IEM Dallas 2022 Picks, Betting Predictions June 3

  • Faze have been in sparkling form on the pro CS:GO circuit in the last few weeks
  • FURIA should get the better of G2 in this blockbuster IEM Dallas match
  • FaZe will be too strong for Cloud9

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IEM Dallas 2022

G2 vs FURIA Pick


G2 vs FURIA Predictions

G2, ranked 8th in the world, will be facing Brazilian side FURIA, ranked number 7th in the world, in the quarterfinals of IEM Dallas on 3 June, 2022, in a best of three (LAN) match.

The two sides have faced each other nine times earlier in the past with FURIA coming out on six times and G2 doing the same thrice. Their most recent meetings came last month, where they met each other thrice during the PGL Major Antwerp on May 17, 2022.

The first match took place on Vertigo with FURIA winning 16-12. G2 got one back in the next match on Inferno, winning 16-14. FURIA reasserted their dominance with a 16-11 win over Ancient.

G2 Are in Decent Form

G2 head into this match in some good nick with two wins on the trot. They’ve won four of their last six games and some of the wins were over the likes of Astralis (ranked 12), Vitality (ranked 10), Movistar (ranked 18) and Outsider (16). One of the losses came against FURIA, in fact.

One of the reasons G2 won the second match from last month was the Inferno map. G2 have an incredible 100% record on the map in the last three months, playing eight matches on the map and winning all of them. Two of their wins against FURIA have come on that map.

The worry is that they’ve not won a single match on Ancient in the last three months and will be hoping that they can avoid it unlike last time. Their two matches against FURIA on Vertigo haven’t gone very well either. They’ll be hoping that one of the matches takes place on Dust2, where they have a 64% win rate in the last three months. FURIA haven’t contested a match on this map in the last three months.

It’s a mammoth task to come out on top against their opposition on Friday but having 25-year-old Niko on their side should be helpful. Niko was ranked the third best player of 2021 and has had a career high rank of number 2 in 2017.

In the last 3 months, he has averaged 0.74 kills per round, 0.65 deaths per round, had a KAST of 70.9% and dealt 84.6 damage per round. He has an all-time KD ratio of 1.19.

FURIA Had a Little Hiccup in Their Last Match

FURIA will want to quickly move on from their loss to BIG, ranked 15th in the world. FURIA will know that they head into this match as the favorites and can’t give G2 any sort of edge heading into this contest.

If the match takes place in maps like Overpass, where they have a 100% win rate recently, or Vertigo, where they have a 82% win rate. They have a fairly good record on all the maps bar Inferno and Dust2.

If 22-year-old Yuurih is in his game, this should be a comfortable victory for FURIA. He has averaged 0.76 kills per round, 0.59 deaths per round, had a KAST of 73.4% and dealt 85.3 damage per round in the last three months. He has an all-time K/D ratio of 1.19.

It’s hard to make a strong case for anything but a FURIA win here. A FURIA win also offers a lot of value, so this should be some easy pickings.

G2 will put all their hopes in Niko conjuring something out of this world. They have the advantage on most of the maps, have a better head-to-head record, have the in-form player at this moment in time and are simply put on the better side. This is represented in their higher ranking. In the higher echelons of the CS: GO circuit, these are the small margins and almost all of them are in FURIA’s favor. They should make it to the semifinals of IEM Dallas.

FaZe vs Cloud9 Pick


FaZe vs Cloud9 Predictions

FaZe, ranked 1st in the world in the CS: GO circuit, will face Cloud9 ranked 9th in the world, in the quarterfinals of the IEM Dallas tournament on June 3, 2022 in a best of three (LAN) match.

The two sides have a long history, having faced each other 14 times in the past with FaZe coming out on top in eight of those meetings, Cloud9 in four and two matches going into overtime. Their most recent meeting was at the PGL Major in Antwerp last month. FaZe, as was expected, came out on top with a score of 16-8 on the Nuke map.

FaZe’s Winning Run Came to an End Recently

FaZe were in hot form recently before their 1-2 loss to ENCE, ranked third in the world. They’d won eight matches in a row prior to that against some top opposition, including world number 2, Natus Vincere. Most of these victories were quite dominant.

The scorecard read 2-0 against Vitality, 16-5 against Encore, 2-0 against Natus Vincere, 2-0 against Spirit, 2-1 against NIP, 2-1 Copenhagen Flames, 16-8 against their upcoming opponents and 16-4 against Bad News Eagles.

They don’t have much to fear heading into this tie. Their top level is better than every other side’s top level. If they can maintain that, they should be fine.

Key to that will be 22-year-old Ropz. He is a one-time Major winner and has been ranked as high as 7th in the world in 2020. In recent months, he has averaged 0.73 kills per round, 0.58 deaths per round, had a 72.2% KAST and dealt 75 damage per round. He has an all-time K/D ratio of 1.21.

Cloud9 Are Still Trying to Find Their Feet

Cloud9 have really hit form in recent weeks with only three wins from their last seven matches but are slowly finding their feet again with two wins on the trot. These victories were fairly comfortable as well with a score line of 2-0 against Liquid, ranked 13th in the world, and 2-0 against NIP, ranked 4th in the world. This should give them some belief heading into this tie because they’ll desperately need it.

They’ve only once against FaZe in their six meetings from this year but they’ll have to approach this like a completely new game and be aware that they have nothing to lose. Key to that will be 20-year-old sh1ro, who’ll need to be at his very best.

Sh1ro has the best stats among the players who’ll be competing in this match in recent months. He ended last year as the 4th best player in the CS: GO circuit and it’s no surprise if you’ve looked at his recent stats.

He has averaged 0.78 kills per round, 0.51 deaths per round, a KAST of 77.6% and dealt 76.6 damage per round in the last 3 months. He has an incredible all-time KD ratio of 1.45.

Cloud9 has a better record than FaZe on the Overpass, Vertigo and Ancient maps. Two of their wins against FaZe have come on the Overpass map and they’ll be hoping they get one more shot at it in this match. One of the wins came surprisingly at Mirage, where they have a slightly worse win rate of 67% compared to Faze’s 70%. They’ll need whatever margins they can find in this match because FaZe are not going to hand them any.

FaZe don’t provide a lot of value but are a pretty safe bet for this match. Their all-time record against Cloud9 and more recently is miles better. They should make it to the semifinals of the IEM Dallas 2022.

How to Watch the IEM Dallas

IEM Dallas 2022 Information
Teams G2, Furia, Faze, Cloud9
Location Dallas, USA
Time June 3 at 12.00 PM ET
How to watch Official Twitch channel or HLTV

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