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Call of Duty League Picks, Predictions, Odds - June 24, 25

Written by: Nikhil Kalro
Updated October 14, 2022
22 min read
  • New York Subliners look good to win all their games this weekend
  • Toronto Ultra could well go on to the final in this tournament
  • OpTic Texas are well set and could have some mighty wins

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Call Of Duty June 24

Florida Mutineers vs New York Subliners Picks

Pick: Florida Mutineers

Florida Mutineers vs New York Subliners Predictions

Florida Mutineers Are Hard To Gauge

Florida Mutineers, currently in 10th place in the Call of Duty League standings, will be facing New York Subliners, who are one spot below in 11th place on 25 June 2022. Florida Mutineers have played 24 matches so far this season, winning 10 and losing 14.

The New York Subliners haven’t been great either with seven wins and 13 losses. This is a great chance for both sides to add some wins and points.

The two teams are currently playing the Major 3 – Tournament. Florida Mutineers have lost two of their three matches in the tournament so far, whereas the New York Subliners have lost the two matches they’ve competed in.

Florida Mutineers have been on a bad run of form.

They were in 7th place on the league table just a month back. It goes to show how quickly things can change in the Call of Duty League. They’re the favorites heading into this match but can’t rely on reputation.

They’ll be hoping to contest their matches on Hardpoint and Control, having recorded 26 wins and 22 losses on the former and 16 wins and 14 losses on the latter. They have a poor record on Search and Destroy with just 14 wins and 22 losses.

Owakening will have to show form in this match as he is their key player. He averages 25.9 kills per 10 minutes with a 1.13 overall KD on Hardpoint, and 21 kills per 10 minutes with a 1.17 KD on Control.

New York Subliners Will Be Underdogs

The New York Subliners are a strange side. Despite their ranking on the table, they haven’t done too badly on two of the maps: Hardpoint and Control. They’ve won 26 and lost 23 matches on the former and won 17 and lost 12 on the latter. Like Florida Mutineers, their record on Search and Destroy isn’t great but it isn’t disastrous either with 15 wins and 19 losses. This should actually make for an interesting match since their preferred game modes are the same.

HyDra is their main man on Hardpoint and Control. He averages 26.6 kills per 10 minutes and an overall KD of 1.07 on Hardpoint and 21.1 kills per 10 minutes with a KD of 1.14 on Control.

Despite some of the similarities, we don’t think the New York Subliners are worth a punt here. They’ve just been in very poor form all season, whereas the Florida Mutineers are going through a bit of a blip at best. There aren’t many better sides to face when going through a blip than the New York Subliners.

OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Picks

Pick: OpTic Texas

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OpTic Texas vs Boston Breach Predictions

OpTic Texas Could Win Big This Weekend

OpTic Texas, currently in 2nd place in the Call of Duty League standings, will be facing Boston Breech, who are a few spots below in 6th place on 25 June 2022. OpTic Texas have contested in 27 matches so far this season, winning 20 and losing seven.

Boston Breach have underwhelmed a bit with 11 wins and 13 losses. OpTic Texas will head into this as massive favorites.

The two teams are currently playing the Major 3 – Tournament. OpTic Texas lost their last match in the tournament but have won their previous two, whereas Boston Breach have been on a disastrous losing streak, which includes their first game in the tournament.

OpTic Texas are arguably the best side in the Call Of Duty League. They’ve registered 31 wins and 22 losses on Hardpoint, 24 wins and 18 losses on Search and Destroy and 27 wins and seven losses on Control.

They should win this match quite comfortably because their opponent is going through a pretty bad run. This could potentially turn into a bloodbath.

OpTic Texas will be quite heavily reliant on Shotzzy for Hardpoint and Search and Destroy. He averages 25.7 kills per 10 minutes with a KD of 1.06 on the former and 0.80 kills per round and 1.13 KD on the latter.

On Control, they’ll need Scump to be on his best game, who averages 19.4 kills per 10 minutes with an impressive KD ratio of 1.11 on the game mode.

Boston Breach Have A Hard Task

It’s hard to see Boston Breach get anything out of this game. If they do, their decent record on Hardpoint and Search and Destroy might give one reason to bet on them.

They’ve got 25 wins and 24 losses in the former and 21 wins and 18 losses in the latter. This is far from extraordinary but they’ll have to look for every little positive.

TJHaLy will have to put on a show. He is the deadliest member of their team with the highest kills per 10 minutes rate on Hardpoint (23.8) and Control (18.6). He also has a KD ratio of 0.93 and 0.94 on the two maps. On Search and Destroy, their strongest member is Capsidal with 0.77 kills per round and an impressive KD ratio of 1.11.

This should be a fairly easy victory for OpTic Texas and one of the safest bets of the Call of Duty League season.

Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerillas Picks

Pick: Toronto Ultra

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Toronto Ultra vs Los Angeles Guerillas Predictions

Toronto Ultra Have An Impressive Record

Toronto Ultra, currently in 5th place in the Call of Duty League standings, will be facing Los Angeles Guerillas, who are two spots below in 7th place on 25 June 2022. Toronto Ultra have played 26 matches so far this season, winning 13 and losing 13. Los Angeles Guerillas have underwhelmed a bit with 11 wins and 13 losses.

