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Best NFL Betting Sites & Apps | Top NFL Sportsbooks in May 2024

Written by: Grant Mitchell
Fact-checked by: James Whitelock
Updated February 13, 2024
13 min read

On this page, we will be guiding you through the best NFL betting sites available in the United States right now. We have thoroughly tested every NFL sportsbook in the country and ranked them based on available betting markets, odds, bonuses, and user experience for football. We will also outline all the different types of wagers you can place, where to find the best odds, tips to increase your winnings, and more.

Let’s dive into everything there is to know about NFL betting and the sites to help you along the way.

Best NFL Betting Sites in May 2024

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How We Rated Our Top NFL Sportsbooks

Picking the best NFL sportsbooks isn’t as simple as looking at which sportsbooks generate the most traffic or finding the top result in the app store. No, no, no, our process is much more thorough and immersive, but don’t worry, we have picked out the top talking points to help make it easier for you.

We considered a variety of factors related to visual appeals, user experience, profitability, and more when determining the best NFL betting apps.

Starting with the first criterion, we assessed how each sportsbook looks and feels when it is being used. As simple as it may sound, people just don’t want to spend a lot of time in places that they don’t feel comfortable in. That applies to a sportsbook and is why we put so much stock into rating how every option felt.

We also care deeply about the user experience of a sportsbook, which encompasses many different factors. One such factor was the responsiveness of the app, whether that be the input delay, loading time, or amount of steps to log into the app. Time is money, especially when real money is at play.

Another area we carefully analyzed was the amount and types of betting opportunities that are available to users for football. Everyone is in search of the most exotic betting lines and markets, and we don’t want you to be stuck with a site that only offers the bare minimum. 

On a similar note, we cross-referenced odds from different sportsbooks and found which ones update their odds the quickest and which ones generally have the most profitable betting lines, keeping your goal of profitability at the front of your mind. Sportsbooks typically offer similar and often identical odds, but finding where the greatest variability lies is a key to understanding where the extra money is at.

There were plenty of other criteria we looked into, but we’ve rambled long enough. You can find more about how we rate sportsbooks here. Let’s dive right into our sportsbook reviews and guides for our top-rated football betting sites. 

Best NFL Betting Sites

A Closer Look At Our Top-Rated NFL Betting Apps

Here is a full breakdown of our top-rated NFL betting sites.

#1: DraftKings Sportsbook

Any NFL fan will recognize the DraftKings branding because, well, it's everywhere on pregame shows and during games. The app itself is great for NFL betting, which we’re about to dive into.

DraftKings uses a cool black and green aesthetic that makes it feel like you’re some sort of computer expert that’s tapping into the best sports bets. Users have their choice from any of a seemingly endless amount of NFL markets which, aside from the major ones, include parlays, props, exotics, and exciting futures, such as record-breakers. These allow bettors to predict if any records such as most passing yards in a season will fall. 

Bettors can also take comfort in knowing that the odds are updated quickly and that there is a very fast turnaround time when placing bets and depositing or withdrawing money (DraftKings was the fastest paying sportsbook in our testing). It also simplifies the betting process by showing the major-market odds right on the home screen so that users don’t have to dig within them to find them.

One feature that DraftKings has that others don’t is live betting insights that show consumers where the money is going. This can inform them of public opinion but also comes at a price, as bettors have to balance their influence by the public with the “sharp” play, which is often against what the public is predicting. If in-play betting is your thing, then check out our guide to the best live betting sites.

It also has another one-of-a-kind feature in its social section. Here, bettors can form groups with their friends and see what bets each other is placing and tail (follow) them if they choose. 

You can read our DraftKings review for a deep dive on the sportsbook and find out why we rated it as one of the best sports betting sites in the United States.

