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Online Casino Cashback Bonuses & Offers 2024

Written by: Rhianna Padman
Fact-checked by: Ioana Romanasu
Published April 10, 2024
12 min read

Casino cashback promotions let you get back some of your losses at real money online casinos, perfect if you like to play with a little extra insurance.

On this page, we’ve got all the details you need about cashback bonuses: how they work, the important terms and conditions, and how you can claim our number one cashback offer from FanDuel Casino right now, worth up to $1,000.

Top Recommended Casinos with Cashback Bonuses

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100% Deposit Match up to $500 in Bonus Money

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Why Should You Trust Us?

This page is the perfect place for you to learn about cashback bonuses. Why? Because we’ve already done all the work. One of our expert casino reviewers has opted into every single bonus covered on this page, so we can personally tell you how the offer works. We believe that using actual first-hand experience and original opinions is the only way anyone should be writing about online gambling and bonuses. 

The team here at WSN.com is made up of real gambling fans, many of whom have been playing online for decades. We’ve seen just about every type of casino bonus on offer over the years, and we know what sets a great bonus apart from a good one. We know our way around cashback bonuses. We understand their appeal, and the nuances required for them to really make a difference to you. And we’re explaining it all here. 

Our Choice of the Best 2 Casino Cashback Bonuses

Casino Cashback Bonuses

1. FanDuel Casino 

Best For: Mobile Gambling 📱

FanDuel is one the most popular gambling sites in the US, with the highest rated mobile app in the country. If you like gambling on the go, FanDuel is the perfect choice for you. If you're on the lookout for more casinos with great mobile apps then take a look also at our top rated casino apps.

FanDuel also provides my number one cashback bonus, which is worth 100% of your net losses in the first 24 hours of play on the site, up to a maximum of $1,000. Plus, there’s 200 free spins thrown in too. Here’s how it works.

To claim this offer, you just need to sign up with FanDuel casino and make a qualifying deposit of $10 or more. That will be enough to trigger your bonus spins, with 50 becoming available immediately. Another 50 will appear every day for the next three days. 

The “bonus period” begins as soon as you make your qualifying deposit, and lasts for 24 hours. After that time, if you have net losses at FanDuel (meaning you have less money in your account than you have deposited over the whole bonus period), you’ll get that amount refunded in bonus funds, up to $1,000. FanDuel advertises that it can take 72 hours for the bonus funds to become available, but during my tests it was much quicker and arrived in a couple of hours. Bonus funds have wagering requirements of just 1x, which I love, and you have seven days to play through it.

This offer is my number one pick for a couple of reasons. The $1,000 limit is generous, it’s very easy to opt-into the offer with no promo code required, and the 200 free spins is a perfect extra sweetener. 

Slots Games at FanDuel Casino


  • Daily bonuses from the Reward Machine

  • Multi-part welcome offer

  • Excellent mobile app


  • Help Section a little hard to access

  • Loyalty program not as good as some competitors

Check out our full FanDuel Casino review for lots more information. 

Sign up at FanDuel Here to Claim Your Cashback Bonus CTA icon

2. BetRivers Casino

Best For: Low Wagering Requirements 💥

BetRivers is a simple and easy to use platform, with a site-wide policy of 1x wagering requirements for all promos. If you want to make the most of great user friendly on-running promos, BetRivers is ideal. 

The BetRivers welcome offer is similar to FanDuel’s, but less slightly valuable overall. Again, you can claim 100% of your net losses back in the first 24 hours after you join the site, but this time up to a maximum of $500. All you need to do is sign up, use the code the BetRivers automatically fills in during registration, and make a qualifying deposit of $10 or more. 

After 24 hours, your net losses will be refunded in the form of bonus cash, up to $500. The refund appears in your account automatically, in my experience a couple of hours after the 24 hours elapsed. BetRivers’ policy of 1x wagering requirements on all promotions is a real highlight of the site, and it makes this a great offer too. You have 30 days to play through the bonus funds after you receive them, which is a generous timeframe. 

It’s worth noting that BetRivers’ welcome offer varies a little depending on the state you are playing in. For instance, in Pennsylvania the maximum you can claim as a refund is $250. 

BetRivers Casino Games


  • 1x wagering requirements on all promos 

  • Simple and beginner friendly platform

  • Great selection of games


  • Android app could be improved

  • News feed doesn’t really add much to the software

You can read our BetRivers casino review for more details.

