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Sites Like Chumba Casino: 9 Best Alternatives 2024

Written by: Loren Oller
Fact-checked by: Ioana Romanasu
Updated April 5, 2024
10 min read

Sweepstakes sites like Chumba Casino have been blowing up in the US for the last few years, and the variety of social and sweeps casinos is greater than ever. On this page, we check out some of the best Chumba Casino alternatives out there, to give you a sense of what you can find.

What Casinos Are Similar To Chumba?

Here is a list of alternative sweeps casinos that are similar to Chumba Casino. Keep reading further down the page for more details about our top recommendations.

  1. Luckyland Slots

  2. High 5 Casino

  3. McLuck Casino

  4. Stake.us

  5. Global Poker

  6. Fortune Coins

  7. Pulsz Casino

  8. Wow Vegas

  9. Funrize Casino

A Closer Look At Our Top 5 Alternatives

From all the sites above, we’re paying special attention to five. Here’s how each of them match up to Chumba Casino.

1. Luckyland Slots

Sites Like Chumba Casino: LuckyLand Slots

We’re starting off with Luckyland Slots, which is actually a sister site of Chumba Casino under their parent company Virtual Gaming Worlds. It means that the two sites do share some similarities, in things like the payment methods supported and the format of the customer support available - but there are plenty of differences too. Not least is the fact that the design of the sites have a totally different feel. Luckyland certainly isn’t just the same platform under a different skin, as you’ll see. 

The clue is in the name, and Luckyland Slots is much more slot-focused than Chumba Casino. There is one blackjack game on the menu but table games aren’t really a part of what Luckyland is offering. The software feels totally different from Chumba too - much more like an old fashioned arcade video game than a sleek modern online casino. That’s not a criticism either: the retro feel is charming, right down to the synthy sound effects when you claim your daily bonus. 

Just like Chumba, you’ll get free Sweeps Coins as part of the welcome bonus and via a daily login bonus, which gets progressively more valuable when you log in on consecutive days. As soon as you sign up, you’ll find 7,777 Gold Coins waiting for you, along with 10 free Sweeps Coins.

Play at Luckyland Slots Here CTA icon

2. High 5 Casino

Sites Like Chumba Casino: High 5 Sweepstakes Casino

High 5 Casino is an extremely impressive platform. It feels like it’s pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from social casinos and sweepstakes casinos, in particular with the inclusion of live dealer games. Live games are still a pretty new phenomenon in the world of sweeps casinos and High 5 Casino has become a pioneer as one of the few sites to offer them. There are more than 800 games on the menu in total, an excellent selection and significantly more than Chumba and many of its competitors. 

High 5 Casino uses the same coin model as Chumba, featuring both Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. They introduce a different token too, Diamonds, which can be traded in for various bonuses and benefits, a little like a loyalty programme. The customer support on offer is excellent, including live chat which Chumba lacks. The payment options and redemption process is pretty similar.

It feels like there’s generally more going on at High 5 than Chumba Casino. This can be seen as a positive from the perspective of things like the number of games available, but it’s also true that many users will prefer the relative simplicity of Chumba. 

There’s a great welcome bonus package for new players which is like a little taste of everything High 5 has to offer: 250 Gold Coins, 5 Sweeps Coins and 600 Diamonds. 

Play at High 5 Casino Here CTA icon

3. McLuck Casino

Sites Like Chumba Casino: McLuck Casino

Compared with Chumba, McLuck is among newer sweeps platforms, having launched in the US in 2023. It’s not quite as widely available either, and is currently not accepting players from Alabama, Washington, Nevada, Kentucky, Idaho, or Georgia - although we wouldn’t be surprised to see the availability increase. 

McLuck fares strongly against Chumba in some instances, but less so in others. Their slots game is very strong and, unlike Chumba, includes games from top international software providers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play. You can play sweepstakes versions of classic games from real money casinos like Big Bass Bonanza, while Chumba’s games are all designed in-house. There are more than 400 different slots on the menu too, which is great. 

On the downside, McLuck doesn’t have any table games or really any games apart from slots. Chumba has a clear advantage in this regard, since you can play the likes of roulette, blackjack, video poker and bingo. If a variety of different casino style games is your priority, Chumba has the edge. But if you’re looking for slots from well known providers in the industry, McLuck makes a lot of sense. 

McLuck gives you 7,500 GCs for signing up, along with 2.5 SCs. There’s also a first purchase bonus for $9.99, which is worth 50,000 GC and 25 free SC. 

Play at McLuck Casino Here CTA icon

4. Stake.us

Sites Like Chumba Casino: Stake.us Casino

Stake.us feels a little different to the other sweeps casinos on our list. It’s actually the US facing cousin of Stake.com, which is a regular real money gambling site founded in Europe back in 2017. Stake.us borrows some of the elements of its cousin, including the design of the software - which is excellent - and the focus on cryptocurrencies for both purchasing Gold Coins and redeeming prizes. This is one area in which it stands out from Chumba, which does not support crypto.

The range of games is excellent, and includes live dealer options and progressive jackpot slots. They come from top international software providers too, including Pragmatic Play. 

