NHL Power Rankings - Best and Worst of Week 9

The NHL power rankings are updated weekly to give fans and gamblers a better idea as to where each of the league’s teams stack up against one another.

All statistics go into compiling these rankings as well as updates to team rosters such as trades and injuries, and the teams’ weekly schedules.

NHL Championship 2019/2020 – Odds

The odds for the NHL Championship 2019/2020 are provided by DraftKings Sportsbook. We update the odds on a weekly basis.

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RankTeamDraftKings Sportsbook
1BOS Bruins+800
2WSH Capitals+1300
3NY Islanders+1600
4STL Blues+1300
5EDM Oilers+1900
6DAL Stars+1300
7CAR Hurricanes+1700
8COL Avalanche+1300
9PIT Penguins+1800
11TOR Maple Leafs+1700
12ARI Coyotes+2300
13FLA Panthers+2600
14WPG Jets+3000
15PHI Flyers+2700
16NSH Predators+1600
17VAN Canucks+3200
18SJ Sharks+3500
19NY Rangers+6500
20CHI Blackhawks+7000
21OTT Senators+20000
22MTL Canadiens+4000
23VGS Knights+1500
24BUF Sabres+8000
25CBJ Blue Jackets+9000
26ANA Ducks+6000
27MIN Wild+5500
28CGY Flames+3200
29LA Kings+22500
30NJ Devils+9000
31DET Red Wings+65000
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1. Boston Bruins (17-3-5)

Last week: 3, +2

David Pastrnak leads the league in goals and the Boston Bruins lead the league in points. Their goaltending tandem also leads the league in save percentage. Their power play also ha a ridiculous 32 percent success rate. They have won five games in a row and only lost in regulation three times this season. They also play Montreal twice in their next four games.

2. Washington Capitals (17-4-5)

Last week: 2

First in the Metropolitan Division and second in the league. The team is 6-2-2 in their last ten games and this week should be a piece of cake for Washington as they prepare to take on Detroit, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Columbus.

3. New York Islanders (16-5-2)

Last week: 1, -2

They are amidst a hiccup that saw them lose to the Ducks and the Kings, losing their last three in a row. But this team is sure to come back strong. They play against Columbus, Montreal, and Detroit next – a stretch that should easily allow this team to gain its confidence back. They are still the best defensive team in the NHL right now.

4. St. Louis Blues (15-5-6)

Last week: 4

This time last year, the St. Louis Blues were sitting in last place in the league. They then won the Cup. They currently sit in third place – the highest rank of any Western Conference team. They are 5-2-3 in their last ten games and all signs are pointing to seeing the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup final yet again.

5. Edmonton Oilers (16-8-3)

Last week: 6, +1

This Edmonton team has the two best players in the league and sit fourth in the league. They also have an upcoming schedule that most teams would envy: Vancouver twice, followed by the Ottawa Senators and the Los Angeles Kings at home.

6. Dallas Stars (15-9-2)

Last week: 11, +5

It seems like it all came down to summer rust and that the slow start is behind them. The team is scoring and the goaltending is back to the elite level. They have climbed up into the eighth spot in the league and have gone 8-1-1 in their last ten games. Aside from a game against St. Louis, the Stars have a favorable schedule coming up against Minnesota and Winnipeg twice.

7. Carolina Hurricanes (15-9-1)

Last week: 9, +2

Carolina has slipped a little bit as of late but has still won six of their last ten games. It doesn’t get easier for them as they play Tampa Bay and Boston this week, but the Canes have been finding ways to at least finish each game with one point. They are still within the top-10 in the league.

8. Colorado Avalanche (14-8-2)

Last week: 5, -3

The Avs have been winning despite their injuries, so things should just get better for the team now that they have Mikko Rantanen back in their lineup. Rookie Cale Makar and forward Nathan MacKinnon have more than stepped up for this team lately. They have two games in a row against Chicago coming up.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins (14-7-4)

Last week: 13, +4

They won’t have captain Sidney Crosby back until after Christmas but his absence hasn’t stopped the team from winning three in a row and six of their last ten. They lost defenseman Kris Letang last week, however, and it is yet to be seen how they’ll play with a weakened blue line long-term. They play Columbus which they should handle with ease but then play back-to-back games with the St. Louis Blues.