Sign up at Betrivers Here to Claim Your Cashback Bonus CTA icon

What Are Casino Cashback Bonuses?

Cashback bonuses are designed to refund some of the money you have lost or gambled, usually over a specified period of time. As a rule of thumb, the longer the time period the smaller the portion of cashback you are likely to receive. For instance, you might get a 100% cashback bonus for 24 hours, but a 5% cashback bonus for 30 days. 

Casino cashback offers mean you get to play with a bit of a safety net, and help guard against losses over time. There are some important conditions to be aware of, however. 

Despite the name, you almost never receive actual cash as a refund from a cashback bonus. Instead, like with most casino bonuses, the refund comes in bonus cash or site credit which you can’t withdraw without first using it to gamble. 

Bonus cash from cashback offers often have low wagering requirements of just 1x (meaning you just need to bet with it once to unlock the money), which is contrast to the bonus cash on offer from deposit match bonuses and other offers. This could have much higher wagering requirements, anywhere from 10x-40x. 

Cashback offers also normally apply to net losses only, in terms of how much you have deposited and withdrawn from your account. The basic formula is like this (although there can be other variables too):

Net losses = Deposits - Withdrawals - Bonuses

This is an important concept that can trip players up. Let’s say you get a 10% cashback bonus for seven days, and make a deposit of $50. After two days, your $50 has turned into $1,000. On the seventh day, you lose all of your $1,000 without withdrawing anything. 

After all this, how much cashback do you receive? You get $5, which is 10% of your original $50 deposit. Even though at one point you had $1,000 in your account and you spent a lot of money gambling on the site, the casino still only considers your net losses to be your original $50 deposit.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses can take many different forms at online casinos:

Cashback Welcome Bonuses

With this offer, the casino normally refunds 100% of your net losses over your first 24 hours on a site. The percentage refund and the timeframe can vary a little, and there is always a limit to the amount of money you can receive back. These offers are available for new players only, and you may need a promo code to unlock your bonus. The two cashback offers covered on this page, from FanDuel and BetRivers, are examples of this type of offer. 

Sometimes these offers are advertised as a “risk free 24 hours”, but this is not strictly accurate since your refund comes in site credit, not regular cash you can withdraw. But it’s still a good offer, and especially valuable to more risk-averse players who appreciate some insurance against running up losses. 

Along with deposit match bonuses and free spins, cashback bonuses are among the most common welcome offers at US casinos. They are also the most valuable form of cashback bonus you can find.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Cashback

These are similar offers, but designed for existing players as a kind of reward for playing regularly on the site. In this case, the casino usually offers a much smaller refund of around 5% or 10% of your net losses over a longer period of time, like a week or a month. These offers can be ongoing, meaning you might be able to claim a small cashback every single month that you wind up losing money. 

They may also be tied to certain games, so that you receive 10% cashback on your net losses from playing Big Bass Bonanza, or some other specific slot or other game. 

Money Back If… Bonuses

With this type of offer, you can get a refund if something specific happens in a game, like a certain combination of symbols lands in a slot or a specific number lands twice in a row in roulette. These offers are also common at US sportsbooks, where you might receive a refund on your parlay if just a single leg is unsuccessful or if a certain player scores a touchdown. 

VIP Cashback

Sometimes cashback offers are part of the casinos rewards club or VIP club. Every time you gamble you earn loyalty points, which determines your tier in the VIP club. The higher your tier, the more benefits you unlock - which can include cashback offers. Often the percentage of cashback you can claim increases as your tier climbs.

Wager Free Cashback / Real Money Cashback

This is an uncommon type of offer where you can receive a refund in real cash that you can withdraw, rather than site credit that has wagering requirements. Casinos very rarely hand out real money for free, so if you do find a real money cashback offer it is likely to be on the smaller side. 

On All Losses

Again, this is a very rare offer where the casino offers a cashback bonus on all the money you lose, rather than just your net losses. You can expect some other strict terms and conditions with these offers, including very high wagering requirements and a cap on how much you can claim. 

Why Choose Casinos with Cashback Bonuses?

There are lots of reasons to claim a cashback bonus.

One huge advantage they have over many other casino bonuses is the low wagering requirements attached to the bonus cash you receive.

