Indiana Marks One Year Anniversary With 22.3 Percent Growth in September Handle

Indiana Marks One Year Anniversary

  • The handle from September marks a 22.3% growth from this time last year when sports betting was legalized in Indiana.
  • The increase in sports betting handle from August to September signals a return to pre-COVID betting confidence in IN.
  • The numbers published today reflect the same rebound trend seen in other states such as NJ, which saw a 111.97% increase from July to August.

It’s been a rocky road for states that have legalized sports betting with the COVID crisis wreaking havoc on bettor confidence on the amount and size of wagers they were placing in states across the United States earlier this year. This increase in the anniversary month of legalization of sports betting in the state solidifies the recovery trend for an industry that is only a year old in the state.

Indiana Surpasses Pre COVID Numbers

Bettor confidence in Indiana bottomed out in April this year during the midst of the COVID pandemic but has been rebounding steadily since July. This latest report by the Indiana Gaming Commission solidifies the growth trend in concurrence with the return of the NFL and also marks the one year anniversary for legal sports betting in Indiana.

This growth mirrors the handle numbers coming out of New Jersey where the recovery in their sports betting industry has been underway since May.

Month Total Handle Percentage Change From Previous Month
January $171,049,250 +5.7%
February $187,186,221 +9.4%
March $74,818,802 -60.0%
Aprils $26,304,128 -64.8%
May $37,334,940 +41.9%
June $29,783,580 -20.2%
July $70,876,622 +137.9%
August $169,018,238 +138.4%
September $206,794,405 +22.3%

What Is in the Future for Indiana’s Sports Betting Industry?

Bettor confidence in regards to how much and how often they feel safe to wager their money is a clear temperature test for the economy as a whole as it singles out consumer financial confidence in a way that only the stock market has previously been able to do.

At this time with handles in legalized states across the country rising uniformly it seems almost a certainty that the growth in Indiana will continue unabated into the future with no plateau in sight. That is, as long as there isn’t a second wave of corona that will bring on more and more canceled games, an unfortunate likelihood that seems to be more and more likely with each passing week of the NFL.

It seems that Indiana is on track to continue their handle amount into the future raising questions as to how much would have been wagered this year by this time if the COVID-19 pandemic had never happened.

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