CBLOL 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Picks, Predictions March 25

  • The playoffs from Brazil’s premier League of Legends tournaments begins Friday
  • Kabum are the team to watch for as they have continued to dominate
  • Furia are another team to back in your betting slip against Pain

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CBLOL 2022 Spring Split Playoff

The usual rules apply, with the top six teams of the split in the playoffs. The top four play in the winners’ bracket, while the next two play in the losers’ bracket.

The top seeds can choose between No. 3 and No. 4 in round 1. The loser with the lower seed from the winners’ bracket round 1 plays in losers’ basket round 2. The loser with the higher seed from the winners’ bracket round 1 plays in losers’ bracket round 3.

Format – confused much? Let’s simplify it further.

By finishing as the toppers, KabuM have the right to choose their opponent in the semifinal of the upper bracket. The Ninjas opted for RED Kalunga, the reigning champions of the competition, which also meant the clash in the other bracket was between FURIA and paiN Gaming.

As per the new CBLOL format, teams in the upper bracket will have an “extra chance” if they lose their first decision and will continue in the dispute through the lower bracket, where Netshores and Liberty are present. If they lose in the lower bracket, that team is eliminated. All matches across all brackets will be played in a best-of-five format.

Netshores Miners vs Liberty Pick

Liberty (moneyline)

Netshores Miners vs Liberty Predictions

It is playoffs time and teams who finished Split 1 the mid-table are grappling with issues of their own. Some about form, others about strategies. Netshores Miners and Liberty are two sides who fifth and sixth. But both sides who finished with a 10-8 win-loss record are looking to break new boundaries.

The odds are stacked slightly against Liberty. It’s a tad bit surprising, because they’re on a red-hot steak of three straight wins. That said, Netshores Miners have the experience and have shown enough tenacity to upset the bigger sides, and this would’ve definitely been factored in when the bookmakers decided the odds for this match.

I don’t think you need to be brave to make a prediction. Both are teams sailing on the same boat, and are equally capable of beating each other. If you don’t mind losing sum to maximise your chance of big profits, take a punt with Liberty.

Netshores – Fine Concoction Of Players

Netshores Miners are coming off a loss against FURIA in their previous fixture, but it’s by no means panic stations. They still have a great bunch ready to make amends. Drop has been prolific in the bot lane, averaging 4.5 kills, 1.6 deaths and 6.9 assists, along with a KDA of 7.13 and creep score of 286.3.

Hugato, the jungler, has a high kill participation rate and lands as many as 8.5 assists on an average, the best among all Miners players. Piloto’s mid lane proficiency also makes him a threat for the opposition. And it’s the combined effect all their players have had that has made Miners a very formidable outfit.

Liberty – Old Wine In New Bottle

Change of branding and ownership hasn’t quite diminished Liberty’s popularity but infield results have dipped a bit. They were contenders then, but have just managed to scrape into the playoffs this time. Known as Vorax in their earlier avatar, the side has made rapid strides on the developmental front.

They had a second-placed finish in Split 1 of 2021, even as they remained extremely competitive for the rest of the year. Liberty finished last year’s split with a13-5 record, which is brighter than this year’s 10-8, but whether a team scrapes through or qualifies emphatically, when you reach the playoffs, you’d believe you’re in with a decent shout, even if Liberty will now have to do it the hard way. RAV3N’s proficiency will be something they will be banking on.

He lands 5.56 kills, 2.69 deaths and 6.19 assists, along with a KDA of 4.37 and creep score of 275.31. Opposition would do well to mark him as a big threat.

Kabum vs Red Canids Pick

Kabum (moneyline)

KabuM v Red Canids Predictions

KabuM – CBLOL’s T1?

KabuM have been to CBLOL Split 1 what T1 have been to the LCS Spring Split 2022. Except, of course, unlike T1, KabuM haven’t been invincible. But take nothing away from them, they have still won 13 out of their 18 games to be placed on top of the standings. Up against them are RED Canids, easily among the more prolific CBLOL teams, even though they have struggled a bit this time around.

For all that, they are still a creditable fourth with a 10-8 record. The overall numbers could’ve been a lot worse. Midway through, a playoff berth seemed extremely unlikely, but like good teams do, they have bounced back superbly to win five in a row to all but assure themselves of the playoffs. That said, on current form the odds are with Kabum, the toppers.

The Method Behind Red Canids’ Madness

Red Canids have based their side on two principles: they ain’t inflated by short term results, and they don’t fix things unless absolutely necessary. Not even a poor split 2 performance last year made them lose faith in their existing roster. While there would have been a temptation to look for newer signings, the team kept faith in their same players.

This has helped maintain continuity with regards to their long-term plans and visions. This show of confidence from the team has further manifested itself in different ways. As many as five players in their line-up have extended their contracts with the organisation until 2023.

Furia vs Pain Pick

Furia (moneyline)

FURIA vs paIN Predictions

FURIA – Bringing Stars Under One Roof

One of the reasons FURIA have been successful together is because of their pre-season strategy of bringing together some of the best players in the region under one roof. And having achieved that objective, they’ve managed them well, too.

Among the new entrants, RedBert has been a standout. He won two splits in the previous two years, apart from racking up experience at the Worlds 2020. Then they have Improve, whose offensive proficiency has helped them go a long way. He has landed 4.63 kills, 2.44 deaths and 6.63 assists, along with a KDA of 4.62 and creep score of 278.63.

Often when teams consist of superstars in their own right, often questions are raised of how the team can manage egos, if players can gel together and how they can work together as one without personal glory coming in the way. Well, FURIA have found a mantra and quite a successful one thus far.

paIN Better Placed Than Furia, Says Team Coach

paIN finished the results split with a 10-8 record. paiN Gaming made the playoffs in the very last game of the regular split. It was a roller-coaster ride to say the least. They came off three wins and six defeats in the first round for seven triumphs.

That was followed by two massive setbacks in the second. João Pedro “Dionrray”, one of their coaches, was happy, proud and relieved with the classification, highlighted that there was no lack of effort to get the spot after a poor start in the tournament and said he believed that paiN is in a better moment than FURIA, the first opponent in the qualifiers. Only time will tell if the team can replay this supreme confidence from their coach. For the record, the odds are with FURIA. paIN will have to play out of their skins to nick this one.

One of the issues with paIN and it’s a realistic problem – you look at their roster and wonder who can bail the team out of troubled waters. Qats , the mid laner, has the best kill rate at 3.13, along with 2.38 deaths, 4.38 assists and a KDA of 3.26.Griff has the best record in the bot lane, but his death rate nearly cancels out his offensive proficiency. He lands 3.4 kills, 2.8 deaths, 2.8 assists along with a KDA of 2.21 and creep score of 255.2

No one has a proficiency of the kind that can intimidate opponents. If the kill rate is good, the death rate nearly matches it, which has a negating effect. They have middling kill participation records that is a result of moderate assists. So how exactly do they make it work and how exactly have they got this far? It’s a testament to their belief in each other.

How to Watch CBLOL 2022 Spring Split

CBLOL 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Kabum v Red Canids, Furia v Pain, Netshores Miners v Liberty
Location Conducted in France
Time Friday, March 25 at 12.00 PM EST onwards
How to watch CBLOL official Twitch channel

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