LCS 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds February 5

  • The new spring split of the LCS kicks off on Saturday with five fixtures from NA
  • Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 should ease to comfortable wins in their openers
  • The blockbuster fixture of Saturday’s games is between Liquid and 100 Thieves

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LCS 2022 Picks

TSM vs Evil Geniuses Pick

Evil Geniuses (moneyline)

TSM vs Evil Geniuses Predictions

TSM finished at the bottom of Group A with a 1-3 record in the lock in phase of the LCS earlier in January. However, they were forced to field a depleted roster after their main team had to bear with multiple Covid-19 issues.

Evil Geniuses had a very different path in the lock in. First, they finished at the top of Group A with a 4-0 record. They then beat Golden Guardians in the quarters and Cloud 9 in the semis but eventually lost to Liquid in the final.

There is a massive mismatch in this contest, with TSM struggling for form and EG in much better rhythm right through. They will not only start as favorites, they should continue to remain hard to beat if they can get a decent start, which will be crucial.

TSM Play With Academy Roster In Lock In

That was always going to be a problem with the gulf in skill between TSM and the rest in the lock in. TSM had to field their Academy roster during that phase, which forced their hand in their ability to produce results. It was always going to be an uphill task, and TSM eventually finished with four straight defeats to end their lock in.

Much of that will not be repeated this spring split as their players recover and find their form. However, they will need to find their form quickly because this could be a long split for the team if they start off with a few map losses early in spring.

EG Will Be A Force This Season

There is not much doubting that EG will be hard to break down this season. They have already shown their lane dominance, which should be one of the reasons they will continue to find success. In fact, they did not even lose a map till the final of the lock in.

EG had a flawless run in to the final of the LCS lock in. They finished at the top of their group with four straight wins. They then on to beat Golden Guardians 2-0 in the quarters before beating a resurgent Cloud 9 team in the semis 3-0. That is terrific form.

It was Danny that led the resurgence for EG in the bot lane. He produced returns of 4.08 kills, 1.5 deaths and 5.67 assists at a KDA of 6.5 along with a creep score of 290.75. His continued improvement will be a major reason for EG’s continued lane dominance.

Jojopyun produced as well in the mid lane. He provided returns of 3.67 kills, 2 deaths and 6.08 assists per map at a KDA of 4.88 with a creep score of 267.25. These two continuing to produce in the middle lane will be one of the key reasons for EG maintaining their form.

CLG vs FlyQuest Pick

Fly Quest (moneyline)

CLG vs Fly Quest Predictions

Counter Logic Gaming had a middling 2022 lock in phase of the LCS. They won two and lost two in that to finish third in group B, not a bad result considering the two teams above them were EG and Team Liquid. In the quarters, they were beaten 2-1 by Cloud9.

Fly Quest finished with an identical record in the group stage phase of the lock in, with a 2-2 record that helped them finish second in group A. Faced against a mighty Team Liquid unit, Fly Quest did not stand a chance in the quarters, losing in straight maps.

This is quite an even money matchup, and is one of the closer games scheduled on Saturday from the LCS. Still, on form, on paper, Fly Quest seems to have a little more depth, which will have a massive impact on this result.

Luger Could Be Key In the Bot Lane

Counter Logic Gaming will need some prowess in the lanes this season. That should be enough to create a strong proposition for some lane dominance, which could potentially set them up for the next course of their success. For this, they could rely on bot laner Luger.

In the lock in, Luger had 3.43 kills, 2 deaths and 3.29 assists per map at a KDA of 3.36 with a creep score of 285.43. These are stellar returns because CLG were not entirely strong in the lanes but Luger managed to keep his death rate fairly low, which is a commendable trait.

Elsewhere, the team will rely on mid laner Palaflox, who produced returns of 2.57 kills, 2.57 deaths and 3.43 assists per map at a KDA of 2.33 with a creep score of 266.86. Most teams rely on mid and bot laner pairs for kill production. It is no different for CLG.

Johnsun Leads Fly Quest But Returns Need Improvement

There is plenty to like about this Fly Quest team including a stoic defense, but in order to make progress in a competitive league like the LCS, they will need to be at their best offensively in order to generate a lot more kills.

Over in the bot lane, Johnsun has been in strong form with 3.33 kills, 2.67 deaths and 3.5 assists per map at a KDA of 2.56 and a creep score of 338.67. That is quite a high creep score but that KDA can do with some improvement.

Kumo has also been decent in the middle lane, with returns of 1.67 kills, 2.5 deaths and 2.83 assists per map at a KDA of 1.8 and a creep score of 262. These numbers are quite strong for a top laner, at least in terms of kill participation, but there is still work to be done.

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves Pick

Team Liquid (moneyline)

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves Predictions

Team Liquid showed just how strong they are as a team with a proper demolition job of Evil Geniuses in the final of the lock in phase. That performance is sure to ensure that Liquid will go in as favorites for the spring title as well.

They will be facing the defending champions of the LCS Championship after a stellar campaign for 100 Thieves last season. 100 Thieves finished at the top of Group A with a 3-1 record but were spectacularly upset by Dignitas 2-0 in the quarters.

Despite their contrasting results at the knockout stage of the lock in, this is a blockbuster encounter, which means any team can win. However, I would be backing the might and strength of Team Liquid along with their newly acquired confidence and momentum.

Liquid With Plenty Of Confidence

Liquid will be taking a lot of momentum from their recent performance in the lock in. In fact, they were so good through the knockouts stages, which makes their achievements additionally impressive. They thrashed EG 3-0 in the final in a best of five.

Preceding that result were solid wins against Fly Quest in the quarters and then against Dignitas in the semis. Liquid have made several offseason acquisitions, which makes them one of the deepest rosters in the LCS, including the signing of Bwipo from Fnatic.