NFL DraftKings


  • Unique betting insights and social features

  • Quick and responsive


  • Black background and lime green text can be hard to stare at for a while

Sign-up offer:

DraftKings Sportsbook User Ratings 

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.8/5543,700
Google Play Store4.6/587,900

#2: FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel dominates the American sports betting market and for good reason. It has the most responsive interface that we tested, tons of betting options for football, updates its odds with extreme speed, and is extremely easy to navigate and use.

Of those, we believe the responsiveness and speed of the app are crucial. Sports betting is all about pouncing on odds at the perfect time, and FanDuel is willing to update its odds more than anyone. That can lead to greater wins or greater losses, depending on how quickly bettors can react.

As far as the NFL betting options go, users will never be deprived of choice. Their same-game parlay plus is a fan favorite, but they also have lots of NFL futures and player props to round out the entire experience. There’s even a parlay builder that will help you quickly assemble a parlay so that you don’t have to go digging for picks.

FanDuel also added a feature that depicts what is happening in games. All that you need to do to see this is open the game within the app, and you will have a scoreboard, stats, and an image of the game or field with live updates. FanDuel’s app is typically ahead of the ESPN app and other sports media apps, meaning that you can often get faster NFL coverage here.

Read our full FanDuel Sportsbook review for a deeper analysis.

NFL FanDuel


  • Extremely fast and responsive

  • Great for parlay betting


  • Odds are updated quickly which means finding holes in the odds is hard to do

Sign-up offer: 

FanDuel Sportsbook User Ratings 

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.8/51.1 million
Google Play Store4.7/5209,000

#3: BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is another of the four main players in NFL betting and American sports betting. It has a well-developed app with all of the desirable features and combines them effortlessly.

Although it is not the most popular betting app, we have mentioned in other betting guides and still believe that it lends itself to profitability more than most other sports betting apps. The odds are almost always very fair and frequently in favor of the bettor compared to other sites. There are also a plethora of markets just as any bettor would hope for.

BetMGM’s parlay builder is one of the most unique features of its site. Launching the builder separates different NFL markets and players into a grid and makes it easy to mix and match the exact lines that you are searching for. 

BetMGM also has a nice aesthetic to it, though there is some input lag which can slow down the process ever so slightly. Despite that, this app and all of its betting opportunities pass with flying colors. Anyone looking to participate in NFL betting could do a lot worse than using BetMGM as their primary sportsbook.

Check out our in-depth BetMGM review to learn more.



  • Odds that are great for bettors

  • Parlay builder is excellent


  • Input delay

Sign-up offer:

BetMGM Sportsbook User Ratings 

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.8/5152,500
Google Play Store3.6/519,200

#4: Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook was formed to serve as the sports betting branch of the global Caesars Entertainment brand. It hit the ground running and quickly became one of the four dominant sports betting sites in America, alongside FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM.

Caesars users are treated to a sleek interface that looks and feels like the luxury the Caesars label portrays. Different sports and leagues are easy to find in the subheadings, and the games within them are easy to locate. 

A benefit to betting with Caesars is that every bet helps stockpile rewards points—and while other sportsbooks have a similar system in place, Caesars allows users to redeem their points at different Caesars properties and resorts, meaning they can be used online or in the real world.

NFL betting at Caesars is what any user would hope for from a top betting company. There are tons of markets and opportunities, exciting promotions, and a focus on the user’s experience. Clicking on games will also help reveal major markets, futures, props, and exotics.  

For more information, read our Caesars Sportsbook review.

NFL Caesars


  • Great betting markets

  • Nice feel and look


  • Lacking visual enhancement such as live stats or game screen

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Caesars Sportsbook User Ratings

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.6/542,400
Google Play Store4.3/520,500

#5: PointsBet

NFL betting at PointsBet is both like and unlike the other sports betting sites on this list. It is similar in the sense that users can sort through different sports and leagues to find the NFL, pick their favorite game, and then wager on a variety of markets.

It is unlike its competitors because there are also unique betting markets at PointsBet. For example, it has a system called Points Betting, where financial units become game units.

