Will President Trump Attend the Women’s World Cup?

Perhaps one of the funnier proposition bets to come along in some time, bookmakers are taking action on whether or not President Donald Trump will go to the Women’s World Cup.

Although President Trump was a loud supporter of France’s victory and the hosting job of Russia in the 2016 World Cup, the United States did not qualify for the every-four-years tourney.

But the Women’s World Cup is different as the United States has one of the best teams in the world, and are considered among the favorites to repeat after their 2015 Women’s World Cup victory.

Early action on the possibility of President Trump making a surprise appearance currently stands at +2000 on the money line, with a bet for him skipping the event at -10000.

Could President Trump Actually Go To The Women’s World Cup?

Even though there is value in the 20-1 bet that President Trump shows up for a possible United States vs. France championship game, history, and recent events point to him saying no to the trip.

First, looking at President Obama not coming to the 2015 title game that the United States played in neighboring Canada, doesn’t place a lot of confidence in Trump jumping the pond.

The other factor that could certainly knock down the possibility of the President coming to France is that he’ll be in the country on June 6th to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day.

The trip to Normandy on June 6th will be a part of the President’s state visit to England, Ireland, and France.

Considering that trips overseas are a rarity for the President puts even less possibility into the mix that he shows up in France to cheer on team USA.

Could Team Members of the USA Women’s Team Keep Trump From Coming?

In America, it is standard for winning programs to visit the White House for a ceremony commemorating their title.

However, with the politically charged climate of today, most teams have featured players that have skipped the trip due to inflammatory comments by the President.

For the USA Women’s Soccer Team, Trump’s past comments have caused several members of the teams, including two stars, to say they’ll pass on a trip to the White House if given the chance.

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, forward Alex Morgan, arguably the most popular member of the Women’s Soccer Team, said she would decline an invitation from Pres. Trump.

“I don’t stand for a lot of things the current office stands for,” Morgan said, pointing to the administration’s stance on separating families at the border.

Morgan, whose husband hails from Mexico, has remained outspoken that athletes should stand up and have their voice heard in the face of backlash.

“We don’t have to be put in this little box,” Morgan said.

“There’s the narrative that’s been said hundreds of times about any sort of athlete who’s spoken out politically. ‘Stick to sports.’ We’re much more than that, O.K.?”

Another headliner on Team USA, midfielder Megan Rapinoe told Sports Illustrated that she wouldn’t give a platform to be used as an endorser of President Trump’s platform.

“Absolutely not. I have no interest in extending our platform to (Trump),” Rapinoe said.

“I am not going to fake it, hobnob with the president, who is clearly against so many of the things that I am (for) and so many of the things that I actually am.”

Considering the pushback from team members and the President’s recent travels, the 20-1 bet for Trump making an appearance at the Women’s World Cup isn’t looking like a smart wager.