Former Eagles Backup QB Nick Foles Now Jaguars Starter, 2019 - Odds and Predictions

When you win the Super Bowl as a backup quarterback like Nick Foles did with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017, it’s only a matter of time before some franchise gives you a shot to be their starter, and the Jacksonville Jaguars have made plenty of room in 2019 for Foles.

After only making the playoffs once in the last eleven seasons, the Jaguars lost faith in their previous starter Blake Bortles and traded him to the Los Angeles Rams where he’ll serve as backup to Jared Goff, leaving the starting job in Jacksonville wide open for Foles to take over.

Foles has proven he is a winner capable of leading his team to postseason victories, and we trace his NFL journey from backup to starter as well as examine the odds and predictions of his possible 2019 output.

Quick Bio: who is Nick Foles?

Nicholas Edward Foles is a 30-year-old NFL quarterback who was born in Austin, Texas in 1989 to his restaurateur parents Larry and Mellissa, who went on to sell the restaurant Larry co-founded called Eddie V’s for $59 million in 2011.

The 6-foot-6 Foles became a young football star at Westlake High School who set school records in career passing yards (5,658) and touchdowns (56) as well a standout three-year basketball MVP who was recruited by top basketball universities like Georgetown and Arizona State.

But Foles was a Texan at heart which meant he chose the sport loved by the Lone Star state more than any other, football, and after at first committing to Arizona State he opted to play for Michigan State.

Which famous Westlake High alum did Foles passing records surpass?

Before Foles attended Westlake High, another even more famous NFL quarterback went there and set records.

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees graduated from Westlake in 1997 after starting for two seasons and completing 314-of-490 passes for 5,461 yards and 31 touchdowns.

Those were Westlake records until Foles passed through and broke them almost a decade later.

Where did Foles play his college football?

At first Foles went to Michigan, but he was third in line at the quarterback position behind future NFL-ers Brian Hoyer and Kirk Cousins.

After transferring to the University of Arizona and redshirting his freshman year, Foles worked his way to the starting job and his numbers just kept getting better, and by the time he had graduated Foles had thrown for 10,068 yards and 67 touchdowns with a completion percentage of 66.8 and a passer rating of 138.1.

As a starting college quarterback, Foles was ranked first in the Pac-12 Conference and fifth among all NCAA Division I FBS players, and on top of all of those impressive athletic accomplishments he also graduated with his degree in communication.

When was Foles drafted into the NFL?

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Foles in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, the 88th pick overall, and agreed to a four-year deal with a signing bonus of $543 thousand.

Once starter Michael Vick went out injured, Foles the rookie became the main man under center until he broke his hand in the final game of the season against the New York Giants and was replaced by Vick.

The following season in 2013, Foles began as the backup to Vick but eventually became starter and ended up throwing for 27 touchdowns and going to the Pro Bowl.

What teams has Foles played for in the NFL?

At the end of a less impressive 2014 for the Eagles, Foles was traded to the St. Louis Rams with a couple of future draft picks for quarterback Sam Bradford and a draft pick.

Foles went 4-7 as the Rams starter in 2015, but as soon as the Rams drafted quarterback Jared Goff with the first overall pick Foles saw the writing on the wall and requested and received a release.

The Kansas City Chiefs had Alix Smith and Foles saw little playing time in 2016, and at the end of the season the team declined a second-year option on his contract so the newly free agent Foles then quickly signed a two-year deal with the Eagles.

How productive has Foles been as a backup?

Foles’ career win/loss record is 26-18-0, plus he’s 4-2 in the playoffs, so he’s a proven winner who’s thrown for 68 total touchdowns.

It’s almost as if Foles thrives on the drama of stepping in at the last minute, or perhaps it’s just that he benefits from being thrown in against defenses that haven’t had a chance to game plan for him.

With a Super Bowl ring on his finger, Foles can say he’s done everything a backup can do, and now it’s time to see if he can have the same success as a franchise starter, especially after opponents have a whole week to make adjustments to his style.

Why did the Eagles let Foles go?

The Eagles actually tried to keep Foles, announcing that they would pick up the $20 million option on his contract.

In an almost diabolical counter-move, Foles made it known that same day that he would be returning his $2 million Super Bowl bonus, which voided the team’s option.

Foles became a free agent in February and began to field some offers.

How did Foles finally get a starting job?

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ patience with their franchise starter Blake Bortles had worn thin and they were strong suitors for Foles’ starting services.

Jag’s general manager David Caldwell offered Foles a four-year deal worth $88 million with a $25 million signing bonus and $50.13 million guaranteed.

Now it’s time for Foles to prove he’s capable of getting the Jaguars back to the postseason and by doing that he’ll prove to the league that he’s a legitimate starting man.

Not to mention how happy that’d make the Jacksonville fans.

What does Foles add to the Jaguars?

Foles is a Super Bowl MVP but he’s been inconsistent enough at times to cause some to doubt his long-term effectiveness for a Jacksonville offense that’s in need of a great rebuild.

It could be that Foles will serve as a bridge between now and whomever the team drafts in next month’s draft.

Foles should prepare himself for a replay of his Rams/Goff situation since the Jaguars have the seventh overall pick and they may just use it on whichever quarterback might still be left.

What have the Eagles lost in Foles?

The Eagles have lost the best backup they could have, but they couldn’t afford that luxury anymore.

Currently, their roster contains just one quarterback, and that’s the franchise man Carson Wentz.

If Wentz could stay healthy, he’s good enough to very likely bring Philadelphia to another postseason appearance, but what the Eagles are beginning to notice after lots of Wentz injuries and missed games is that IF is mighty big.

What is Foles’ nickname?

Cover any sensitive eyes and ears in the room for this one because it’s a bit salty.

Nick Foles’ nickname is said to be, “Big Dick Nick” (or “Big Stick” if there are younger football fans present), and he received this nickname from teammates for the exact reason that seems most personal and obvious.

As Foles would say when asked about this dubious honor…no comment.

What are Foles plans after football?

 The lifetime Christian plans to be a pastor once his football career ends.

In fact, he’s currently an online student at Liberty University looking to earn a master’s degree in divinity.

Says Foles, “I want to continue to learn and challenge my faith.”

What does Foles’ 2019 output potential look like?

Word on the street is that depends on which Foles shows up.

Will it be the Super Bowl MVP who’s money under pressure?

Or will it be the shaky interception thrower who has a tough time staying healthy.

Foles finally has the big contract every NFL player dreams of, but winning games is what motivates the big-ol-boy from Texas and he won’t be satisfied unless his Jaguars are suiting up in January and February.

What are the current odds and predictions on Foles’ 2019 output totals?

Odds makers have put out three sets of Nick Foles over/unders and they’re worth checking out.

Last season in five games, Foles had 4 interceptions, 1,413 passing yards and 7 touchdown passes.

Before you place any bets based on that, though, realize that had those numbers stayed consistent for a sixteen game season, Foles totals would have been 20 interceptions, 4,521 passing yards and 22.4 touchdowns.

Here are the current Nick Foles odds listed for 2019 – good luck:

Caveat: Foles must play in game one for action to commence.

Nick Foles total interceptions in the 2019 Regular Season

  • Over 12.5 Interceptions                      -115
  • Under 12.5 Interceptions                    -115

Nick Foles total passing yards in the 2019 Regular Season

  • Over 3500.5 Yards                             -115
  • Under 3500.5 Yards                           -115

Nick Foles total touchdown passes in the 2019 Regular Season

  • Over 21.5 TD Passes                           -115
  • Under 21.5 TD Passes                         -115