What does that mean? It means that your chances at profit (and loss) are scaled with your input on the game’s outcome. So, a winning $10 bet on a team that is favored by three to win by 10 or more will result in $70 profit ($10 x (10-3)). This represents a huge boom-or-bust approach to betting similar to parlays, except it is not as rigid. You can read more about Points Betting in our full PointsBet review.

PointsBet did recently sell its North American assets to Fanatics, which leaves its future somewhat in question. But as long as it is operating the way that it has been up to the time of writing, it is a great source for sports betting. 

The app has a cool aesthetic unlike its competitors, game scoreboards, and is very responsive. It will even let users request betting markets if they cannot find the odds they are after. Its biggest selling point is that it is so different from other sportsbooks that it offers users something they cannot find anywhere else.

NFL PointsBet


  • Uniqueness and innovation

  • Tons of betting options


  • Uncertain future

  • Hard to locate alternate markets

Sign-up offer: 

  • No promo offer at this time.

PointsBet User Ratings

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.8/539,600
Google Play Store4.4/510,900

#6: bet365

bet365 is on the rise in North America. It isn’t available in a ton of states (New Jersey, Colorado, Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, and Kentucky), but it is expanding and will soon be a force to be reckoned with.

bet365 is one of the biggest and most popular sportsbooks in the world, and 15 minutes on the app will show you why. Although the gray, dull green, and bright yellow color scheme isn’t the most attractive in the world, everything else about the app is excellent - which is why we ranked it as the best sportsbook app in 2023.

There are tons of betting markets within every game, including lines for player props that aren’t available in other sportsbooks. That’s on top of the major markets and futures that sports bettors and NFL bettors specifically are after. 

Above all, bet365 consistently has some of the most competitive odds that sports bettors could hope for. The odds are frequently updated too and still end up being in the best interest of the bettor. Simple line shopping will show that bet365 is almost always among the top sportsbooks to bet with.

As this sportsbook expands in America, don’t be surprised to see it take off. It has the international support internally and externally and the product to make it a resounding success. Read our full review of bet365 here.

NFL bet365


  • Amazing betting lines and odds

  • Expansive betting markets


  • Dull visual appeal, lacks visual enhancements

Sign-up offer:

bet365 Sportsbook User Ratings

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.7/5213,700
Google Play Store4.6/51,630

#7: Betway

Betway does not have the same name recognition or value as many other sportsbooks in North America, but we were pleasantly surprised by what we found during our review. Allow us to tell you why. 

Despite only being available in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, Betway has tons of ongoing promotions for new and returning bettors that make every day as exciting as the last one. For example, they might offer odds boosts on a pair of teams to win their weekend showdowns in the league.

On the contrary, Betway isn’t going to offer the same plethora of prop bets and other unique markets (a la PointsBet) as the other sportsbooks. It is more focused on an efficient and streamlined experience that has a friendly visual appeal, which makes it more of a catch-all than a specified space for expert bettors.

Part of that appeal is its live game display, which shows the score, stats, percentages, the weather, and everything else that goes into a football game. That keeps bettors as in the loop as possible.

Although you might not find the most intricate markets, you will be attracted to Betway’s aesthetic and will find all of the major betting markets. We definitely recommend this to all non-top-level bettors, and it will certainly do the trick even for those top-level bettors. 

Read our in-depth Betway review for more details.

NFL Betway


  • Visual appeal and live game display

  • Easy to navigate


  • Availability

  • Fewer choices of markets

Sign-up offer:

Betway User Ratings 

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.3/510,600
Google Play Store4.7/547,000

#8: BetRivers

Let us be very clear: All of the sportsbooks mentioned on this list are more than serviceable options for bettors. They are all regulated which also gives customers the basic protections that they would seek in the event a negative situation presents itself.