The two teams are currently playing the Major 3 – Tournament. Toronto Ultra lost their last match in the tournament but have won their previous four, whereas the Los Angeles Guerillas have played one and lost one.

The Toronto Ultra head into this match in excellent form. They’ve won four of their six matches in the tournament so far and it doesn’t seem like the Los Angeles Guerillas pose enough of a threat to change that.

They have a highly impressive record on Search and Destroy and a decent one on Control. They have won 30 and lost 15 of their matches on the former and won 14 and lost 12 of their matches on the latter. Their record on Hardpoint wasn’t great in the beginning but they’ve worked on it to get 28 wins and 33 losses

CleanX is the strongest member of the team on all three game modes with 26.8 kills per 10 minutes on Hardpoint with a KD of 0.94, 20.2 kills per 10 minutes with a KD of 0.95 on Control and 0.80 kills per round with a KD of 1.11 on Search and Destroy.

Los Angeles Guerillas Looking Patchy

Los Angeles Guerillas have been patchy all season. They’ll need to show the form of Toronto Ultra at some point to be taken seriously but it hasn’t come to pass yet.

Los Angeles Guerillas have won 21 and lost 20 on Search and Destroy, won 21 and lost 26 on Hardpoint and won just nine and lost 21 on Control. This doesn’t help strengthen their claim for this match.

The Los Angeles Guerillas will be quite reliant on Huke for Hardpoint and Asim for Control. They’ll need SlasheR to be the main man on Search and Destroy.

They’re really dependent on different players for each game mode.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to be up for the challenge against the Toronto Ultra. We think this will be a comfortable victory for Toronto Ultra.

Toronto Ultra vs London Royal Ravens Picks

Pick: Toronto Ultra

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Toronto Ultra vs London Royal Ravens Predictions

Both Ultra and Ravens are within playoff contention, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are sitting pretty as the overall league is concerned. Both teams are in a mid-table jostle, unable to find a way up because of their up-and-down nature of results.

They have both failed to string together a kind of consistency teams aspire for as we head into the business end of the league phase. Ultra are currently fifth with a 50% win-loss record; their series score stands at 13-13.

Ravens are a spot higher at fourth, with a 13-11 series score. While there isn’t much that separates them on the point table, Ultra hold the edge on the basis of experience and overall proficiency.

Historical data may have also influenced punters into giving them the better odds of winning. Last year, they finished second with a 28-17 scoreline, translating to a 62% win record. In any case,  at the back end, you would rather go with a trusted outfit with a good track record.

Why Toronto Ultra Are Favorites

Three weeks ago, Ultra did something they don’t do normally. They had a perfect sweep. Beating both Minnesota RØKKR and the Florida Mutineers by a 3-0 margin.

As such, such emphatic wins are rare, for them to have done it twice in a row on the same day was particularly sweet. Insight rose to the occasion, especially during a particular round of Search and Destroy.

Against Multineers specifically, Insight ended up going 11-2. In the final round alone, he got the first two kills and four-zone captures.

Those performances have been the trigger for his upswing. He hasn’t looked back since. That aside, Ultra can also take some confidence from a somewhat creditable showing at CoD Major 3, where they bounced back despite a 3-1 shellacking in their opening game to Atlanta FaZe. Relegated to the lower bracket, they went on a solid run to beat Paris Legion, Minnesota RØKKR 3-0, Florida Mutineers 3-0 and LA Thieves 3-1.

They were eventually once again beaten by FaZe in the lower-bracket final, but their string of wins came as a much-needed boost. By the time they take on Ravens on Sunday, they would be coming off a contest against Los Angeles Guerrillas, who are currently placed a couple of spots lower than them.

Teams Can’t Brush Aside Ravens

The Royal Ravens have been up and down mostly, but have had the propensity to cause a huge stir from time to time, like they did at the CoD Major recently when they sent New York Subliners home early.

That they did so against a side that dominated the Pro-Am Classic is bound to add more heft to their achievements.

Despite such a prolific overall record, they became the first team to be sent home following the loss to the Ravens. So, they can never be written out. They will, however, want to move on from being touted as a team that can just cause upsets on their day.

New York Subliners vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Picks

Pick: New York Subliners

New York Subliners vs Los Angeles Guerrillas Predictions

How the tide turns. New York Subliners, until not long ago, had an aura around them. Their performances, their scouting, their setup, their results – everything spoke volumes of a professionally-run setup teams could take a leaf out of.

This season is ample proof that even the top teams can suffer meltdowns like Subliners have. They are currently 11th in the 12-team league, having lost more than they have won. They are currently sitting with a 7-13 series record.

While there is no imminent danger of them finishing last just yet, they can ill-afford another reversal. Los Angeles Guerrillas are four spots higher at seventh, having a 12-13 record at this stage.

Whichever way you look at it, this has been a massive improvement from the depths of repair in 2021, where Guerrillas finished second from bottom.