We’ve written this many times before on many pages, but wagering requirements make a huge difference to the real value of casino bonuses and the overall user experience at the casino. Knowing that you just need to gamble with your bonus cash 1x before it can be withdrawn provides clarity and peace of mind, which shouldn’t be underestimated. And of course, make the bonus cash more valuable.


A cashback bonus also means you get to play with a safety net and ultimately reduces your losses. While deposit match bonuses - which might “double” your bankroll - arguably sound more glamorous and exciting, the reality is that cashback bonuses are ultimately more effective at limiting your losses over time and improving your bankroll management.

On-running cashback offers are a great way to reward loyal customers and give something back to players who have had a losing month. It shows that casinos are aware of the losses you have accrued and appreciate you playing on their site. 

The most common criticism of cashback bonuses is that you need to lose to receive a bonus. This is true, but sensible and responsible players understand that losing is a big part of gambling online. Ultimately, the casino is at an advantage thanks to the house edge in all casino games. Cashback bonuses help to mitigate this and give us a better chance of reducing our losses.

Cashback Bonuses Pros & Cons

Pros Low wagering requirements
Pros Provides a safety net and guards against losses
Pros Rewards loyal players
Pros Extends your playing time
Pros Easy to claim
Cons Only become active if you lose
Cons Don’t actually get real “cash” back
Cons Arguably not the most exciting promo

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are generally very straightforward, which is one of their positives compared with more convoluted casino bonuses - especially as regards wagering requirements. Often, you don’t even need to take any specific action, and the bonus will just kick in automatically if you qualify for it. 

Below is our beginners guide to claiming a typical cashback welcome bonus, taking the FanDuel Casino’s 100% Play it Again welcome offer as an example.

  1. Sign Up. First, you need to register with the casino. You’ll have to provide basic personal information including your name, date of birth, address and email address. You may also need to provide additional information to verify your identity, like a copy of your passport or driver's license. Some bonuses need a promo code to unlock, but not at FanDuel.

  2. Make a Qualifying Deposit. You need to deposit at least $10 in order to trigger the bonus. You can head to the cashier and choose between a selection of different payment methods - bank cards, transfers and e-wallets. Once you’ve made a deposit, the 24 hour bonus period begins.

  3. Hit the Tables! You’ve got 24 hours to play on the site. Remember, any more deposits or withdrawals you make during this time will count towards your net losses. 

  4. Get Your Refund. After the bonus period is up, your net losses will be automatically refunded in the form of bonus credit, up to a maximum of $1,000. The refund will hit your account within 72 hours and has 1x wagering requirements attached before it can be withdrawn. 

Maximizing Your Cashback Bonus: Tips and Strategies

Cashback bonuses can provide genuine value for all kinds of players, providing you understand the offer and know how to make the most of it. Below are our top three tips to be aware of before you claim a cashback bonus.

  1. Make sure you understand the concept of net losses and keep track of how much you deposit and withdraw during the bonus period. Remember, you can only claim cashback on money you have deposited, not money you have won and subsequently lost. 

  2. Always read the terms and conditions for your refund. Cashback bonuses tend to be more straightforward than other casino bonuses, but there are still things in the small print to look out for. Some games (like live dealer tables) might be exempt from bonus funds, or count differently to clearing your bonus. There will be a time limit too. 

  3. Don’t get reckless. Cashback bonuses provide some insurance against your losses, but they aren’t a guarantee of anything and you can easily still wind up losing money. Just because there is a potential of, for example, $1,000 in cashback, you definitely shouldn’t try to gamble that much just to claim the maximum cashback. Play your own game and gamble as much as you are comfortable with and what makes sense for your bankroll. 

Casino Cashback Bonuses Comparison

Check out how our top cashback bonuses stack up below.

CasinoCashback BonusWagering RequirementAvailable StatesWelcome Bonus
FanDuel Casino$1,0001xMI, NJ, PA, WV200 Bonus Spins + Up to $1,000 Casino Bonus
BetRivers Casino$5001xMI, NJ, PA, WV100% Deposit Match up to $500 in Bonus Money

Casino Cashback Bonuses FAQ

What is a cashback bonus?

Are cashback bonuses legal?

Do cashback bonuses have wagering requirements?

Do casinos offer real cash refunds?

Can I win real money with cashback?

What is the best cashback casino bonus?

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