While BetRivers does a nice job covering the basics, it does not go above and beyond in many areas. The aesthetic is relatively plain and the text doesn’t jump off the page or make a bettor want to extend their stay longer than they have to. It can also be hard to spend long hours on the sportsbook because of the lack of visual elements.

One of the sportsbook’s best features is that it presents not just leagues and games, but actual betting markets on the home page. So, if you want to see live odds, player props, and futures without ever making a move off the home page, you will be able to do just that and accelerate your betting process. 

BetRivers doesn’t have the largest array of prop bets and various betting lines, but it does have micro-betting, which is just betting on small events within the game such as if the next play will be a run or a pass, and that is a huge plus. 

The bottom line is that while this might not be the most refined betting site, it still has its benefits and features that are above its competitors. Check out our complete BetRivers review for everything you need to know about the sportsbook.

NFL BetRivers


  • Live betting (micro-betting) and live betting stats

  • Easy to locate odds


  • Needs a visual makeover

  • Not as many betting lines as other sportsbooks, especially in prop markets

Sign-up offer:

BetRivers User Ratings

Review SiteRatingNo. of Reviews
Apple App Store4.4/51,400
Google Play Store3.3/5653

What Our Experts Think

We asked some of our other experts to share their favorite NFL sportsbooks. Here are some of their insights:

As a resident of New Hampshire, my state has a sports betting monopoly with just DraftKings Sportsbook. However, the neighboring state of Massachusetts has opened me up to personally play at more online sportsbooks. Still, DraftKings is my favorite NFL betting site because of the number of NFL player prop bets available for each game throughout the season.

- Richard Janvrin

Being a higher volume bettor, PointsBet's rewards program makes them more beneficial to use than most sportsbooks during NFL season. It is much easier to rack up bonus bets there than it is elsewhere, and the boosted odds and reduced juice during their Power Hour can reduce risk or increase profits to make NFL betting just a little easier.

- Jay Sanin

Caesars Sportsbook is my go-to NFL betting site. Their combination of competitive odds and attractive promos is too good to pass up. They also have one of the industry's best rewards programs, including discounted or free stays at their hotels. While other sportsbooks have their advantages, Caesars provides the best overall experience.

- Michael Savio

Being a New York resident has its ups and its downs. The ups include good food and skyscrapers, and the downs include a sheer lack of sportsbook options. Despite this, I've developed a hearty love for DraftKings. The app is incredibly easy to navigate and comes with a myriad of daily promotions. The sportsbook also offers "crowns" as its in-app currency, which lets you branch into Daily Fantasy and other rewards throughout the company. Caesars also deserves a strong shout-out for its reward system and wide range of betting options.

- Michael Sicoli

I almost always use DraftKings when I bet on the NFL. I've had some success with their promos in the past and I feel like they have the easiest platform to navigate. It's simple and intuitive, making it easy to find the exact bet I want or put together a parlay.

- Bryan Zarpentine

Tips for Choosing an NFL Betting Site

We just told you all that you’d want to know about the different NFL betting sites that are available to you. But now the question is simple: How do you choose which to frequent?

Our best advice for picking your NFL sportsbook is to simply try out different options. Think of it as test-driving a new car before you drive it off the lot. 

During your experimentation, think about what is most important to you. If you are frequently on the go or in a rush, then you will probably want a sportsbook that has the fastest response time. If you bet on very rare occasions and just want to have the most fun possible, then you will want to find the sportsbook with the largest array of betting markets.

Also, think about how much time you are going to spend on the sportsbook. If you just want to get in and get out, then you won’t care much about the visual attractiveness, but if you plan on leaving the app open for extended periods of time (make sure to take breaks and visit reality), then you’ll probably want a sportsbook with a nice aesthetic and potentially a live game display.

There is no universal answer as to what the best NFL betting site is. Keep yourself and your expectations in mind and just pick what fits your needs the best. 

