European Masters Picks, Predictions, Odds for April 21

  • The group stages of the European Masters resumes on Thursday with six games
  • LDLC OL will be looking to build on a terrific performance in France’s league
  • Bisons EClub still vying for a spot in the next stage

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European Masters April 21

EClub vs LDLC OL Pick

LDLC OL (moneyline)

EClub vs LDLC OL Predictions

The group phase of the EU Masters is set for an interesting finish, with teams jostling to remain in the top two to qualify for the knockouts.

It is this drive that will keep Bisons EClub motivated as they take on favourites LDLC OL on Thursday. Bisons are currently third and out of the qualifying zone with a 1-2 record, so a win against LDLC OL, as tough as it may seem, will be of massive significance.

LDLC OL, by virtue of being better placed and being more experienced, have the odds with them. So if you are looking to place a safe bet on this match, you are unlikely to go wrong if you put your cash on LDLC OL, easily the most-pedigreed team in the pool.

In Their Most Recent Outing

Bisons were the dominant team, wrapping up a win they would have felt was relatively easy. Bisons consolidated their early gold lead to eventually finish with 55.5k gold to Atleta’s 45.2k. They landed 19 kills to Atleta’s 5, and captured seven towers to Atleta’s two.

Just by skimming the surface and looking at just the basic parameters, it is easy to infer the game was far from competitive. This is something Atleta will want to correct. Forget about winning, just pushing a higher-ranked team to the limit and staying in the contest for long could turn out to be a massive plus at this stage.

Guubi’s six kills for Bisons were the highest in the game, while Oscure and Myron led the way in terms of high kill participation rates by landing 11 and 12 assists respectively. Yet, in terms of being an overall package, albetrayber led the way with 3 kills and 13 assists.

Atleta would do well to keep these players quiet. Although that is easier said than done. LDLC, meanwhile, hardly flexed muscle in overcoming Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition.

Atleta Esports vs UOL Sexy Edition Pick

UOL Sexy Edition (moneyline)

Atleta Esports vs UOL Sexy Edition Predictions

Don’t Judge Atleta Just Yet

Atleta have been wrecked by nerves – understandable considering this is their first outing at the EU Masters. Their credentials can’t be doubted. They have come here the hard way, and like most young teams, they will need to be given time before being judged.

Every game they play is another step towards their long-term goal of being a top player from Italy, and by extension the European region. In the present though they are definitely struggling, having lost each of their three group games. It’s hard to see that changing against UOL, who are currently placed second with a 2-1 record.

In Their Most Recent Outing

UOL were shown the door by a more pedigreed team, but there is, in all honesty, no shame in being outclassed the way they were. UOL managed to end with 11k gold fewer than their opponents. That wasn’t it.

They managed just nine kills to LDLC OL’s 19, and managed to capture all of one tower. In comparison, LDLC OL managed 11. Among the bright sparks for UOL was Ruby’s form. The bot laner landed 4 kills, 8 deaths and 3 assists. DreamerAce held sway with 4 assists.

UOL’s Impressive Rise

UOL Sexy Edition have so far carried on undeterred. Not even the prospect of moving up the ranks from a smaller league structure seems to have intimidated them. They have come in with good form from the regular season of the Strauss Premier League to the EU Masters.

They began with wins over Valiance, Bifrost and eSuba back-to-back to set the tone for what has been an extremely impressive EU Masters tournament. Can they sustain the surge?

LDLC OL vs Atleta Esport Pick

LDLC OL (moneyline)

LDLC OL vs Atleta Esport Predictions

LDLC OL have racked up impressive results in recent times. They have proven topping the charts at the LPL Spring Split was no fluke.

Over time, the faith they’ve kept in their roster is now beginning to pay off, and it augurs well for the side going forward. As if playing one clash against a top side isn’t enough, Atleta will need to regroup quickly to take on another top side within hours of having finished their future against UOL Sexy Edition. It can be an intimidating prospect for teams.

Equally, it could free them up to play the kind of fearless games they yearn for. If Atleta tear down their template and go out all guns blazing, they wouldn’t have done too badly. Whether they have it in them to cause a massive upset is anybody’s guess.

The Last Time These Two Sides Played

It wasn’t as one-sided as you’d have expected. Atleta held their own for much of the game but failed to latch onto key moments. The fight in the bot lane was intense, but they eventually lost steam towards the end. Atleta finished with 51.6k gold, as compared to LDLC’s 59.6k gold.

They also landed 14 kills, a prospect many didn’t see coming. For the record, LDLC landed 20 kills. The aggression and sifting through lanes in search of the big kills, however, didn’t help them in terms of capturing towers as Atleta ended with a disappointing two towers.

For Atleta, Cospect was impressive as a support player, landing as many as 9 assists, while MxDragon was the most proficient player, with 5 kills, 2 deaths and 6 assists. For LDLC, Eika and Exakick led the way with offensive proficiency, landing 6 kills apiece. They also managed 16 assists between them.

The Yikes Hand in LDLC’s Rise

LDLC’s rise has been fuelled by Yike’s influence over maps/ He ended the LFL Spring Split with a 72.5% success rate, having been part of 13 wins. He finished with 2.83 kills, 3.06 deaths and 8.44 assists, along with a KDA of 3.69 and creep score of 183.83.

Yike’s kill was obviously nowhere near that of Eika or Exakick, but his overall proficiency across lanes, as well as in the defence, makes him a compelling choice for the team’s most improved player in recent memory.

UOL Sexy Edition vs Bisons EClub Pick

UOL Sexy Edition (moneyline)

UOL Sexy Edition vs Bisons EClub Predictions

Bisons will be gunning for a reversal, having fallen flat the last time these two sides clashed a week ago. As far as wins go, it was a very comprehensive one for UOL. They dominated from start to finish, and didn’t give the Bisons a whiff of an opportunity at any stage.

That two of their best bot laners in Guubi and Random managed just four kills between them told you of UOL’s execution. With Reptile and Lurox landing 7 kills apiece , even as DreamerAce and Ruby managed 11 assists a piece, UOL didn’t give anything a chance.

The air of confidence this team has carried with the has been mighty impressive throughout. They have built an intimidating lineup around DreamerAce, and the rejig has hardly shown with all their players blending in superbly.

UOL’s rise also augurs well for the strength of the sport in the region. For a long time now, the Ultraliga and Prime League have been two of the biggest leagues in Europe. Even as the rest of the teams from the region have struggled, Unicorns of Love have held out hope along with AGO Rogue, having emerged as two of the most improved teams in the region.

How to Watch EUM 2022 Spring Split

European Masters 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Bisons EClub, LDLC OL, UoL, Atleta
Location Online event
Time Thursday, April 21 at 11.15 AM EST onwards
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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