Elisa Invitational Qualifier Picks, Predictions, Odds February 1-2

  • Dignitas will start as heavy favorites against an inconsistent Havu team
  • All matches will be Swiss Round 3, with 1-1 team records facing each other
  • World No. 9 Entropiq expected to show their class against Finest

Blink vs AGF Pick


Elisa Invitational Qualifier

Blink vs AGF Predictions

AGF will start as massive favorites against Blink considering their form mismatch. This is a Swiss Round 3, with teams that possess a 1-1 record facing each other. Blink have used a primarily new roster but have been in poor recent form, which includes three defeats in their last four matches.

AGF have made several star acquisitions in the last few months. The all Dane roster now includes Cajunb and others that will potentially soon make rapid strides up the CS:GO rankings. As of now, AGF is unranked in the pro circuit.

AGF will start as favorites but it would be errant to discount Blink because of their strength and prowess through their roster. This is a best of three match, and will be played online.

Gxx Needs To Step Up For Blink

It is certainly not impossible but Blink will need some offensive spirit in order to keep AGF away. And that will most likely come from Gxx, who has averaged 0.71 kills per round in the last three months of CS:GO action. He also has an average damage per round of 69.7.

Blink will take plenty from their previous match against AGF, which they won in straight maps in the Malta Vibes tournament in 2021. They won in Overpass 16-12 and in Mirage 16-19, which could potentially set the tone for this match. It must be noted, however, that there were very different rosters that were competing in that match.

Blink are presently ranked 30 in the country, which means that they will need to find their sprightly best in the next few months, which is hard to achieve with a new roster in a very competitive field of teams that will now include some teams that lost their form in 2021.

AGF Will Rely on Cajunb

There is hardly any doubt that AGF will continue to rely on the strength of Cajunb for some offensive strength. He has averaged 0.69 kills along with 0.66 deaths per round in the last three months of CS:GO action. That is the best in his team, but that will get better.

The only other player that has a positive K/D ratio in the last three months of CS:GO is Nodios, who has averaged 0.68 kills and 0.67 deaths per round. There is still plenty for him to do but he has at least provided some stable support for AGF.

Dust 2 and Overpass have been problematic maps for AGF in the last few months. In Dust 2, they have managed one win in their last five maps, which gives them a map win percentage of 20. In Overpass, they have managed just two wins in their last eight attempts.

Dignitas vs Havu Pick

Dignitas (moneyline)

Dignitas vs Havu Predictions

This is also a Swiss Round 3 match, with teams that own a 1-1 record facing each other. Dignitas will start as favorites and you can see why because they have the better ranking and the deeper roster, both key traits for the team down the stretch.

Havu, on the other hand, have not managed to perform at the same level as others in this competition as is evidenced from their current No. 77 ranking in the world. They had lost five straight matched before breaking that streak with a win against Lynn Vision.

You can see why Dignitas will start as fairly big favorites in this match. They will face an underfiring, underperforming Havu team that will not match up well with them through most maps. And that should result in a victory for Dignitas.

Heap, Hallzerk Start Well

For Dignitas, they will be rely in two of their best offensive players in Heap and Hallzerk, who have both averaged over 0.70 kills per round in the last three months of action. Heap is leading the offensive output with 0.75 kills per round along with a death rate of 0.67. One of Heap’s most impressive facets is his average damage per round of 80.4.

Hallzerk has been slightly better defensively, with an average death per round of 0.64. He has managed 0.71 kills per round, which improved his K/D ratio considerably. He will also be needed to accompany the might of Heap across most maps here.

Dignitas have won five of their last six matches, which leaves them in strong form, confidence and momentum for this match against Havu. That will undoubtedly have an impact down the stretch if this game gets tight.

Havu In Terrible Recent Form

Havu do not have the same fluency that Dignitas will possess, and that is evident from their recent tough record of five losses in their last six games. That could even leave them bereft of aggression, which could be a key facet in one on many team fights.

Havu have the edge in the head-to-head matchup. Of that, there is no doubt. Havu have won nine of 14 maps they have played against Dignitas. In fact, three of those have gone into overtime, which is an indicator of how close this match could be as well.