Banking Options For NFL Betting Apps

Depositing money and withdrawing winnings is an integral part of NFL betting, but often overlooked as a key aspect of sportsbooks in favor of promotions and special features. When it comes to banking, users want two things: a variety of payment methods and fast withdrawals.

Most NFL betting sites these days are on par when it comes to variety. Here are some of the most common payment methods you will find:

  • Debit and credit cards

  • Online banking

  • Wire transfer

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Prepaid cards

  • Check

  • In-person

In terms of withdrawal times, in our tests DraftKings and FanDuel come out on top. But all legal sportsbooks payout at reasonable speed and it's not something we would be too concerned about when choosing an NFL sportsbook to sign up with.

Top NFL Sportsbook Promos

Sportsbooks almost always offer sign-up bonuses for new registrants that can earn tens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in prizes. But that’s just the beginning of sportsbooks promos, especially during the NFL season. Here are examples of deals that are commonplace during football season.

  • Same-game parlay boosts and insurance: Sportsbooks will give bettors the chance to either boost the odds of their same-game NFL parlays or win back bet credits if that parlay misses by a certain amount.

  • NFL profit boost: This deal helps bettors take home even more money with winning bets in NFL markets.

  • Touchdown boost: The oddsmakers are fans of the game too and want to see points scored. They will often boost different markets such as the anytime TD market to let bettors win more prizes if their bet hits.

  • Special one-time deals: These deals usually come during the biggest game of the year which, in the NFL season, is the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks will offer promises such as win $200 in bonus bets if either team scores a single point in the Super Bowl. Yes, we’re totally serious. If we’ve piqued your interest, take a look at the latest Super Bowl odds here.

This list is only a teaser of what is to come during the NFL season. Users can see what is available to them by clicking on the promotions section of their sportsbook, and they will then be able to activate a variety of deals.

Find the best NFL promos in your state using our guides below:

How to Bet on Football - Popular Bet Types


The moneyline is a straight-up bet on which team will win a particular game. Nothing else matters—not the score differential, if the game went into overtime, where it was played, how the game was won, what the weather was, or anything else.

Al Davis said “Win, baby, win,” and that’s the easiest way to remember what the moneyline is all about. Learn more about moneyline betting in our guide.


The spread accounts for perceived inequalities between teams. Let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Arizona Cardinals, and the Chiefs are -6 favorites; that means that the oddsmakers believe the Chiefs are roughly six points better than the Cardinals, and so that six becomes the zero point.

If the Chiefs win by more than six, they “cover” the spread and win the bet, but if they win by five or less or lose, then the Cardinals cover and win the spread.

Read our guide on spread betting to learn more. Be sure to also check out our latest NFL picks against the spread which we update every week during the football season.

Over/Under (Totals)

The over/under, also known as the points total, is a bet on the total amount of points that will be scored by both teams in a game. It doesn’t matter how the points total gets there, it only matters if the amount finishes above or below the given line.

If the Washington Commanders and Dallas Cowboys have a points total of 45 and the Cowboys win 49-0, then the over won. If the Commanders win 30-16, then the over hit again.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are wagers on events and outcomes that don’t directly influence the results of other major markets such as the spread, moneyline, or total. Examples of prop bets are if a player will score a touchdown, if a quarterback will throw an interception, or how many receiving yards a player will accumulate.

During bigger games, the prop betting markets explode to everything from how long will the national anthem be to what color Gatorade will be dunked on the winning coach to who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first in their acceptance speech. 


Parlays are combinations of bets into one larger bet. The benefit to parlays is that the payouts are significantly higher than just betting every line on its own, but the drawback is that every single bet which, when in a parlay is known as a leg, must hit for the parlay to cash.

So, a 10-leg parlay with nine winning legs and one losing leg will result in a $0 payout. Always pick wisely when constructing parlays and balance opportunity and value with likelihood.  


Futures are long-term bets on events that have not yet happened. Players will often submit their Super Bowl winner futures bet before the season even starts and then kick back to monitor the progress of their bet over the course of several months. 

