Iowa Begins Groundwork for Sports Betting as the State’s Bill Awaits Signature

Iowa Anxiously Awaits Governor Kim Reynolds’ Signature on Sports Betting Bill

The Governor of Iowa, Kim Reynolds, continues to leave the state in suspense as she contemplates her decision on a sports betting bill that passed both houses last week.

Gov. Reynolds has yet to tip her hand as to which direction she is leaning with the legislation but she has until late May to make her final choice on the matter.

“We’re going to do the same process that we do with any legislation that passes,” Gov. Reynolds told the media after the measure passed.

“My policy team and I will sit down, and we’ll review the bill at hand and then we’ll make a decision.”

If Gov. Reynolds does sign or allows the measure to pass, then the state’s casinos will reap the rewards.

Lobbyists for Iowa’s gaming industry push backed a fight from professional sports leagues looking for an integrity tax and the state’s Lottery Commission to take control of the regulatory market in the state.

If Gov. Reynolds passes the legislation, then betting in Iowa can start as early as late July or early August.

When that moment comes, casinos will be ready as most have taken the necessary steps to have the facilities open to the public on the first available date.

What Have Iowa Casinos Done to Get Ready for the Bill Becoming a Law?

Some casinos are not waiting for the Governor’s signature before they’ve started finalizing plans for getting their sportsbook ready for business.

Australian-owned sports betting operator PointsBet has signed an exclusive deal to run the sportsbook at one of the state’s high-profile casinos.

The agreement undoubtedly comes at a peculiar time as the gaming business waits on Gov. Reynolds final decision on legal sports betting.

PointsBet will run the sportsbook at the Catfish Bend Casino out of Burlington, a city roughly 80 miles south of Iowa City.

The company will set up both a brick-and-mortar sportsbook location within the casino as well as a mobile operation that will allow residents to set up accounts for the state’s official app.

PointsBet will feature a sportsbook that gives customers multiple screens for watching games and a large board for posting odds.

Gary Hoyer, CEO of Great River Entertainment told iGaming Business that PointsBet was the perfect partner for their Catfish Bend location.

“The potential legalization of sports betting in Iowa opens an exciting new opportunity for recreational and avid players, and PointsBet’s unmatched dedication to bettors makes them the ideal partner for our brand and go-to-market plan.”

PointsBet’s US CEO, Johnny Aitken shared Hoyer’s sentiments.

“Catfish Bend Casino’s executives – Gary Hoyer and Rob Higgins – are two of the most progressive and forward-thinking operators in the industry.”

“We knew they were the perfect match for PointsBet’s long-term vision of gaming in the US from day one.”

PointsBet is not new to the US sports betting market as the company has operated in New Jersey through a partnership with Meadowlands Racetrack since January.

The company has begun to expand inside the American market due to their reputation as the fastest growing legal bookmaker in Australia.

PointsBet also owns a program called PointsBetting that allows the bettor to place up to 1,000 type of proposition bets on a single game.