On the downside, it’s available in slightly fewer states than Chumba, with the site not available for players in New York, Washington, Nevada and Idaho. The cryptocurrency focus is kind of a double edged sword too. It’s great to be able to redeem your sweeps prizes in a crypto coin of your choice, but the reality is that plenty of people will prefer the simplicity of the cash and gift card redemptions at Chumba. 

If you don’t want to make a crypto purchase off the bat, Stake.us has a free welcome bonus for all members worth 250,000 Gold Coins and 25 Stake Cash. 

Play at Stake.us Here CTA icon

5. Global Poker

Sites Like Chumba Casino: Global Poker Social Casino

Global Poker is easily the least similar to Chumba Casino on our list, for the simple reason that it is first and foremost a sweepstakes poker room, rather than a casino. That said, you can also play a handful of casino-style games at Global Poker too, which is like a nice bonus if you want a break from poker. Just like Chumba, Global Poker is run by Virtual Gaming Worlds, making it a Chumba Casino sister site. 

Global Poker is a god-send for poker fans in the US. Like online casino gaming, online poker is still only legal in a handful of states, but Global Poker is available all over the US with the exception of Washington - the same as Chumba. The variety of poker games you can play is extremely impressive and includes Texas hold’em and Omaha in a variety of formats: ring games, sit’n’gos, tournaments, and much more. There are all kinds of promotions and bonuses too, including regular money-added tournaments. All in all, Global Poker is just a really complete online poker room - albeit one that runs on a sweepstakes gaming model.

As a sister site, Global Poker has many similarities to Chumba in things like the payment methods accepted. One drawback is that, unlike Chumba, you don’t receive any free Sweeps Coins off the bat at Global Poker, or through daily login bonuses. 

Global Poker gives you a small supply of Gold Coins when you sign up, but no Sweeps Coins. There is a 65% discount on your first coin purchase however, which includes 30 free SC. 

Play at Global Poker Here CTA icon

Why Look For An Alternative To Chumba Casino?

Chumba Casino is definitely one of the top social casinos in the US, but variety is the spice of life and everyone ultimately has slightly different preferences. Chumba might be the perfect sweeps site for you, but equally, you might find that one of the alternatives is just a better fit. Below, you can see some reasons why you might like to try out a different site instead of Chumba. 

Different Games - Chumba Casino actually covers a lot of bases with its gaming menu, which includes slots, table games and bingo. Still, there are definitely sites out there that have more variety and in some cases, have types of games that you can’t play at Chumba. Live dealer games are a perfect example, which you can’t find at Chumba, but can at High 5 Casino and Stake.us. Then there is Global Poker, which has a whole different gaming focus. 

Different Bonuses - Bonuses and promos are one area where social casinos can really get creative and differentiate themselves from the competition. For instance, Chumba gives you a predictable login bonus of both GC and SC every day. Some sites (like Funrize for instance) instead let you spin a wheel or unlock a mystery prize every day, which may be more appealing to you. Some sites let you claim a login bonus even more frequently than every 24 hours. There are all kinds of different offers out there, and it’s fun to explore them. 

More Favorable Terms and Conditions - Again, every site is different and you might wind up finding that the specific terms and conditions at one suit you a lot better than others. A perfect example is the minimum prize redemption. At Chumba, you need at least 50 SC to claim a gift card and 100 SC to request a cash prize redemption, but you can find lower minimum requirements at other sites if that’s a priority for you.

Live Chat Support - Chumba has decent customer support, at least in terms of the help section and FAQs, plus the articles that go in-depth on explaining how the sweepstakes model works. One thing it doesn’t have however, is live chat support. It’s not necessarily a deal breaker, but having live chat support is a definite positive 

What To Look For In A Chumba Alternative

There are several things you should consider when you’re looking for a Chumba alternative. One thing to appreciate is that all sweeps sites have their own strengths and weaknesses, but there’s not really a simple ranking for which one or ones are the best. It’s a personal decision and has as much to do with how you want to play as what the site is offering. 

Here are some things to take into consideration:

Games - First and foremost, you want to make sure that the site has the specific kind of games you want to play. Only interested in slots? Luckyland Slots is a good option. Want live dealer games? High 5 Casino or Stake.us could be for you. Looking for sweepstakes poker? It has to be Global Poker. Like table games? Then you should check out Sweeptastic Casino review for more details. When you have clarity about what exactly you want to play, it makes the selection process much easier. 

Specific Banking Methods - Some players have very specific requirements for how they want to purchase coins or receive prizes. Stake.us is the perfect example: it’s the clear choice if you want to be able to make purchases and redemptions in any kind of cryptocurrency. You need to check in advance that there is a payment method that works for you. If you are on the lookout for sweeps casinos that offer cryptocurrency as a payment method, then take a look at the best crypto sweepstakes casinos.

Social Media Engagement - Social casinos and sweeps casinos are intimately connected with social media, arguably much more so than traditional real money casinos. Whole communities spring up on different social media channels for each sweeps site, and you can often pick up free Sweeps Coins from giveaways and other promos published on social media. Different sites are more active on some social channels than others too, so whether you’re more into Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or anything else, choose a site that fits with whatever social media you use. 