Betting futures can be profitable because odds are usually not as juiced (aka more profitable) when a particular endpoint for the bet is further away. Knowing when to pounce in a futures market is the primary key to success. 

Read our futures betting guide to learn more.

Live Betting

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is exactly what it sounds like. Bettors can submit their wagers while games are still in progress whenever they feel like they have the most accurate gauge of what is going on and what will unfold. Learn more about live betting in our betting guide.

Betting on the Super Bowl

Betting on the Super Bowl is a type of futures bet that we previously touched on. Users simply pick who they think will take home the Lombardi Trophy and then wait to see if it cashes or not. 

NFL Line Movement

Odds for NFL games can be released as early as a week in advance. Line movement is the name for the changing of the odds (and in the case of the spread, points total, and different props, the actual betting lines). Line movement can occur because of injuries, changes in weather, or public pressure on a certain side of the bet.

Line movement also happens within every game and is a huge part of live betting.

NFL Betting Strategies

What are some basic keys to success betting on the NFL? Here are a few of our best tips.

First and foremost, always be well-informed. Do plenty of research beforehand to find out what the injuries are, where the game is being played, if there is direct or implicit pressure for a team or player to perform, who has been hot and who has been cold recently, records and performances against their upcoming opponent, and anything else that you can think of.

Many people also have an issue removing their own implicit bias from their betting life. That can mean that, although it’s not as fun, refusing to bet on your own team can be a smart play. Fans of teams are often more prone to look upon them favorably in situations where they don’t deserve it.

Placing bets on odds shorter (which means less profitable) than -200 is also something that we generally advise against. The risk-reward ratio simply isn’t there, and you don’t want to have to sacrifice two dollars just to win one.

We also advise bettors not to get caught in the cycle of feeling like they have to make up for losses if that’s what ends up happening. Many people panic when they are down and fire off more bets on games they aren’t as confident about because they can’t stand the thought of finishing the day in the red. Our advice is just to take the loss on the chin and know that you won’t win every day and come back better the next day.

Is Betting on the NFL Legal?

Betting on the NFL is legal in every state that has legalized sports betting. Different states have different rules about where wagers can be deposited, whether that be in person, online, or via mobile app.

Betting on the NFL conversely is illegal in states that have not passed sports betting legislation. You can find out which category your state falls into by checking out our betting guides.

If you experience any troubles when trying to load up your sportsbook and place bets, reach out to that platform’s customer support team and they will be able to help you seek a resolution. 

NFL Betting Apps in Canada

NFL betting is legal in Canada. It used to have to come in the form of parlays exclusively but has been expanded, and Canadians enjoy the full reach of NFL betting sites.

Although the NFL does not have any teams north of the Canadian/U.S. border, the betting markets are still quite active. There are also several nearby teams, such as the Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills, among others.

Take a look at our top-rated betting sites in Canada. We have also reviewed the best sportsbooks in Ontario for those located in the province.

Gamble Responsibly

No matter your experience and familiarity with sports betting, remember that it should be done for entertainment purposes only and should not be a plan to support a stable long-term income. Take breaks every so often to make sure that you aren’t tunnel-visioning on your sportsbook, and set safeguards to ensure that you don’t take more losses than you can afford. That can be done with deposit limits, self-exclusion lists, and other resources.

Contact any of the following entities if you are experiencing gambling problems or would like more information on how to combat gambling addiction.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)

  • Call: 1-800-522-4700 (24-hour confidential national helpline)

  • Text: 1-800-522-4700 (24-hour confidential national text service)


  • Call: 1-800-gambler

Gamblers Anonymous


Smart Recovery

  • Call: 440-951-5357


Is it legal to bet on the NFL online?

Where can I find NFL betting picks?

Which NFL betting site has the fastest payouts?

Where can I find the best NFL sportsbook promotions?

Do all sportsbooks have the same odds?

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