NFL and Sportradar Agree to League Data Distribution Deal

NFL and Sportradar Agree to Official League Data Distribution Deal

The National Football League and Sportradar announced an extension on their current agreement with the sports data provider becoming the league’s official data distributor.

Since 2015, the two companies have partnered, with Sportradar taking the reins as the NFL’s official provider of play-by-play statistics and Next Gen Stats, otherwise known as NGS.

The original agreement also allowed the NFL to utilize Sportradar’s proprietary research platform known as Radar360.

Terms of the original deal will continue under the new agreement but the scope of Sportradar’s role in the distribution of official league data from the NFL will increase exponentially.

“Sportradar has been an excellent partner the last four years and has provided the league, our teams, and media marketplace with innovative data products,” said Hans Schroeder, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, NFL Media.

“We look forward to working with Sportradar to deliver fast, accurate official league data that will innovate and improve experiences for our fans across platforms.”


What Will Sportradar Additionally Offer Under the New Agreement?

Under the new agreement, Sportradar will be the exclusive distributor of real-time official play-by-play data and NGS data to betting operators around the globe.

The NFL’s official league data will provide an improvement in speed of accurate data to the operators who purchase the Sportradar offering.

The agreement will cover all forms of NFL games from preseason through the Super Bowl. In addition to its usefulness to betting operators, NFL teams will also have access to the Sportradar data for analysis.

“We are thrilled to become NFL’s exclusive data distribution partner, undoubtedly one of the most important partnerships in Sportradar’s history,” said Carsten Koerl, Chief Executive Office of Sportradar.

“We are confident we will maximize our strong partnership with the NFL and deliver ground-breaking products across the gaming, fantasy and the media worlds.”

“As the unequivocal global leader in sports data, we are ideally positioned to support the NFL in providing innovative products to enhance the way fans experience the game and help maintain the continued integrity of the NFL competition.”


What Else Will Sportradar Do For the NFL Under the New Deal?

In addition to providing real-time data, Sportradar will also provide integrity monitoring for the professional football league.

By agreeing to this, Sportradar takes responsibility for monitoring wagering patterns to snuff out any possible impropriety within the betting market.

The original deal with the NFL cost Sportradar a whopping $250 million over six years. The figures for the new deal were not released but the data company said it was the largest in their history.

For the NFL who has been staunchly opposed to sports betting in America, the move is a white flag that surrenders to the inevitability that wagering is on the verge of becoming even more substantial in the United States.

“It’s a new world and it’s a new day as far as the legalized sports-gambling landscape,” Schroeder said. “Our view is, let’s be right. When we actually go to market, we don’t want to worry about being first, we want to be right.”


The agreement will assure that Sportradar is in charge of the NFL’s precious data for years to come as America enters the new frontier of sports betting.