Cam Newton's Next Team - Predictions & Betting Odds

Where Will Cam Newton Play Next 2020

  • The New England Patriots have the best odds to snag Cam, but if that is their plan, why haven’t they pulled the trigger already?
  • Even though the Arizona Cardinals have built their franchise around Kyler Murray, having a veteran backup like Newton makes them bullet proof.
  • Despite the Pittsburgh Steelers having plenty of depth at the QB spot, a player like Cam Newton could make their post season dreams come true.
  • Ryan Tannehill has found new life in Tennessee but having Newton there as a backup might make good sense.

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Not many in the football world expected veteran free-agent quarterback Cam Newton to remain unsigned this far into the 2020 offseason, but at this point, the draft is over and the free-agent market is practically spent and one of the best dual-threat athletes to play the game still remains team-less, at least for now.

Why would the man who uses a combination of his impressive speed, quickness, agility, size, and throwing arm to baffle defenses, who practically re-invented the way his position is being played still be without a 2020 home?

The short answer is Newton’s string of injuries has caused many to doubt his NFL future, but the longer answer is lack of openings where his style of play would fit in, and here we list the predictions and odds of the top-10 teams that could take a chance he’s finally healthy and hire one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football.

Quarterback Cam Newton’s Next Team Odds
New England Patriots +300
Arizona Cardinals +800
Pittsburgh Steelers +800
Tennessee Titans +800
Washington Redskins +800
Baltimore Ravens +900
Los Angeles Rams +1000
Seattle Seahawks +1000
Denver Broncos +1200
Detroit Lions +1200

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New England Patriots

When you think of the Patriots dealing with the loss of GOAT quarterback Tom Brady to free agency, it almost seems to make perfect sense to fill that same role in New England with one of the best quarterbacks now available, Cam Newton.

Newton is an experienced veteran whose presence under center could give young quarterback Jarrett Stidham a season or two more to develop into an NFL level player, plus Newton as the Patriots’ starting quarterback just sounds like exciting football.

But chances are Pats general manager and head coach Bill Belichick has had his fill of trying to coax a veteran quarterback into his style of preparation and play (see: Brady), and since Newton seems to walk, run and play the game of football to the beat of his own unique drum, it might be that and not his injury history that keeps him out of New England.

Arizona Cardinals

After all the work the Arizona Cardinals have done to build their franchise around their young superstar quarterback Kyler Murray, you would think that they wouldn’t be in the running for an established veteran like Newton.

But this is the NFL, and it’s a brutal league where quarterbacks tend to drop like flies, and the thought with Newton is that his mobile style of play would fit in nicely should Murray have to miss any game time.

Right now if Murray were to go down, the backup is Brett Hundley, and it’s clear that Newton would have a better chance of being productive than him in that role, but that’s given the Cards want to pay a decent sum for that luxury.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This would be an interesting choice since the Steelers already have a solid veteran quarterback in “Big” Ben Roethlisberger, who will be returning after a season-ending injury to his throwing arm required surgery and serious rehab in 2019.

Newton and Big Ben working out side by side would be a lot of fun for fans to watch, but that could be a lot of ego battling it out for playing time and headlines, and that’s the kind of team drama that head coach Mike Tomlin and the rest of the Steelers truly dreads.

The other factor is how all-in the team seems to be on backup Mason Rudolph, though that is a bit surprising considering last season he did not prove to be a totally trustworthy fill-in for the injured Roethlisberger, posting a 5-3 record but with 9 interceptions in eight games.

Our Pick

Pick: Be a blast if the New England Patriots grabbed Cam Newton, but I’m taking the Arizona Cardinals for this one since their system seems perfect for his style of play and his veteran presence would help Murray’s further development.

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