CBS Sports and William Hill Agree to Partnership

After several high profile partnerships between media companies and sports books have been completed, two of the biggest remaining free agents in both fields agreed to join forces as CBS Sports and bookmaker William Hill announced a collaboration.

The agreement includes the naming of William Hill as the Official Sports Book and Wagering Data Provider on all CBS Sports media platforms including television and internet. The two companies plan to integrate the CBS Sports website and app to offer betting data from William Hill and links for customers to place bets at the company’s online sportsbook.

The rollout of the new partnership is poised to launch in March in concert with CBS’ fantasy football product.

For CBS Sports, the move is an answer to recent agreements by media companies such as Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports, and Barstool Sports. For the media company, the partnership with William Hill puts its brand in the sports book of over 140 locations and in the hands of hundreds of thousands of bettors that use the gaming company’s mobile app.

How Will the Deal Promote CBS Sports and William Hill?

Specifically, CBS Sports will use the betting operator’s odds and experts to provide information across their website, streaming network known as CBS Sports HQ, the CBS Sports Fantasy app, CBS Sports app and CBS Sports Network cable channel.

For William Hill, the partnership will enable the gaming company to hold exclusive rights to promote their gaming company across the aforementioned platforms and allow customers to easily access their online offerings for betting purposes.

“We’re thrilled to launch this momentous partnership, which will allow us to deepen our investment and further extend our leadership in delivering multi-platform sports wagering content while providing William Hill with unprecedented reach for their market-leading betting platform as they continue to grow their industry-leading U.S. business,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, Executive Vice President and General Manager, CBS Sports Digital.


CBS Sports Digital platforms boasts a usership of more than 80 million individuals per month across all of their many sites and apps. CBS already offers a pay service called SportsLine that provides betting information to customers. The companies expect William Hill to be prominently featured on that subscription platform.

William Hill has become one of the largest sportsbook operators in the world and with the Supreme Court’s decision in 2018, the company expanded their offerings to bettors from their locations in Nevada to ten states. The company accepts roughly one out of every four bets in the United States.

“CBS Sports, similar to William Hill, has a longstanding history of connecting fans directly to the biggest events and most iconic moments in sports,” said Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill US. “We are excited about this partnership, with assets including mass-reach digital content products, one of the largest fantasy sports databases and platforms in the world, and leading sports television programming, which will allow us to expand the William Hill brand across America quickly and efficiently.”


Much like recent deals between MGM Resorts and Yahoo, Barstool Sports and Penn National, and The Stars Group and Fox Sports, the partnership between CBS Sports and William Hill will be powered behind the strength two companies that work at the top of their respective fields making them a duo that should hold a large corner of the growing marketplace.

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