DPC China Division Picks, Predictions, Betting Odds January 4

  • Invictus Gaming and RNG is an even-money matchup
  • Emo the offensive key for Royal Never Give Up
  • PSG.LGD begin as massive favorites over Phoenix Gaming

Invictus Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up Pick

Invictus to Win

DPC China Division Picks

Invictus Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up Predictions

More often than not, a look at the odds may tell you which team is the favorite, and which team can win you big cash should they conjure an upset. You’re unlikely to draw a ready inference when you look up the odds for Invictus Gaming v Royal Never Give Up because it’s that close.

While Invictus have slightly more favorable odds than RNG, meaning the former are the marginal favorites, the contest lends itself to a narrative that no side can take the other for granted.

The eight participating teams play each other in a single round-robin format, with the top team through to the Major Playoff, while the side that finishes second qualifies for the Major Group Stage. The pool ain’t easy, and with teams so closely stacked, a good start will go a long way in establishing a lead.

Aggressive Invictus Build to Kill

It’s true that not much separates the sides, but there are some trends that emerge when you peel off a layer of numbers. Invictus nearly has five more kills (26.78) than deaths (21.94) on an average per map in the latest patch of Dota2.

Invictus are also big on building up to a kill, landing an impressive assist rate of 60.25. Royal pale in comparison at 53.61.

Royal Big on GPM, Invictus More Swift

GPM is a parameter that reflects the amount of gold a character earns per minute. In a way, it’s a measure of a hero’s performance. Higher the GPM, stronger the character. In short, it means the hero can kill and defend better.

On this count, Royal edge out Invictus, leading by six units of GPM. They have 2267 across 41 maps, as compared to Invictus’ 2261 across 63 maps. Royals take 37.19 minutes on an average per map in wins, Invictus are slightly quicker with a time of 36.49 minutes. It tells you Invictus sifts through the map faster in search of kills, while maintaining an efficient defense.

Emo Holds the Aces

With a kill rate of 8.12, EMO is the marquee player Royal will have to stop in his tracks if they are to compete. His GPM of 576.43 is also the highest among players from both sides.

A combination of Emo and Oli, who has an impressive assist rate of 12.73, can potentially form a deadly cocktail for Royal, who will rely massively on Sommus to go on a bull run. Among players in their side, he has an impressive kill rate of 9.36 even if he may be relatively inexperienced, having competed in just 22 maps.

Phoenix Gaming vs PSG.LGD Pick

PSG.LGD to win in straight maps

Phoenix Gaming vs PSG.LGD Predictions

Elsewhere, new entrants, Phoenix Gaming will have their work cut out against the seasoned PSG.LGD, who will have a quick turnaround from their pulsating contest against Team Aster. Having been challenged from start to finish there, they can hardly afford to take their foot off the pedal if they’re to challenge for the top spot on the leaderboard.

PSG.LGD has an impressive win percentage of 71.21 across 66 maps, an average kill rate of 26.44 per map, which is formidable. Any team that has more kills than deaths tends to rely on a methodical plan of sizing up their opponents and then going for the jugular.

PSG.LGD is no different on this count, their high assist rate of 60.23 an indication of their tact. In wins, they average 37.20 minutes per map, which is only slightly off strong field leaders Invictus Gaming.

In their most recent outing, Phoenix Gaming finished 5-6th at the Intel World Open Beijing: Closed Qualifier in December. Their best finish has so far been a top spot at the Dota Pro-Circuit 2021: S2 – China Lower Division in May 2021. No wonder then that the odds are heavily stacked against them. Phoenix Gaming has astronomic odds because of the uneven balance in this game.

Ame Holds the Horses

Ame is PSG.LGD’s field leader with a kill rate of 7.09 across 838 maps. In Y’, he has a perfect ally who deals with clinical assists, a rate of 14.16 across 344 maps a measure of how strong they are.

For an inexperienced team like Phoenix, such a proposition can be intimidating, but it’s a reality they will have to live with. Will they try to fight fire with fire, or sit back and play safe and hope PSG.LGD err tactically? Either way, they will come out of the context richer inexperience.

There is usually a tendency to pick the underdog because of the higher return on investment but in this case, it might make prudent sense to back PSG.LGD to win without dropping a map.

PSG.LGD are one of the better teams in the world, not just in China. And that will make a difference in the late game because that is when teams with immense attacking potential seem to have a leg up.

PSG.LGD also have offensive proficiency when it comes to lane dominance. That will also be a factor in team fights ahead of neutral objectives.

How to Watch DPC China Division 2021

Royal Never Give Up vs Invictus, Phoenix Gaming vs PSG.LGD
Teams Royal Never Give Up vs Invictus, Phoenix Gaming vs PSG.LGD
Location Shanghai/Guangdong, online event
Time Tuesday, January 4 at 12.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch PWRDEsports1 Twitch

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