Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Connecticut?

Sports betting legal and daily fantasy sports are both legal in Connecticut.

Sports betting is legal in Connecticut since 2017, and when live In 2021 when Connecticut legislators approved a new gaming compact between its two gaming tribes and the state.

All this activity is due to the removal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) by the US Supreme Court in 2018. More on that later in this guide.

All in all, the Nutmeg state is just waiting for the final pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place for its online sports betting platforms to come into full effect, only then will CT sports betting become a reality.

If you’re curious about whether sports online gaming is legal in Connecticut, you’ve come to the right place. This page has everything you need to know about sports betting in Connecticut.

We will run through the history of gambling in the state, the recent legal changes that have opened the door to the legalization of sports betting plus what we can expect in the future.

We’ll also explore the state of sports in Connecticut since it will help shape the legal sports betting landscape we expect to form soon.

Daily Fantasy Sports Legal Options in Connecticut

Horse Racing Betting Sites Legal in Connecticut

The History of Online Sports Betting in Connecticut

Historically, the State of Connecticut has been governed by the same act, PASPA, that had prevented the vast majority of states in the US from offering legal sports betting.

PASPA, short for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, was signed into existence in 1992 and has made it illegal to operate regulated sportsbooks in Connecticut and almost all other states.

Even though sports gambling was never technically legal in the state, it does have two tribal casinos that offer different gaming options (including some sportsbooks), and there is a state CT Lottery. Horse and dog racing also exist in Connecticut but not in the off-track betting capacity.

This means that while sports betting has not historically been legal in Connecticut, residents of the state are no strangers to recreational gambling. Casual bets among friends have probably been the height of sports betting in the state so far, a far cry from the sports betting situation in New Jersey.

And it is clear there has been a growing appetite for sports betting in the state. As early as 2017, Connecticut introduced a law anticipating its possible legalization. The law, which required a change in federal law to come into effect, paved the way for the regulation of sports betting.

Finally, in May 2018 the Supreme Court made the decision to repeal PASPA which effectively lifted the ban on sports betting and gave every state the opportunity to decide for themselves.

Keep reading to see how Connecticut lawmakers are reacting to possible gaming expansions.

The Current Online Sports Betting Situation in Connecticut

Currently, online sports betting is legal in Connecticut, but the only online options for the state’s sports bettors right now are the risky offshore sports betting sites with none of those profits benefiting the state.

However, Connecticut is right on the verge of legalized sports betting. If it was a football game, the ball would be on the 5-yard line. In fact, regulated sports betting in the state is expected to be passed sometime in 2021, hopefully before the start of the NFL season in September so retail sportsbooks can have a chance to get their mobile sports up and running in time.

In early 2021, Connecticut legislators approved a new gaming compact between its two gaming tribes – the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Tribe Indians (owners of the Mohegan Sun) – and the state. The compact still must receive federal approval.

In early 2021, Connecticut legislators approved a new gaming compact between its two gaming tribes – the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan Indians – and the state. The compact (including recent amendments to it) still must receive federal approval.

In May 2021, the state Legislature approved House Bill (HB) 6451, a Connecticut sports betting bill that was just signed into law by Governor Ned Lamont. This allows him to amend tribal gaming compacts to include retail and online sports betting.

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) currently oversees all gambling in Connecticut and a 2017 law confirms that it will be open to them to regulate sports betting once it is successfully introduced. The proposed tax rate for sports betting in Connecticut is 13.75%, and some sportsbooks you can expect to enter the state include Kambi and DraftKings, who plan to set up retail sports betting alongside their mobile platforms.

Right now for Connecticut, it is simply a process of sorting out all the red tape and making sure everyone at the table agrees. Also, rules and regulations will need to be drafted, approved, and finalized. The exact details of all this are not yet evident, but things are clearly moving in the right direction.

CT Sports Betting

Which Online Sports Betting Sites Are Legal in Connecticut? – Online Sportsbooks in CT

At the moment, Connecticut sports gamblers have limited options. There are some retails sports bookmakers available onsite in the state’s two casinos. Plus, bettors have online access to such offshore platforms but the situation with utilizing such offshore entities is legally and financially unsafe.

Once the amended Tribal compact has been federally approved, sports betting will become legal. Then we’ll have a clearer picture of the regulated online sports betting options that will be available.

In the meantime, it is possible to be on those unregulated offshore betting sites while in Connecticut. There are not exactly legal though and can be considered something of a risk. The smart play is to wait until all betting is legalized and regulated.

If you’re in a state where sports betting is legal, take a look at the top sports wagering apps that allow you to seamlessly bet from your mobile.

What Sports Can You Bet on Online in Connecticut?

There are plenty of rabid sports fans in Connecticut and due to the state’s location, there are lots of teams that potential gamblers will be interested in betting on.

In this section, we’ll explore the sports landscape to see what kinds of sportspeople in Connecticut will be most excited to bet on once legalized sports gambling becomes available in the near future.

NFL Football in Connecticut

Although no NFL teams make their home in the Nutmeg state, college football is really popular. And no wonder. Connecticut is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the entire country.