10. Tampa Bay Lightning (12-8-2)

Last week: 18, +8

Things are looking up for the Tampa Bay Lightning and it is also expected that they will have captain Steven Stamkos back in the lineup this week. Unfortunately, they play against the Washington Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes this week.

11. Toronto Maple Leafs (12-10-4)

Last week: 26, +15

After one hell of a nosedive that saw them lose six games straight, the Leafs organization fired head coach Mike Babcock and went on to win three in a row. Auston Matthews is also scoring goals again and the team seems reinvigorated. They also have back-to-back games against the Buffalo Sabres this weekend.

12. Arizona Coyotes (15-8-3)

Last week: 7, -5

This under the radar team sits sixth in the entire league and second in the Pacific Division. They have gotten unexpectedly incredible goaltending from Darcy Kuemper and their offense is starting to click. They aren’t winning by much, but they’re winning. They will face off against Vegas, San Jose, and Columbus this week and could continue to amass points.

13. Florida Panthers (12-8-5)

Last week: 8, -5

Despite Florida’s three-game losing skid, the Panthers have gained a lot of ground in the standings as of late. Unfortunately, the biggest weakness is their goaltending which was expected to be one of their biggest strengths this season. This team needs to score double as many goals as most teams to make up for it. They play Nashville, Minnesota, and Columbus next so they should come out with some points this week.

14. Winnipeg Jets (15-9-1)

Last week: 12, -4

Still struggling with a lack of healthy and available defensemen, the Jets are still grinding out wins and sit just outside the league’s top-ten. They are 7-2-1 in their last ten and have won two in a row. They have favorable games against Anaheim and Los Angeles coming up.

15. Philadelphia Flyers (13-7-5)

Last week: 15

Philadelphia has found themselves rounding out the top-ten teams in the NHL. With a season record of 5-2-3, the Flyers have 31 points on the season and have won two games in a row. They had 17 points in 11 games recently. Their production dipped a bit last week but have upcoming games against Montreal and Detroit.

16. Nashville Predators (11-9-4)

Last week: 21, +5

The Predators continue to slide, having won only three games in their last ten. Across those last ten games, the Preds allowed an absurd 42 goals against. The goaltending of Pekka Rinne isn’t what it used to be. It won’t get any easier as they face three of the highest-shooting teams next: Carolina, Florida, and Tampa Bay.

17. Vancouver Canucks (12-10-4)

Last week: 14, -3

The Canucks have lost two straight and won only three-game sin their last ten. The team does well against lower-ranked opponents but doesn’t seem to stack u pat all with teams in the top-ten. The team also relies too much on their power play. They have more power-play goals than any other team and that amounts for over 25 percent of their total for the season.

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18. San Jose Sharks (13-12-1)

Last week: 17, -1

Although they were dominated in their last loss to the Winnipeg Jets, the Sharks have a record of 8-2-0 in their last ten games. They also have two games against Los Angeles this week. By the time those games are finished, the Sharks could find themselves in third place in the Pacific Division; a playoff spot.

19. New York Rangers (12-9-2)

Last week: 27, +8

After a rather weak start to the season, the Rangers are starting to climb the rankings and are currently tied with the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Rangers have now won three games in a row and goalie Henrik Lundqvist became the fifth-all time leader in wins by a goaltender. But they play Boston next so…

20. Chicago Blackhawks (10-9-5)

Last week: 19, -1

The Blackhawks had a rather productive week and are 6-2-2 in their last ten games. They bounced back after a three-game skid with a shutout win over the Dallas Stars. Speaking of the shutout, the goaltending for Chicago also seems to be getting stronger. Unfortunately for them, they play Colorado, Boston, and St. Louis next.

21. Ottawa Senators (11-13-1)

Last week: 25, +4

The Sens won two in a row last week but then also lost their next two in a row. There is promise on this team, including Jean-Gabriel Pageau’s 21.7 shooting percentage and goalie Anders Nilsson’s solid numbers, but this team still lacks a lot of skill. They still sit under 25 points on the season but have winnable games coming up against Minnesota and Calgary.