Yet, for a change, where they finished on the table isn’t the single biggest factor when it comes to the odds, because it’s still widely believed this season is a bit of a write-off for the otherwise impressive Subliners.

It is up to them to prove it as an aberration.

The Two Exciting Subliners Signings

The Subliners looked in top form last month, winning their first Call of Duty event of 2022, when they beat LA Thieves to lift the Pro-Am Classic.

They struggled for any kind of momentum through the Vanguard season but hit back admirably following a couple of tweaks to their roster.

They brought in Paul “PaulEhx” Avila and Matthew “KiSMET” Tinsley, two signings that propelled them to the grand final against the Thieves, which they won.

The Guerrillas Changes

Their position on the table has brought about some forced changes. In Major II, Spart came in place of Gunless due to Gunless’ health problems. In Major III, Gunless returned. Ahead of Major IV, the Guerrillas have announced the return of Spart as a flex player; replacing Gunless again.

Neptune, a former Halo professional who switched to COD, has come in place of Asim. The final line-up heading into Major IV reads: Spart, Neptune, Slasher and Huke. The team has a ton of potential and fans are hoping that they can make another run for the major again.

opTic Texas vs Minnesota ROKKR Picks

Pick: opTic

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opTic Texas vs Minnesota ROKKR Predictions

opTic Texas have had an outstanding run in 2022 so far. Toppers for the longest time, they’re now second with a 20-7 win-loss record overall. This puts them just one win away from being joint-toppers with Atlanta FaZe.

An impressive 71 map wins is significantly higher than third-placed Seattle Surge. This makes them the absolute favorites when they take on Minnesota ROKKR, who are struggling at a lowly 9th spot with an 11-10 record. That said, Minnesota will want to approach Major-4 on a fresh note.

The Prolute Factor For opTic Texas

Days prior to Major-4 qualifiers, Texas have offloaded star player Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, whose recurring thumb injuries have limited his range of motion in his hand. iLLeY has even taken cortisone injections to prevent the pain. He also underwent a small procedure, but nothing seems to have worked.

This has forced them to once again turn to Byron “Prolute” Vera for the start of Major IV.

Prolute was on the roster for the entirety of Major III in place of iLLeY. Texas were placed sixth at the major with Prolute, their lowest finish in 2022. The change means Prolute has left his Challengers team and has begun scrimmaging with OpTic in preparation for Major IV. It isn’t yet clear how long he will be with the team at this point.

ROKKR Hoping To Rekindle Stage-3 Magic

Minnesota ROKKR were only a roll until very recently, but they quickly found out a minor slip up could lead them down a slippery slope. Just less than a month ago, they went on a five-match winning streak to boost their chances of making it to the Stage-3 Major. The biggest result there was their 3-0 win over toppers Atlanta FaZe.

Overall, Minnesota and OpTic, the two opposite teams for this match, were the only teams undefeated as they finished qualifying with a 5-0 scoreline. It told you how closely stacked the two teams were.

Los Angeles Thieves vs Boston Breach Picks

Pick: Los Angeles Thieves

Los Angeles Thieves vs Boston Breach Predictions

The Thieves are eighth overall, with a 11-14 record that has seen them just about remain in the periphery of the playoffs. Boston Breach are sixth, but have still lost more than they’ve won; they’re currently 11-13 in the series overall. Yet, their recent form surge has had the punters predicting the Thieves to sweep this game.

Thieves And A Brush With Controversy

The Los Angeles Thieves and Florida Mutineers faced each other on May 29 in the final match of Major 3 Qualifying. The winner there was to secure an entry for the game against OpTic Texas in the Winners Bracket of Major 3.

The loser was to match up with the Minnesota Rokkr in the winner’s bracket. Even though Rokkr were 5-0 in Major 3 Qualifying at that point, the consensus was that both teams would still rather face Minnesota than go up against the superpower OpTic Texas.

Los Angeles lost the match 3-0. Given the Search and Destroy and Control matches were close, you couldn’t have possibly predicted LA Thieves actually underperforming. Yet that is what happened, with several members of the CoD community believing the Thieves deliberately played the way they did. It even elicited a response from LA Thieves head coach Jordan Kaplan. He later clarified that he wasn’t even aware opTic were the No. 2 seed until it was made official on the broadcast.

Ever since this controversy broke out, every move of theirs has been magnified that much more. Can they put an end to it?

The Anticipated Roster Change

Two days ago, Boston Breach made their first roster change of the season by replacing Capsidal with Vivid, who officially departed the Florida Mutineers. This came about moments before Boston announced that he would be usurping Capsidal.

Despite his benching, Capsidal will remain with the Breach as a substitute.

Capsidal has been among the top-performing rookies who has been key to Breach’s early success upon their joining of the CoD earlier this year. Since the mid-season break. Both the individual and team have struggled. Breach finished in the bottom four of the most-recent major in Toronto. Capsidal walked away with a 0.75 overall K/D, his worst performance this year.

How to Watch the COD League

COD League 2022 Information
Teams Optic Texas, LA Thieves, Boston Breach, Minnesota Rokkr, New York Sublines, LA Guerillas
Location Offline/online event
Time June 24 at 3 PM ET
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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