NASCAR Creating Daily Live Lottery Game

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  • NASCAR Cup Series results will be the inspiration for the game.
  • NASCAR is partnering with Equilottery Games for their new lottery game called NASCAR Racing Riches.
  • It will be the first daily lottery game based on live sports in the US.

NASCAR is continuing its impact on the sports betting market. With a recent agreement with game development company EquiLottery Games, NASCAR is set to develop the first-ever game, based on live NASCAR results.

The title of the game will be called NASCAR Racing Riches, another way for sports bettors to wager and win on live events!

Local state lotteries hope to be able to offer the licensed lottery draw game as early as 2021.

The game is expected to be very accessible. Fans will be able to purchase NASCAR Racing Riches quick pick tickets. The tickets will represent three different drivers competing in that week’s Cup Series.

The opportunity to play will be weekly and continue concurrently with the NASCAR Cup Series. Brad Cummings, founder, and CEO of EquiLottery Games said:

“We are excited about the opportunities a relationship with NASCAR presents for lotteries. When released, NASCAR Racing Riches will introduce both the sport and lottery to new consumers, while engaging existing customer bases. Based on our consumer research, this game is set up to be a winner for all parties involved.”

The introduction of this game is quite clearly an effort to draw in new fans of NASCAR via the sports betting realm. Winning this game is much more likely, due to the odds of victory being a mere 7 to 1.

EquiLottery Games is not new in the realm of sports betting platforms. They offer games based on auto-racing, as well as many of the top sports. Baseball, basketball, hockey, and football are just some of the other sports they represent in partnership with many of the major leagues.

This is will be the first daily lottery game based on the live results of an American sporting event.

Regardless of your favorite sportsbooks, this is an exciting new way to wager and win on NASCAR!


What does NASCAR stand for?

A common question, NASCAR is an acronym for The National Association for Stock Car Racing!

Who is the greatest NASCAR driver ever?

NASCAR was founded in 1942, so the amount of successful and talented drivers is great. Always in the conversation for the best drivers of all-time are Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, Jimmie Johnson, and Richard Petty.

Who is the highest-paid NASCAR driver in 2020?

The highest-paid NASCAR driver to this point in 2020 is Kyle Busch. Bush has a salary/winnings amount of $16.1 million on top of his $1.7 million he earns in endorsements and licensing.

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