22. Montreal Canadiens (11-9-5)

Last week: 10, -12

At the time of writing, the Montreal Canadiens just finished losing 6-4 to the New Jersey Devils. That is the Habs’ sixth loss in a row. They are also about to face the New York Islanders and the Boston Bruins twice!

23. Vegas Golden Knights (12-11-4)

Last week: 16, -7

Over the past two weeks, Vegas has possibly been the most inconsistent team to hit the ice. Their most troubling stat is that they are 0-4-2 in games where a backup goalie starts. If Marc-Andre Fleury suffers an injury this season, Vegas’ year could be over. They also have a stretch of road games coming up.

24. Buffalo Sabres (11-10-4)

Last week: 22, -2

The Sabres are 2-6-2 in their last ten games and have lost their last two in a row. November has been the complete opposite of their incredible October in which they ranked first in the league. They have upcoming back-to-back games against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

25. Columbus Blue Jackets (10-10-4)

Last week: 24, -1

The Blue Jackets have been playing 50/50 hockey these past few weeks, going 5-4-1 in their last ten. They managed a 1-0 shutout win over the Ottawa Senators but face off against three division rivals next in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the Islanders.

26. Anaheim Ducks (11-11-4)

Last week: 23, -3

Anaheim is struggling. 2-5-3 in their last ten, goaltender John Gibson is the only player keeping the team in games. They did somehow manage to become the team to end the Islanders winning streak somehow though. They play Winnipeg and Los Angeles next.

27. Minnesota Wild (10-11-4)

Last week: 30, +3

Minnesota, a team easy to overlook, has gained some momentum over the past week. They still sit under-.500 for the season but went 5-2-3 in their last ten. With that said, they face Dallas and Florida in two of their next three games.

28. Calgary Flames (12-12-4)

Last week: 20, -8

The Flames have gone 3-5-2 in their last ten and hover at .500 for the season. The team was already struggling and the new controversy around head coach Bill Peters doesn’t help the morale of this team. Luckily their upcoming schedule is rather favorable including games against Ottawa and L.A. But is the team mentally strong enough right now?

29. Los Angeles Kings (10-13-2)

Last week: 31, +2

The L.A. Kings haven’t done half-bad for themselves in their last ten games, going 5-3-2. That record includes a win over the Edmonton Oilers. However, they have an upcoming schedule against teams that are surging significantly better than them, such as the San Jose Sharks and the Winnipeg Jets.

30. New Jersey Devils (9-11-4)

Last week: 29, -1

The Devils have gone 5-5-0 in their last ten and are starting to show a bit of promise. Just a bit. This team still coughs up too many multi-goal leads, however. They face off against division rivals the New York Rangers next.

31. Detroit Red Wings (7-17-3)

Last week: 28, -3

It was fun while it lasted. After spending a week not in last place in our rankings, the Red Wings find themselves back at the bottom. After winning three games in a row last week, the Red Wings now find themselves back on a seven-game skid. They play Philly, Washington, and the Islanders this week. It doesn’t get much tougher.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are power rankings calculated?

Power rankings are calculated by compiling all information and statistics about each team on a week-to-week basis. Key factors include injuries, schedule, roster changes, road games vs. home games, and previous matchups.

Do injuries play a role in a team’s ranking?

Most definitely. Depending on the skillset of the player, losing someone to injury can greatly affect that team’s ranking for the week. An injury to a star player can change the way the team plays and how that team is viewed by the NHL pundits and fan base.

Do trades and free agent signing play a role in a team’s ranking?

Like with injuries, a trade or signing will definitely affect the ranking of a team. It will depend on the scale of the trade or signing. Certain positions will mean more as well, such as adding or losing a goaltender or key centerman.

Does a team’s schedule play a role in the weekly rankings?

Absolutely. It is one of the biggest factors taken into account when compiling a power rankings list. The caliber of teams that one team faces in a week, as well as if they are playing at home or on the road, will greatly affect their ranking for that week.

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