The Connecticut Huskies represent the University of Connecticut in the NCAA Division 1, and they have plenty of conference titles to their name.

The Yale Bulldogs meanwhile represent the Ivy League school, and every two years New Haven hosts one of the most hotly contested college football rivalries anywhere when the Bulldogs take on the Harvard Crimson.

At the moment it is unclear whether it will be possible to gamble on college sports once sports betting is finally legalized, but if it were it would certainly generate plenty of interest.

MLB Baseball in Connecticut

In Baseball, Connecticut does not currently boast an MLB franchise, but the Hartford Yard Goats and the Connecticut Tigers both have plenty of Minor League street-cred. There are also the New Britain Bees who play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball.

Of course, once sports betting is legalized it will also be possible to bet on MLB teams from across the US, from individual games to World Series winners.

Basketball in Connecticut

Although Connecticut has no representative in the NBA, The Connecticut Sun women’s basketball team represents the state in the WNBA and has a great record in the league. The Suns have made the playoffs in eight of their last fourteen seasons up to 2018.

Hockey in Connecticut

No NHL teams currently reside in Connecticut, but in the AHL the state is represented by the Bridgeport Sound Tigers and the Hartford Wolf Pack, both of whom are affiliated with New York NHL Franchises. Once sports betting is legalized both AHL and NHL will be free to bet on.

Other Sports in Connecticut

In golf, the Travelers Championship is a PGA tour event held at the TPC River Highlands course just outside of Hartford.

The New England Black Wolves represent Connecticut in the National Lacrosse League. Lime Rock Park in Salisbury hosts a variety of NASCAR and other racing events throughout the year.

Overall, there are plenty of sports teams and devoted sports fans to be found in Connecticut, and very soon they are going to have the chance to bet on the sports they love.

Is Betting on Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) Legal in Connecticut?

Yes. You can bet on DFS in CT.

At the end of October 2018, after months of negotiation, the Connecticut General Assembly finally passed a bill designed to legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports.

The bill mimics those that have been introduced in other states in the wake of PASPA:

  • The minimum age for players will be 18.
  • The DCP will have regulatory oversight.
  • Operators will pay an annual fee of $15,000 or ten percent of the revenue generated from Connecticut players.
  • The revenue tax rate is set at 10.5%.

There is a potential hiccup that could occur once the new sports gambling bill is signed into law by Gov. Lamont, most likely by July 1, 2021. That new law will require fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel to undergo a licensing process.

This means that once the bill becomes law, these sites will have to withdraw from Connecticut until they are officially licensed, which unfortunately will not happen overnight.

Is There No Deposit Sports Betting in Connecticut?

At the moment, there is no legal online gambling in Connecticut of any kind, but there will be very soon.

Offshore betting sites, which are accessible from Connecticut but unregulated and not legal, may offer no deposit betting. However, residents would be best advised to wait for the legal options that are on the horizon.

There is a state lottery run by the Connecticut Lottery Corporation

What Is the Future of Online Sports Betting in Connecticut?

After much discussion, debate, and compromise, Connecticut’s tribal and state interests have finally become aligned and now it is just a matter of time before gamblers in the state can safely enjoy some regulated online sports betting.

What is clear is that legalization is something that all parties want, and it is in everyone’s best interest to sort out this situation sooner rather than later.

Now that Gov. Ned Lamont has signed the approved gambling bill into law, the feds must approve the amended compact between the tribes and the state. As soon as that happens, expect some regulated online platforms to start taking sports wagers in Connecticut.

At this point, it is a matter of when, not if, sports betting is legalized there.

Will Online Sports Betting Ever Be Legal in Connecticut?

Yes. The vast majority of the work has already been done, and the legalization of sports betting is supported by all parties involved. Sports fans in Connecticut just need to hang on a little longer but is it absolutely on the horizon.

A New Era of Sports Betting for Connecticut

The repeal of PASPA in 2018 opened up the door to a new world of sports betting for every state in the US. Out of the gate, Connecticut has already proved itself to be one of the more industrious states, in that it made steps towards legalization quickly.

Now, neighbors all around the Nutmeg State have overtaken them in the legalization process. Rhode Island, New York, and Delaware have all successfully passed bills. Now that Connecticut’s own bill has become law, it’s just a matter of waiting for the U.S. Department of the Interior to review the amended gaming compacts, which it has 45 days to do.

Once that takes place, sports betting in Connecticut will be fully legal and regulated. This is an exciting time for both sports fans and betting fans across the US and it looks like people in Connecticut have great reasons to believe they’ll soon be in on the action.

To stay up to date on everything that’s happening, browse our state-by-state guides to US sports betting laws.

Connecticut Sports Betting FAQ

Is sports betting legal in Connecticut?

Yes, sports betting is legal in CT, but until there are local sportsbooks it might be difficult to find a place to take your bets.

How many sportsbooks are available in Connecticut?

At the moment there are none but the state’s Native Tribes are set to be awarded the right to set up mobile and retail sportsbooks.

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