Sportsbooks Rebound With Major Leagues Announcing Their Return

Sportsbooks Rebound

  • Upon the NBA and NHL announcing their return plans, sportsbooks have seen a boom in users.
  • A report by USA Online Sportsbooks announced mobile betting app usage increased by over 200% during the month of May.
  • Sports outside of the major leagues have also seen surprising activity.

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The coronavirus pandemic has hit industries hard across the United States and internationally. With most major sports leagues in the United States suspended since March 12th, the sports betting industry has felt the effects as hard as anybody else.

However, according to a report by USA Online Sportsbooks, the month of May has seen a dramatic increase in sportsbook usage. Between major sportsbooks DraftKings and FanDuel, app usage was reported to triple over the month of May.

Sports to Pass the Time

Without question, the most important sports leagues to the North American sports betting world are viewed via the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. At the moment, all of those leagues are currently suspended, still preparing to either start their season or planning their return to play.

In the meantime, sports bettors have been able to place wagers on sports considered more obscure to the Western market.

Various European soccer leagues and KBO baseball have been early returnees to the sports world. Capitalizing on the lack of major American leagues. Soccer seems to be benefitting the most, as the Bundesliga is already back in action while the English Premier League and La Liga look forward to their return within the month.

It is important to consider some of the other sports in the US that are still operating. NASCAR has been a major player in the sports betting world due to its integration with eSports. While the UFC has kept fight fans happy and generous at the sportsbook. In fact, at UFC 250 someone placed a million-dollar wager on Amanda Nunes to defend her belt against Candian Felicia Spencer for a comparatively modest return of only $166, 000!

As a whole, sports viewership and betting have been rather bare since the coronavirus pandemic shut down the athletic world.

However, with quarantine measures taking place across the United States, the opportunity for mobile betting has been taken by sports bettors old and new.

The NBA and the NHL are planning their return with a change to how they will operate their remaining schedule. As more leagues follow suit, you can be sure that the sports betting industry will be finding their way back into the game.

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