Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. Total Receiving Yards 2020/21 - Predictions & Odds

Odell Beckham Jr. Production Odds

  • Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has been in the NFL for half a dozen seasons, but five of those were in New York playing for the Giants where he developed a reputation as a highly-talented, one-handed-catch-capable always productive target.
  • Over his six NFL seasons, the 3x Pro Bowler has averaged 14 yards per return and has accumulated 48 total touchdowns, posting double-digit scores in every one of his first three seasons.
  • Though he seemed to earn a reputation as being an outspoken game manager in New York, OBJ has evolved into a team leader in Cleveland and with his old LSU buddy Jarvis Landry has the attention of the younger players.
  • Now playing fully healthy under a new head coach, Kevin Stefanski, and a new offensive coordinator, Alex Van Pelt, it will be exciting to see if the talented young veteran receiver can get back to the type of production and impressive receptions that made him so famous in the first place.

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There was a time not too long ago when all conversations regarding the best current NFL wide receiver contained the name Odell Beckham Jr., but after the last two seasons of disappointing production, his name doesn’t come up quite as often.

Now we find out the reason for that had a lot to do with injuries and other factors out of his control, like poor game planning and weak pass protection, but now those situations have been fixed by the new Cleveland regime and things are looking hopeful for OBJ once again.

The talented Browns seem to be flying under the radar more so than last offseason, but the expectations for their offense, including for a now healthy Beckham, are soaring high, so we take a look at the predictions and odds of his 2020 total receiving yards.

Odds taken 9 June, 2020, from DraftKings

Odell Beckham Jr, Total Receiving Yards in 2020 Odds
Over 1,050.5 -110
Under 1,050.5 -110

Keep in mind the odds in these wagers will shift plenty of times before the actual games are played, so be sure to check back here often to get all the latest numbers.

This total (1,050.5) may seem low for a receiver of Beckham’s caliber, but keep in mind he will be playing on a run-centric team and competing for attention with a lot of other talented pass receivers.
In the seasons he’s played in 12 games or more, Beckham has beaten the over of this bet four out of five times, and the time he missed was by just 15.5 yards, or basically one reception for him.

Beckham’s career catching percentage is 61.5%, though last season it was a career-low of 55.6%, an indication that he wasn’t physically right somehow.

Three Reasons Odell Beckham Jr. Had a Disappointing 2019

1) One of Many Browns Targets: the snowy winter games that the Cleveland Browns are forced to play necessitate an effective rushing attack, which they have, but that limits the amount of targets for the wide receivers, as does lining up with Jarvis Landry, one of the better ball-catching athletes in the NFL.

2) Poor Game Planning: the entire Browns’ team suffered from being run by rookie head coach Freddie Kitchens, but especially the offense, with game plans inexplicably created in a way that put a receiver like Beckham at a disadvantage since the team’s young QB Baker Mayfield would typically be in too much of a panic to target him.

3) OBJ Was Playing Injured: playing at the NFL level is tough enough when a player is fully healthy, but Beckham was dealing with some major health issues last season and prior, so the fact that he was able to play in all sixteen games says something about his toughness and willingness to succeed.

Beckham Will Finally Be Fully Healthy in 2020

Imagine attempting to play full speed NFL football as a wide receiver while nursing a painful sports hernia the entire time, and you can understand why Beckham didn’t look himself at times during last season.

Beckham told reporters: “I was hurt all year. I couldn’t really say I was hurt. I didn’t want to make it seem like I’m having an excuse, but I really couldn’t do what I wanted. I just couldn’t move the way that I wanted to, so I think that’s why I’m more motivated now than ever.”

At this point, Beckham has undergone successful offseason core muscle surgery and has made a full recovery, so for the first time in a while he should be able to play the game he loves pain free, which could help him get back to the type of stats and highlights that made put him on the NFL receivers’ map in the first place.

Cleveland Browns Being Run-Centric Limits Beckham’s Targets

Beckham is just one of many hungry and talented Dawgs on the Browns looking to get fed by third-year quarterback Baker Mayfield, who is hoping to recover from a disappointing sophomore season where he at times looked confused by the game plan.

In the Browns backfield are last season’s second-most productive running back, Nick Chubb, and an equally talented rusher named Kareem Hunt, and now both will get better blocking from newly acquired fullback Andy Janovich and tight end Austin Hooper and better game planning by new head coach Kevin Stefanski.

All that means is that Beckham will have to be patient as the team and all its new parts slowly learn how to work together, and eventually, with the amount of talent on that Browns roster, OBJ should become an integral part of a playoff-worthy franchise that is long overdue for the postseason.

Our Pick

Pick: Take the over – sure, OBJ will have to split targets with a lot of other talented guys, but he’s healthy finally and it won’t take long before Mayfield learns how to take advantage of having such a gifted and sure-handed receiver to throw footballs to.

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