English Content Writer - Part Time


Essential Requirements:

The Content Executive is responsible for writing sports content and editing content from our freelancers including uploading it to our backend. The main focus of this position is to develop unique and engaging content ideas for the US sports market, especially for the NFL and Fantasy Sports. Basic knowledge of SEO is a bonus. Vast knowledge of American Football and DFS is mandatory. The position requires experience in betting and a general understanding of how the US betting market works. This position requires the applicant to work on weekends if necessary.


The person will be responsible for

  • Developing unique and engaging content ideas for NFL and DFS
  • Editing and proofing existing content/third-party content
  • Uploading content to our backends
  • Writing content for the NFL and DFS
  • Overviewing the developments in American Football and Fantasy Sports


This role is also available in Denmark and Spain.

If you’re the person for this job please send an application and CV to [email protected].