Availability - It’s an obvious point, but you need to make sure you choose a site that is legally available in your home state. Sweepstakes casinos are very widely available around the US and Canada, but there are a handful of states that have specific laws that make it tricky for sweeps sites. Stick to the rules and play at a site that accepts players from your state. 

How Did We Select These Sites?

Our testing process for sweepstakes casinos is actually pretty simple: we sign up and play. We are fans of online casino style games first and foremost, and that’s the mindset we go in with: what makes this site unique? Why would we choose to play here rather than another site? And, always, where could it improve?

Below you can see some of the areas we focus on for every site that makes our list.

Design and Software - The way a sweeps casino is set up, in terms of its layout and how it feels to navigate around, is a big factor when you’re finding the perfect site for you. Chumba Casino is pretty classic in this regard: well designed, slick and modern, and generally easy to navigate for beginners and more experienced players. Then there are the likes of Luckyland. Its design is way more retro, more like a gaming console from the 90s. High 5 Casino is the other end of the spectrum; it’s much busier and more modern. While Zula Casino has very minimalistic design which may be appealing to some players. All of these sites have their charms. 

Banking Methods and Redemptions - we always make sure to test out every payment method for purchasing coins, and the various ways you can receive your prizes. We want there to be no surprises for our readers, so they know how long they have to wait before, for instance, a Skrill transfer hits your account or your gift card redemption request gets approved. 

Customer Support and Help - This is a big one for us. Sweepstakes casinos are still relatively new and the model will not be familiar to everyone. Plus, things like the different coins often work slightly differently at every site. We want to see sites that lay things out as clearly as possible and make it easy to understand how the model works. The last thing you want to do is open up a sweeps casino and feel like you have no idea what’s going on. 

Games - Finally, we spend the bulk of our time really digging into the gaming menu. In the case of sites that have multiple different types of games (like slots, table games, and live dealer games for instance), we make sure we spend the same amount of time on each until we get a clear picture of the gaming landscape. This is also the funnest part: ultimately, the games are why we’re all here and we want to give them the time they deserve.

Games Like Chumba Casino

Like many sweepstakes casinos, the games at Chumba are designed in-house. Some sweeps sites, like McLuck for instance, utilize external software providers for their games, including huge names in the industry like Pragmatic Play and NetEnt. Others stick to their own in-house designs. All in all, it means a very healthy variety of games at different sweeps casinos.

In this section, we wanted to suggest some alternatives to the best Chumba Casino games at other sites.

If you like Stampede Fury at Chumba, try Buffalo King Megaways at McLuck Casino

Stampede Fury is a five reel slot where you can trigger a bonus game by hitting Buffalo Scatter symbols, with three different jackpots up for grabs. Buffalo King Megaways hits a lot of the same notes. When you land four or more bonus symbols you’ll trigger a free spin bonus game, with up to 22 free spins available. We’re fans of the Megaways format, where you never know how many ways to win there are in advance of each spin. Buffalo King is also designed by Pragmatic Play, which is one of the most well regarded software providers out there, and we like to see games like this at sweeps sites. 

If you like virtual Blackjack at Chumba, try live dealer blackjack at High 5 Casino

The virtual table games at Chumba are good, with a decent variety of games that provide an alternative to the huge menu of slots. One thing missing is live dealer games, which have not yet appeared at Chumba. If you’re looking for live dealer sweepstakes games, High 5 Casino is a great option. The live blackjack tables are case in point: they are well designed, with professional dealers and a smooth betting interface combined with the live video feed. 

If you like Kraken’s Bounty at Chumba, try Pirate Plunder at Funrize Casino

Kraken’s Bounty is a classic game in the long history of both pirate themes and underwater monsters - both classics in the world of online slots. Pirate Plunder at Funrize has a slightly more cartoon vibe, while Kraken’s Bounty is darker, but they're both in the same universe for sure. Pirate Plunder is a nice medium volatility slot with a 5,000x max win in the regular game. Its five reels are populated with various nautical symbols, and a free spin bonus game available when you hit the right combination of scatters. 

If you like Jacks or Better at Chumba, try ring games at Global Poker

Jacks or Better is a fun game, but if you want the ultimate sweepstakes poker experience you need to sign up to Global Poker. The ring games are a perfect way to kick things off at Global Poker, and mean you can sit down and play with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins for as short or as long as you want. There are lots of other poker and table formats to try too - from Omaha to huge multi-table tournaments - but we recommend starting off with ring games.

If you like Hypernova at Chumba, try Rocket Blast Megaways at Slate.us

Hypernova takes place in a far off galaxy, with celestial symbols floating in the darkness and a massive 10,000 ways to win - the most of any game at Chumba. Rocket Blast Megaways is cut from the same cloth. As a Megaways game you could wind up with the same number of ways to win as Hypernova, especially when you throw in the cascading reels that trigger whenever you hit a winning combo. The space rocks and alien creatures are wonderfully weird, and you can pay a premium in coins to buy directly into the free spin bonus round. 


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Are sweepstakes casinos legal?

How old do I need to be to play?

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