Cam Newton’s 2020/2021 Season with New England Patriots - Predictions & Odds

  • Veteran NFL quarterback Cam Newton and the New England Patriots signed a 1-year deal worth $7.5 million on June 28, 2020.
  • This, after Newton spent most of the 2019 season on the sidelines dealing with multiple season-ending injuries, including to his shoulder and the latest a Lisfranc fracture.
  • The Patriots just lost GOAT quarterback Tom Brady to free agency, so snagging an MVP like Newton to lead the team is a huge score.
  • The question is whether an established pro superstar like Newton can adjust to the strict environment of New England’s general manager and head coach Bill Belichick.

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Things suddenly look bright again in New England, their quarterback woes answered for at least the 2020 season now that veteran superstar Cam Newton has signed on for another chance to make a mark in the NFL, this time post-injury.

Before becoming known for his multiple injuries, Newton simultaneously made a name for himself and reinvented how his position was played while under center in Carolina with the Panthers, the team who drafted the now 31-year old first overall back in 2011.

After leaving his Carolina home of nine seasons (including his MVP 2015), a healthy Newton returns to the league ready to team up with Bill Belichick and an already talented roster in New England, so we examine the predictions and odds of their success in 2020.

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Cam Newton with the New England Patriots Odds
Comeback Player of the Year +400
Offensive Player of the Year +5000
MVP +3000
New England Patriots with Cam Newton Odds
Win AFC East +110
Win AFC +900
Win Super Bowl LIV +1700
Win OVER / UNDER 9 games -110

Odds taken 30 June, 2020 from DraftKings

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Keep in mind the odds in these wagers will shift plenty of times before the actual games are played, so be sure to check back here often to get all the latest numbers.

Cam Newton and the New England Patriots are a Perfect Match

The current roster of the New England Patriots was assembled around Tom Brady, a less mobile “older” player whose game plan centered around a quick release from the pocket, so the team will be perfect for the new needs of the 31-year old Newton.

In his old days with the Panthers, Newton’s speed and size and ability to escape tackles made him a triple threat from the backfield, but these days a more cautious style of play could keep him in the league a whole lot longer.

Belichick will be smart enough to game plan around what Newton brings to the table while using the roster that’s already in place to counter whatever weaknesses “Super Man” now has, and the potential results already have the oddsmakers predicting the Pats as solid AFC champs once again.

The Money Newton Makes in 2020 a Win/Win

The Patriots and Newton agreed to a 1-year deal reportedly worth $7.5 million, a relatively small amount of money to an athlete whose last contract was a 5-year deal worth over $103 million, with $60 million of that money guaranteed.

The price makes taking a chance on the oft-injured Newton more worth the risk for the Patriots, and it gives Newton a place to prove that he can still lead an NFL team to the postseason, even if it’s not in the same breathtaking way he used to.

If Newton and the Patriots prove to be a proper mix (and even if they don’t but Newton shines at all in the same way he did in the past), then Cam the Man stands to make some big money the following season and his financial “gamble” in 2020 will have paid off.

Newton and Belichick Could Clash and Burn

The big challenge with Newton in New England comes with his new boss – Multi-Super Bowl Champ head coach Bill Belichick, who comes with a reputation of getting things his way, and his way is not known for being centered around laughs and having fun.

Belichick is a perfectionist and taskmaster who accepts nothing less than his vision, and so far that has led to six Super Bowl rings and three NFL Coach of the Year Awards in his 45 years of coaching in the NFL, but it has also chased away great players like Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski who don’t enjoy playing football that same way.

On the other side of that equation is Newton, a 3xPro Bowler and former MVP and Offensive Player of the Year who comes with a reputation as a gamechanger and superstar, so how well Cam will be able to adapt to the strict world of Belichick remains to be seen.

Pick: Take the Pats to win the AFC East and further and as a result for Newton to be a solid candidate for Comeback Player of the Year, but all that depends primarily on whether Newton can stay healthy and on the field the entire time.

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