Hans Sama will patrol the bot lane. In the lock in, he produced 4 kills, 1.45 deaths and 5.27 assists per map at a KDA of 6.38 and a creep score of 316. He will be one of the most important players in this team along with Bjergsen, who came out of retirement recently. He had managed returns of 3.23 kills with 0.62 deaths and 6.38 assists at a stunning KDA of 15.63 and a creep score of 287.69.

FBI, Closer Keys For 100 Thieves

100 Thieves have also undergone several personnel changes in the last few months, which may leave them without the requisite depth to compete regularly against some of the best in the world. That showed when they were upset by Dignitas in the quarters of the lock in.

In the bot lane on the lock in, 100 Thieves relied on FBI, who managed returns of 3.17 kills, 1.5 deaths and 4.17 assists at a KDA of 4.89. Their most impressive returns were in the jungle in that split, with returns of 4.17 kills, 1.83 deaths and 5.83 assists at a KDA of 5.45 from jungler Closer. In the mid lane, Abbedagge has not been too bad with 2.17 kills, 2.83 deaths and 4.67 assists at a KDA of 2.41 and a creep score of 279.5.

100 Thieves will need their new bot laner to step up in the absence of Hans Sama, which makes them a bit depleted, but you never know how these teams could step up considering there is still adequate production in the lanes.

Golden Guardians vs Cloud9 Pick

Cloud9 (moneyline)

Golden Guardians vs Cloud9 Predictions

Golden Guardians were forced to play the lock in with their Academy roster on account of issues with Covid-19 as well as a few visa issues. That resulted in a Golden Guardians team unable to compete at the same level as their peers. They finished with a 1-3 record, which left them reeling at fourth on Group A.

Cloud9 had a terrific lock in. Even though they were comfortably drubbed in the semis by EG, they had a fantastic tournament, which saw them bring back some of their best form and confidence from 2020, where they were one of the best in the LCS.

Cloud9 have always been an aggressive team and they will continue to use their mid and bot laner pair to find their best rhythm and fluency. That is what I am expecting to happen in this match as well against a Golden Guardians team that is not at their best level.

Golden Guardians, A Depleted Unit

Even if Golden Guardians are able to play their core roster, they may need some time to get accustomed to the quicker pace of the LCS. Other teams have already played at least four maps apiece in the lock in, which means that players are now up to speed, literally.

Golden Guardians started the lock in with three straight losses before they came back with a win to close out the split. In the quarters, they were comfortably beaten by Evil Geniuses in straight maps. That is an indicator there is a lot more work to be done moving forward.

Cloud9 Find Some Missing Aggression

Cloud9 have been a team that have continued to rely on their offensive elements, which have earned them incredible success in the years preceding the last. The last year was a topsy turvy 2021 for the team, with some lows that they have not faced previously.

Cloud9’s journey in the lock in phase was ended by a resurgent EG team in the semis, which resulted in a 3-0 outcome. Cloud9 can still take a lot away from those results, including the return to form to Zven and Fudge in the bot and middle lanes respectively.

Fudge was in stellar form in the mid lane, producing 3.8 kills, 2 deaths and 5.4 assists per game at a KDA of 4.6 and a reliable creep score of 283.9. Zven was not too far away either, with returns of 3.7 kills, 2.4 deaths and 4.8 assists at a KDA of 3.54 and a creep score of 284.6. If these two can maintain this offensive proficiency, then this could be a strong season for Cloud9, who will be desperate for a return to form and consistency.

Dignitas vs Immortals Pick

Immortals (moneyline)

Dignitas vs Immortals Predictions

Dignitas will take plenty of form and confidence from their lock-in phase of the LCS. The first finished fourth in Group B, with a 1-3 record. They then went on to beat 100 Thieves 2-0 in the quarters, a fantastic result for the team considering they don’t match up as well against the might of the LCS Champions from 2021.

Immortals, however, had a disastrous start to the new LCS split with four straight defeats that left them at the bottom of the Group B standings. As a result of those outcomes, this has become a much closer match in the eyes of sportsbooks.

Even though immortals start as underdogs, there is potential value in their addition to your bet slip. That is because this is quite an even money contest, without as much of a difference between these two. For such a match, the additional pay-out is quite compelling.

Watch Out For Neo

Neo will be an influential weapon in the bottom lane. He generated returns of 3.8 kills, 2 deaths, and 2.8 assists at a KDA of 3.3 with a creep score of 323.7. He will be the most crucial player in the lanes for Dignitas this season.

Like other teams, even Dignitas will be looking to their mid laner to see how much value he can add to a team’s lane dominance. Blue produced returns of 2.8 kills, 2.6 deaths and 4.1 assists at a KDA of 2.65 with a creep score of 300.1.

Ryoma Could Be Crucial For Immortals

Immortals will continue to rely on some of their most experienced players, including Ryoma in the middle lane. In the lock-in phase, he managed to bring returns of 2.67 kills, 2.5 deaths and 3.33 assists at a KDA of 2.4 and a creep score of 259.5.

In the jungle, Iconic will be needed to improve on his flanking power. He produced returns of just 1.83 kills, 3.67 deaths, and 3.33 assists at a KDA of 1.41 and a creep score of 166.17. He needs to find improved results in order to create more value for his team.

Immortals will not be pushed over. There is enough holistic power through their roster to stay competitive. However, this could come down to just how much they can provide in the lanes in order to start catching teams off guard in team fights.

How to Watch LCS 2022 Spring Split

LCS 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Liquid v 100 Thieves, Cloud9 v Golden Guardians, Dignitas vs Immortals, TSM vs EG, CLG vs Fly Quest
Location Events conducted in North America (LCS)
Time Saturday, February 5 at 4.30 PM EST onwards
How to watch LCS official Twitch channel

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