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LCO 2022

Gravitas vs ORDER Pick


Gravitas vs ORDER Predictions

The League of Legends LCO Split 2 is set to take off this week on June 6, with eight teams participating in a triple round robin. The top five teams qualify for the playoffs after two months of action when the league ends on August 8.

Gravitas take on ORDER in the first of the four matches on the tournament’s kickoff day. If their success in Split 1 is anything to go by, ORDER are by far the stronger of the two sides. They were the team to beat last split, coming out of nowhere to finish fourth on the standings and qualifying for the playoffs with 11 wins from 21 games, and a commendable W/L ratio of 67%.

Despite being shelved to the lower bracket for the playoffs, ORDER blew past Direwolves, followed by PEACE and Pentanet.GG (both of whom were ranked higher on the split rankings) to triumph 3-2 over Chief Esports Club.

ORDER’s topping the playoff prize-pool ensured their entry into the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. They have a new Jungler in place, Jeong ‘Goodo’ Min-jae who transferred from DireWolves and replaced Shane ‘Kevy’ Allen after the playoffs in May.

However Gravitas will find themselves on the other end of the spectrum, and will be trying to put the disappointment of Split 1 behind them as quickly as possible. A lousy showing in the first quarter of the year meant that they finished at the bottom with only three wins, having won just 14% of their games. Azus and Akano, their Top laner and Jungler have been shown the door in May after their forgettable tournaments, while Albert Luu ‘Llenia’ has joined as a Jungler.

ORDER has an unbeaten record over Gravitas from the last split, having trounced them three times out of three in each of their meetings. The match-ups between the two have been statistically one-sided this year. Naturally, the top-performing team ORDER is backed to come out on top against the bottom-rankers Gravitas.

Pentanet GG vs Kanga eSports Pick

Pentanet GG

Pentanet GG vs Kanga eSports Predictions

Pentanet GG take on Kanga eSports in the second of LCO’s week 1 fixtures. The odds for this one seem straightforward considering their performances from split 1, where both teams found themselves on different ends of the table.

Pentanet were one of the top performers from Split 1 and finished the league ranked third, ending the tournament with a W/L ratio of 15-6, and a win percentage of 71%. They were the third of five teams to qualify for the playoffs, entering the winner’s bracket thanks to their higher standing from the group stage.

After defeating PEACE 3-0 in Round 1, they went down 2-3 to Chief Esports in the next round before being knocked out by ORDER, who eventually went on to triumph. The same set of faces from Split 1 of the LCO will appear for Pentanet as they try to go one better this tournament, though Ryan Short ‘Chippy’ has joined their squad as a Strategic coach. Praedyth was one of the top players for Pentanet, and his 5.29 among the highest kill rates of their roster with a KDA of 4.65.

Kanga esports will look to make reparations from last season after they failed to make the top five. Their damp squib of a season saw them ending at sixth on the standings, winning only 29% of their games with a ratio of 6-15. In fact, the only teams they managed to beat convincingly were Gravitas and MAMMOTH (2-1 each), both of whom finished even lower on the table than Kanga.

Mid laner Jerome ‘Chungy’ Chung and Jungler Jordan ‘Only’ Middleton both parted ways from Kanga in May. Kanga’s head-to-head against Pentanet from LCO Split 1 is poor, having lost to them thrice.

PEACE vs DireWolves Pick


PEACE vs DireWolves Predictions

The third match of week one’s fixtures of the LCO Split 2 see PEACE taking on the DireWolves in what should be a highly-rated contest. Both teams are fresh off impressive showings in the first split, each qualifying for the playoffs though neither side managed to win.

PEACE is a strong contender to win the title. They stood second on the rankings last split with 16 wins and a W/L ratio of 71%, qualifying comfortably for the playoffs without breaking a sweat. A poor showing in the knockouts meant that they crashed out within two rounds despite qualifying to the winner’s bracket.

They lost 3-0 first up to Pentanet and were eliminated by ORDER 3-0 right after. It was a disappointing end to what was a memorable tournament, and PEACE will seek to right what went wrong at their crunch matches. Bot Laner Wang Yun-Cheng tops the kill charts for PEACE in the first split at 5.24, and holds an impressive KDA of 5.48.

DireWolves ended at fifth on the standings of the first split, with a 10-11 W/L ratio and a win percentage just under 50. They made it only as far as the first round of the lower bracket, where they were knocked out 3-0 by ORDER.

Their squad sees a few changes from the first split, with Jungler Jeong Min-Jae ‘Goodo’ bidding them farewell in May after a four-month stint. Around the same time, Top Laner Joel Vekic ‘Shard Blade’ and Jungler Kim Nicholls ‘Poltron’ were added to the roster.

DireWolves’ head-to-head against PEACE from last split doesn’t inspire much confidence, with PEACE taking them to the cleaners on each of their three fixtures. They will have to play out of their skins to reverse the three-nil drubbing from three months ago. Either way, PEACE is the likelier of the two sides to triumph in the match-up.

Chief Esports vs MAMMOTH Pick

Chief Esports

Chief Esports vs MAMMOTH Predictions

Chief Esports take on MAMMOTH in the last of, and what is likely to be the most one-sided of the LCO Split 2’s opening day fixtures. The seventh-placed team from the first split squares off against the tournament favourites Chief Esports, and it’s not difficult to predict that the pre-game momentum swings well in the Chiefs’ favour.

They topped the standing last split winning 90% of their games, dominating the league with 19 victories over the other seven teams. After breezing through to the winner’s bracket of the playoffs, the Chief Esports defeated Pentanet 3-2 to book their spot in the final.

There, however underdogs ORDER swept the rug out from under their feet with a 3-2 victory, nabbing both the Split 1 playoff title as well qualifying for the Mid Season Invitational. Bot Laner Quin Korebrits ‘Raes’ starred for Chief Esports last split with an average of 5.57 kills, and a kill rating of 6.29. They’ve made no notable changes to their roster, presumably to try and not tamper with a winning combination.

MAMMOTH in contrast had a dismal time of it, winning only 24% of their games in the duration of the first split. Only Gravitas performed worse, and with a W/L ratio of 5-18 and just two wins in excess of theirs, Mammoth barely managed to escape the bottom spot.

Aside from a 3-0 record against Gravitas, the only other wins MAMMOTH managed to claim were one apiece against Kanga Esports and Pentanet. They feature just one new addition to their roster, top-laner Daniel ‘Papryze’ Francis.

As expected, their three meetings from the last split didn’t work out well for Mammoth with Chief Esports handing them a 3-0 drubbing.

How to Watch the LCO 2022

LCO 2022 Information
Teams Kanga Esports, Order, Peace, Pentanet, Gravitas, Order, Dire Wolves
Location Oceania
Time June 6 at 04.00 AM ET
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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