#2 Cleveland Browns

As well as Joe Flacco has been playing, there is no question that the Browns’ defense is why they are locked into a playoff spot heading into the season's final week. They were great again in their win against the Jets last week, thanks to another impressive showing from Myles Garrett. The pass rushers added a sack to his total and hit quarterback Trevor Siemian four times. While containing the Jets' offense hasn’t been hard this season, it was still an impressive showing from a Browns' defense that has been stellar all season.

The Browns will face off to finish their season against an AFC North rival, the Cincinnati Bengals. 

#1 Baltimore Ravens

While they faced a Miami team missing some offensive weapons, they impressed by shutting the high-power offense down. They forced three turnovers while holding Tyreek Hill to just 76 yards, leading to a 56-19 win at home. The Ravens defense now ranks fourth in yards allowed (302.1 YPG) and leads the league in opponent scoring (16.4 PPG), sacks (57), and turnovers (29). While they could use some improvement against the run, there is no question that Baltimore’s defense is good enough to get them to Super Bowl LVIII.

Expect the Ravens to protect their starters in Week 18 as they face off against a Steelers team looking to secure a playoff spot. 

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