2020 Presidential Election Betting Odds

2020 Presidential Election Betting Odds

  • Odds show Biden surging among oddsmakers in Europe
  • Now may be a good time to place bets on your presidential favorite as they are likely to change as we get closer to November
  • Other dark horses are also on the odds table including Kanye and Hillary Clinton.

2020 Presidential Election Odds

Candidate Latest Odds Recent Trend
Joe Biden -134 Up
Donald Trump +115 Down
Hillary Clinton +10000 Static
Mike Pence +10000 Static
Michele Obama +10000 Static
Kanye West +50000 Static

Odds sourced from 888sport UK

Betting on the Election is the only sure bet as Trump slumps in the eye of oddsmakers after a less than stellar performance at the Republican National Convention.

In a similar situation in 2016 Trump was able to turn the tables. Is now a good time to place your bets to take advantage of the odds?

In the US? Don’t Bet on Betting for President

Political betting is not offered by any of the major legal sportsbooks in the US making betting on who will be the next president of the United States a European activity.

But for those of you who are following just for fun, the numbers can be harder to track than polling in swing states making for an interesting ride for oddsmakers and those trying to bet on them.

Trump’s Incumbent Boost is Bust?

Back in the Summer of 2019 when most 2020 Presidential oddsmakers first opened the books on the race Trump was the clear front runner. But now that we are getting closer to the finish line he has not only fallen behind Biden in the eyes of oddsmakers but the distance between them is widening.

Over two hundred years of United States elections maps would suggest that the incumbent presidential candidate Donald Trump should win the 2020 election but at the moment oddsmakers in Europe have his chances at an unfavorable +115 against current front runner Joe Biden’s -134.

Many pundits are putting Trump’s recent trend downwards, in the eyes of oddsmakers, as a sign that the Republican National Convention did not shock and awe voters the same way that it did in 2016. Or that Biden’s speech at the Democratic Convention went better than forecasted by pundits friendly to Trump causing the slump with the most likely explanation being a combination of the two.

This is surprising because Incumbent Presidents usually take an uplifting in the polls after the Party Convention’s rallying effects, but with this Republican Convention being as Unconventional as there likely ever has been that may not be as shocking as it sounds.

Joining the lineup of speakers at the convention were many other people named Trump including all four of his adult children and many of their spouses leading some commentators to point out that the lineup sounded more like a family reunion rather than a National Convention.

Biden’s Conventional Boost

Biden, who has long been dubbed as an awkward speaker came out of the gates running at the Democratic Convention with a live speech that even commentators at FOX News claimed exceeded expectations.

Even famed Trump supporter and friend Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Biden’s speech claiming that it was actually prerecorded splicing of several speeches put together, going on to say:

I’m just telling you that there are a lot of people who believe that Joe Biden is not even capable of doing what he did last night.

Other Throw Away Candidates

Interestingly enough filling the other spaces behind Trump and Biden are four other persons, only one of which has announced a candidacy for the president, with that man being dead last.

Hillary Clinton, famously Trump’s foil in 2016 interestingly is also on the odds despite having not announced her candidacy.

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