Brady, Belichick & Patriots' Last Super Bowl Win? Don't Bet on It (Odds Included)

Much to the dismay of NFL fans living outside  of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, the New England Patriots, led by head coach Bill Belichick and GOAT quarterback Tom Brady, are once again NFL Champions.

For those who have lost count, that makes six Lombardi trophies since Brady started as quarterback back in 2001, and that’s out of the nine chances altogether the Belichick/Brady Patriots had to win one in those eighteen years.

But if you think that accumulating six Super Bowl rings is enough to keep Belichick and Brady from taking yet another run at it next season, you’d be wrong.

Bill Belichick has indicated his intentions

Back in November at a presser, when Bill Belichick was asked if it was his intention to definitely be back with the Patriots next season, his answer was emphatic yet brief:


Now of course just because those are absolutely his intentions doesn’t necessarily mean that it will absolutely happen, but it’s a good sign that the man is ready and willing to negotiate heading up another Patriots Super Bowl run.

Tom Brady says he’s ready to do it again, and again

After Sunday’s 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams (which was the lowest-scoring title game in NFL history), reporters interviewing Brady asked if he was ready to hang up his cleats now that he earned his sixth Super Bowl win.

The Hall-of-Fame bound quarterback was quick to smile back his answer, which was an emphatic, no, saying the latest win “doesn’t change anything.”

Brady has repeatedly said that he wants to keep playing “not only next year, but beyond that,” with 45 seeming to be his magic retirement age goal, which he would turn during the 2022-23 season.

But in a brutal sport like professional football, does age really matter?

See how Tom Brady compares to a much younger Jared Goff here.

Two Patriots’ break the NFL’s old fogey record

It truly does help to be young in the NFL – the intensity of head-coaching a full NFL season made up of 17-hour days and nonstop on-and off-field activities wouldn’t be survivable by most senior citizens.

And athletes in their early twenties tend to move and heal a whole lot faster than their thirty- or forty-year old bodies ever could.

But at 66-years-old and 41-years-old respectively, Belichick and Brady disprove all those antiquated assumptions about the elderly as they have officially become the oldest head coach and quarterback to ever win the NFL’s biggest prize.

Their combined aged of 107 is the oldest QB-head coach duo in Super Bowl history.

Defensive guru Belichick’s D shut the Rams down

The only thing more incredible than Brady and company being kept to just 13 points in the Super Bowl is the fact that the Rams were kept to just a field goal after having been the second-highest scoring team in the regular season.

The Rams averaged 32.9 points per game and scored a total of 527 points in 2018, but against the Patriots’ defense (coordinated by Belichick) they could only muster three points as well as just 14 first downs and 62 total rushing yards. 

Not to mention the Patriots sacked Rams quarterback Jared Goff four times and held him to just 229 yards (260 yards of total offense), 0-6 on third down passing conversions and a passer rating of 57.9.

Brady’s broken records keep piling up

Brady’s 18-seasons worth of NFL accomplishments are far too many to list here, especially given that after Super Bowl LIII, four more broken records were added to Brady’s already packed resume.

With his brilliantly led fourth quarter, game-winning drive to score the evening’s only touchdown (did you see him drop that sweet pass right into Gronk’s outstretched arms to set up the score?), Brady now has six game-winning Super Bowl drives.

BTW, no other quarterback has more than two of those (Eli Manning and Terry Bradshaw).

Brady’s other new Super Bowl records – most passes (392), completions (256) and passing yards (2,838).

Willing, yes, but can they do it again?

It’s one thing for Belichick and Brady to say they’re willing to endure the grind of another Super Bowl run, but the big question (just as it was before this season) remains: can they actually pull it off?

They answered their doubters clearly on Sunday with a win, albeit a low-scoring one that could have gone either team’s way right up until running back Sony Michel scored the only touchdown of the game.

But despite the men’s senior age and the fact that the team’s regular season ups-and-downs caused lots of new doubters, Patriots owner Robert Kraft has nothing to lose giving them yet another shot, at least until they finally do come up short.

Does anybody really want Belichick and Brady to continue?

That’s the big question, one that without hesitation most football fans would answer with a resounding NO because truth be told it has gotten old and it sure would be nice to see someone besides Belichick and Brady and company kissing and hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season.

But chances are the other 31 NFL franchises are happy to have the Patriots make another run at the Super Bowl – wouldn’t it be incredible to be the group of teams that finally kick Belichick and Brady out of postseason contention?

To get a Super Bowl ring these days, you’re going to have to beat the best there is and has been, the Belichick/Brady New England Patriots, and that day will eventually come.

But knowing those two, probably not any time soon.

The current odds of a Belichick/Brady 2019-20 NFL run are…

If you’re a gambler, there are actual odds being placed on whether Belichick and Brady will return and make another Super Bowl run.

Remember, only gamble what you can afford to lose, but definitely pull a few bucks out of your gambling kitty and take advantage of these odds being offered at various online sites:

Will Tom Brady retire before Week 1, 2019?

Yes +500

No -1000

Will Bill Belichick retire before Week 1, 2019?

Yes +200

No -300