Sm1llee will be the offensive key for Havu. He has averaged 0.73 kills along with 0.66 deaths per round in the last few months, which could mean he is the team’s go to offensive player down the stretch as well as in the mid game, where rounds can often drift along.

Entropiq vs Finest Pick (February 2)

Entropiq (moneyline)

Entropiq vs Finest Predictions

Entropiq have now picked up their form and confidence in the last few matches. In fact, they have gone on a three game winning streak, and have also managed to win six of their last seven games, which gives them a fairly strong form quotient that they can work with.

Finest are not quite at the same skill level as Entropiq but they have also done well to stay abreast with the rest in the Elisa Invitational Qualifier. They have won three of their last four matches, which puts them on strong footing for the rest of this tournament.

Entropiq, being a No. 9 team in the world, will take plenty of confidence in to this match. Finest may not be able to match up as well, man for man, player for player, which will leave much to be desired as the match progresses.

El1an And Forester Will Be Key Offensive Weapons

Entropiq are one of the best teams in the world, and that will be a key trait as each map progresses. That is because they have reliability across various positions and phases of a round in CS:GO. They will be led offensively by the duo of Forester and El1an.

El1an has been in sprightly form, producing 0.72 kills along with 0.60 deaths per round. He has achieved this at an average damage per round of 76. That death rate for El1an makes his contributions invaluable to his team. If he can continue that, it could be very useful for Entropiq in making further progress up the CS:GO rankings.

The other player they will be relying on is Forester, who has produced returns of 0.72 kills with 0.63 deaths per round in the last three months of CS:GO, in the same analysis period as El1an. He will be a key figure for Entropiq as this match moves forward as well.

Can Anarkez Propel Finest?

Anarkez is Finest’s most crucial offensive weapon, with a kill rate of 0.70 per round and a death rate of 0.64 in the same analysis period. Finest will need him to step up in a big way because they will be up against one of the best in the world on Wednesday.

Finest are not looking good in the head-to-head matchup in this one either. Finest have lost four of four maps they have played against Entropiq, all in 2021. That will not provide much confidence to the team, which will be another reason that Finest may not compete.

In terms of recent form, however, there is a case to be made for some improved results. They have won four of their last six matches, which may provide them with the spark they so desperately require across all avenues of the game, including protecting game economy.

Ago vs Looking For Org Pick (February 2)

Pick: Ago (moneyline)

Ago vs Looking For Org Predictions

This is actually quite an even money matchup between two teams desperate to break away from the mediocrity they are currently attached to. Ago is ranked No. 50 in the world while Looking For Org is just a few ranking positions below, at 59 in the world.

Neither of these teams have played each other previously. However, this is a Swiss round 3, with 1-1 teams facing each other. That essentially means that there is not much separating these two teams based on historical precedence from this tournament.

Ago is our pick simply because they have been around this level for longer, while Looking for Org is still an up-and-coming team, who are capable of producing a lot more when they gain the requisite experience to compete. For now, though, I would stick with Ago.

F1KU Will Be Ago’s Offensive Hope

Ago have struggled in recent times in making progress because they have not had too many reliable options to pick up kills consistently. There is only player in their roster that has managed a positive K/D in the last few months. And that is F1KU.

He has averaged 0.70 kills but he also has a high death rate of 0.69 per round. His offensive output is improved by his average damage per round of over 80. As a result, he will be the key player, at least when in comes to creating offensive output across maps.

Ago have lost three of their last four matches, which will be a problem when they have to retain their confidence. However, they may take away some momentum from their previous result, which was a 2-1 win against Fnatic Rising.

Australian Team Looking For Org Still Looking For Consistency

Looking For Org is still an inexperienced team but their progress up the rankings is an indicator of their potential as they find some consistency. They have beaten Havu in straight maps but were beaten by Eternal Fire in their previous match.

From a pure skill standpoint, they could definitely find some depth against Ago but if this gets tight, then the experience could play a big part in determining the outcome of this result. These two teams have not played each other prior to this match.

How to Watch Elisa Invitational Qualifier

Elisa Invitational Qualifier Information
Teams Blink v AGF, Dignitas v Havu, Entropiq v Finest, Ago v Looking For Org
Location Online event
Time Tuesday, February 1 at 9.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch Twitch, HLTV Live


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