ESL Polski Picks, Predictions, Odds May 6

  • The ESL Polski tournament is back on Friday with two more matches
  • Anonymo will be favored in their match against Forsaken
  • Honoris and Pact will likely be a more even contest


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ESL Polski May 6

Anonymo vs Forsaken Pick

Pick: Anonymo

Anonymo vs Forsaken Predictions

Anonymo, ranked 46, will face 158 ranked Forsaken, in the quarterfinals of the ESL Polish Championship Spring 2022 on May 6, 2022 in a best of three match.

This is the first meeting between the two sides. Anonymo will be hoping to get back to winning ways after suffering two best of three losses heading into this match against some tough opponents.

They’ll be glad that they aren’t facing a similar level of opposition this time around as Forsaken are a new side hoping to make their mark in the CS:GO circuit, having participated in only two matches prior to this, which included an impressive win against 53 ranked, Wisla Krakow.

Anonymo Will Have to Use Their Experience

In Innocent and Oskarish, Anonymo has two players with great experience. Both of them have represented over 10 teams in the past that should give them a great edge over their opponents on May 6. Innocent’s 0.69 kills and 0.68 death per round gives him a favourable K/D ratio of 1.02. He has also got a KAST of 69.7%.

Despite falling short against 25 ranked, Spirit two weeks back, Anonymo will take encouragement from winning one of the best of three rounds. They should use the positives to take a seat in the semi-finals.

Anonymo Can’t Take Forsaken Lightly

Despite being new to the circuit, Forsaken have shown that they can’t be taken lightly after an impressive outing against 53 ranked, Wisla Krakow, just over a month ago. Little else is known about them since the side has only played two matches in the last few months. They have little to lose and should leverage that against a more experienced team.

Against Wisla Krakow, they found success on the Mirage map but they’ll be disappointed to learn that Anonymo have an excellent record on this map. In fact, this is Anonymo’s favorite map as they’ve recorded a win percentage of 80% here in 10 games.

The maps haven’t been announced yet but Forsaken will be hoping it’s any one if not two of Inferno and Vertigo. Anonymo’s record here is fairly poor with a win percentage of 20% in Inferno and 25% in Vertigo.

The odds are firmly in Anonymo’s favour but there’s little to be gained by betting on them. There’s a lot to be gained by betting on the newcomers, Forsaken. They’ve shown some promise in their infancy.

Honoris vs Pact Pick

Pick: Pact

Honoris vs Pact Predictions

Honoris, ranked 101, will face 86 ranked, PACT, in another quarterfinal round of the ESL Polish Championship Spring 2022 on May 6, 2022 in a best of three match.

The two sides have met each other on eight occasions with PACT coming on top five times, Honoris coming out on top twice. One of the matches also went to overtime.

Honoris head into this match off the back of two consecutive best of three losses and will be hoping to break the little losing run with a victory. Their last match was a week ago against 47 ranked, Bluejays, where they won one round but ultimately fell short.

PACT were on a four-game winning run before being stopped in their tracks by 75 ranked, Illuminar, in a tightly-contested best of three match up. In that four-game winning run, PACT had got some big scalps in Bluejays and 55 ranked, Tricked. What was even more impressive about this run was that it followed an eight-game losing run.

PACT will be hoping they don’t see a repeat of that cause momentum is key in any sport.

Reiko Is Honoris’ Star Man

With an impressive 0.75 kills per round, 22-year-old Reiko is Honoris’ key member. Reiko needs to work on how many hits he takes because he takes 0.73 death per round as well, giving him a K/D ratio of 1.03. His KAST percentage is a team-high 69.5%.

If Honoris is going to get something out of this match, they’ll need Reiko to be his aggressive self %. If PACT neutralizes him, the match is as good as done. There is no one in the PACT line-up who really has stats to match him.

For comparison’s sake, PACT’s star player is reatz, who gets 0.65 kills per round, 0.69 deaths per round, a K/D ratio of 1.03 and KAST percentage of 70.6. However, it seems like the real deciding factor might be the maps.

PACT Struggle in Dust2

With the maps yet to be announced, PACT will be hoping and praying that they don’t have to play on Dust2. This map has been a real thorn in their side with PACT having an abysmal 14%-win record after contesting here seven times.

Honoris, on the other hand, has a 67%-win record here after contesting in six matches. The writing will be on the wall if these two face off here. Honoris have their own Achilles heel in Vertigo, where they have a 17%-win record after having contested in six matches here. Both sides have struggled on Nuke with Honoris having a 25%-win record here and PACT having one of 38% in the last three months.

On the whole, PACT’s record on most maps is quite reasonable. Honoris still has a lot to prove. Their 62%-win record in Inferno is decent but it isn’t as good as PACT’s 80% on the same map.

Despite there being very little between the two, it seems like there’s more reasons to favour PACT going into this match. They have the better ranking and, despite having a little wobble last week, they’re heading into this match on decent form.

They have a decent record on most maps bar Dust2 but in a best of three, this won’t be the deciding factor. Not to mention, their superior head-to-head is too hard to overlook.

How to Watch the ESL Polski

ESL Polski Information
Teams Anonymo, Forsaken, Honoris, Pact
Location Online event
Time Friday, May 6 at 10.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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