Call of Duty League Picks, Betting Predictions May 22

  • New York Subliners and Toronto Ultra are in better form than their standing suggests
  • Paris Legion are unlikely to get much room against the Los Angeles Guerillas
  • Atlanta FaZe should have just enough against OpTic Texas in clash of the titans

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Call of Duty League

Paris Legion vs Los Angeles Guerillas Pick

Los Angeles Guerillas

Paris Legion vs Los Angeles Guerillas Predictions

Paris Legion, who are right at the bottom of the Call of Duty League standings in 12th place, will be facing Los Angeles Guerillas, who are in 5th place with 115 points on board on 22 May 2022. Paris Legion have played 13 matches so far this season and come out on top only twice.

The Los Angeles Guerillas have it much better in the league with 11 wins and eight losses in the 19 matches that they have competed in so far.

The two sides do share two important but negative characteristics though. They’ve not got a positive record on any of the game modes and have both lost their two matches in the Major 3 – qualifiers.

Paris Legion have got 12 wins and 25 losses on Hardpoint, 10 wins and 17 losses on Search and Destroy and seven wins and 13 losses on Control. Los Angeles Guerillas have won 18 and lost 18 on Search and Destroy, won 19 and lost 21 on Hardpoint and won just nine and lost 17 on Control. Despite that, it’s clear to see that the Paris Legion’s record on most of the maps is worse.

On Control, the two sides are equally hapless. Los Angeles Guerillas should still be the clear favorites heading into this. It’s unlikely to come down to this map but Paris Legion will have to take positives. They have a slightly better KD ratio of 1.01 here compared to Los Angeles Guerillas’ 0.96.

The Los Angeles Guerillas will be quite reliant on Asim for Hardpoint and Control. He averages 24.4 kills per 10 minutes with a KD of 0.96 per round on the former and 20.1 kills per minute with a KD of 0.96 on the latter. They’ll need SlasheR to be the main man on Search and Destroy, who averages 0.73 kills per round on the game mode with an overall KD of 1.14.

Paris Legion are quite heavily dependent on Temp, who tops the stats on every game mode. He averages 25.3 kills per 10 minutes with 1.13 overall KD on Hardpoint, 0.71 kills per round and 0.98 overall KD on Search and Destroy and 19 kills per 10 minutes and 1.14 overall KD on Control but it’s hard to see him envision him doing enough to get the better of their opponents on Sunday.

There’s a lot of value in picking Paris Legion for this match but there’s just nothing out there to make a convincing case for them against the Los Angeles Guerillas. It’d be a pretty safe bet to go with Los Angeles Guerillas here.

OpTic Texas vs Atlanta FaZe Pick

Atlanta FaZe

OpTic Texas vs Atlanta FaZe Predictions

The top two sides in the Call of Duty league will face each other on Sunday with little separating them. Atlanta FaZe currently top the standings with 180 points, 15 matches won, five lost, 53 games won and 33 games lost. OpTic Texas have notched up 165 points but have played two matches less. They have won 14 matches, lost 4, won 49 games and lost 25.

Despite being second in the rankings, they have a better match and game win rate than Atlanta FaZe. Both sides have won their Major 3 – qualifier matches so far with OpTic Texas having played two already.

OpTic Texas has an impeccable record on every game mode. They’ve got 24 wins and 18 losses on Hardpoint, 20 wins and 14 losses on Search and Destroy and 22 wins and five losses on Control. Atlanta FaZe don’t have a positive record on Search and Destroy with only 18 wins but 19 losses. That could be a decisive heading into this game but just like OpTic Texas’ awesome record on Control, Atlanta FaZe have an astounding record on Hardpoint with 32 wins and 13 losses. These are two absolute powerhouses and it should be a fine match.

OpTic Texas will be quite heavily reliant on Shotzzy for Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. He averages 25.3 kills per 10 minutes with a KD of 1.04 on the former and 0.82 kills per round and 1.18 KD on the latter. On Control, they’ll need Scump to be on his best game, who averages 19.6 kills per 10 minutes with an impressive KD ratio of 1.13 on the game mode.

Atlanta FaZe are not heavily dependent on any one member. On Hardpoint, Atlanta FaZe have Celium with 25.9 kills per 10 minutes, 1.30 KD and 19.9 deaths per 10 minutes. On Search and Destroy, they have Simp with 0.78 kills per round, 1.17 KD and 0.67 deaths per round. On Control, they have aBeZy with 19.4 kills per 10 minutes, 1.03 KD and 18.9 death per 10 minutes.

Call of Duty League fans from around the globe will be keenly watching this one. It’s undoubtedly going to be the game of the weekend. We’re giving Atlanta FaZe the slight edge heading into this because of their standing on the table. They’ll want to hold onto it for as long as possible but there’s very little between the two sides and picking either wouldn’t come with great risks. OpTic Texas brings in slightly more value.

New York Subliners vs Toronto Ultra Pick

Toronto Ultras

New York Subliners vs Toronto Ultra Predictions

New York Subliners, currently towards the lower end of the Call of Duty League standings in 11th place, will be facing Toronto Ultra, who aren’t much further ahead in 9th place on 21 May 2022. The New York Subliners have only had four wins out of the 13 matches that they have competed in so far and accumulated 40 points so far.

Toronto Ultra have not managed much more with five wins out of 15 matches and accumulated 60 points to this point. Toronto Ultra only has a slightly better match win and game win rate at the moment.

The two teams are currently playing the Major 3 – Qualifiers. The New York Subliners won their last match 3-1 against 4th placed Boston Breach but came short by the same scoreline against Atlanta FaZe. The Toronto Ultra have only played one match so far in the tournament against Seattle Surge and came out on top with a score of 3-2.

Despite the New York Subliners’ ranking on the table, they have a fairly impressive record on two of the maps: Hardpoint and Control. They’ve won 21 and lost 19 matches and won 13 and lost 11 in the latter. Their record on Search and Destroy isn’t disastrous either with 13 wins and 14 losses. Their star man on Hardpoint and Control is HyDra.

He averages 27 kills per 10 minutes and an overall KD OF 1.07 on Hardpoint and 20.6 kills per 10 minutes with a KD ratio of 1.09 on Control. On Search and Destroy, their main man is PaulEhx with 0.73 kills per round and a KD ratio of 1.22.

Toronto Ultra also has an impressive record on Search and Destroy and Control. They have won 19 and lost 13 of their matches on the former and won 14 and lost 10 of their matches on the latter. They are quite heavily dependent on CleanX, who excels at all three game modes with 26.6 kills per 10 minutes on Hardpoint and 0.93 KD, 20.2 kills per 10 minutes and 0.98 KD on Control and 0.76 kills per round and 1.01 KD on Search and Destroy.

The decisive game mode here is going to be Control and the winner is likely going to be the one who comes out on top in that map. We’re giving the Toronto Ultras the edge heading in this match because of their slightly higher rank and comfort in two game modes, which might cancel out some of the New York Subliners’ strengths.

However, betting on the New York Subliners will be far more valuable and there isn’t much separating the sides for Toronto Ultra to be touted as heavy favorites heading into this match.

How to Watch the Call of Duty League 2022

Call of Duty League 2022 Information
Teams Optic Texas, Paris Legion, NY Subliners, LA Guerillas, Toronto Ultra
Location Qualifiers played online
Time May 22 at 3 PM ET
How to watch Official YouTube Channel of CDL

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