MLB Pick 'em Sweepstakes: Will This Be Your Lucky Year?

MLB Pick

  • The WSN weekly sweepstakes is free to play all season long
  • A married couple played the previous NFL Sweepstakes and defied incredible odds at 0.001%

Having been upended by the chaos of global events in 2020, there was unquestionably an added layer of excitement going into the MLB season this year. And with stadiums slowly but surely filling again, baseball fans across the country are breathing a collective sigh of relief as the return to normality inches closer.

And even though we are only just shy of two months deep into the 2021 season, it has nevertheless brought with it all the highs and lows we have come to expect from America’s pastime. We have even seen this years’ MLB season throw up a few unexpected surprises, with the 2021 season just two no-hitters away from tying a full season record that has stood untouched since 1884!

The MLB Sweepstakes is Free-to-Play Every Week

The start of a new season also means the return of another fan favorite, the WSN Pick ‘em contest! The World Sports Network (WSN) MLB Pick ‘em contest is completely free to play sweepstakes that gives MLB fans the chance to win prizes every week of the MLB season.

Taking part in the MLB Pick ‘em is a simple affair that can be as fast as 2 minutes for a chance to win $600. Simply sign up for an account with WSN and follow the registration instructions that will be sent to your email, log in to your account and click the ‘Play’ button to select the teams you think will come out on top that week, and then wait to see if you picked correctly! The winner is contacted via email and paid through PayPal.

But beyond the cash prizes the MLB Pick ‘em sweepstakes gives you an opportunity to win, the best thing about the contest is that it resets every week. This means that with each week of the MLB season, you are presented with another opportunity to win!

Now a well-established favorite on the WSN website, the Pick ‘em contest attracts hardcore and casual fans alike each year in the hopes that their knowledge of the game will pay off.

Defying the Odds – Alabama Couple Both Separately Win

Last year, one Alabama couple got particularly lucky when they somehow defied odds and separately won an NFL parlay contest despite the staggering odds that were stacked against them.

This was a particularly amazing feat given not only the slim odds they faced in correctly guessing how the season would play out that week, but also by winning separately as a married couple! According to the numbers crunched by WSN analysts, the couple only had a 0.001% of making all the correct predictions that week.

If you fancy testing out your knowledge of the game, this weeks’ sweepstakes will focus on seven upcoming games due to take place between the 25th and 30th of May. To win big, you will need to correctly guess the outcomes of the following games:

MLB Game Selection

  • White Sox vs Cardinals, Tue, 25th – 8:10 PM ET
  • Astros vs Dodgers, Wed, 26th – 7:40 PM ET
  • Tigers vs Indians, Thur, 27th – 1:10 PM ET
  • Dodgers vs Giants, Fri, 28th – 10:10 PM ET
  • Mets vs Braves, Sat, 29th – 7:15 PM ET
  • Mariners vs Rangers, Sat, 29th – 10:10 PM ET
  • Red Sox vs Marlins, Sun, 30th – 1:10 PM ET

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