LCS 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds February 12

  • Evil Geniuses expected to breeze past Dignitas in their LCS matchup on Saturday
  • Team Liquid facing Cloud9 is the standout blockbuster fixture of the round
  • TSM need to regroup quickly against quick starters FlyQuest

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LCS 2022

Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas Pick

Evil Geniuses (moneyline)

Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas Predictions

Evil Geniuses have looked to reboot heading into the 2022 LCS Spring Season. Part of that reboot has involved making massive changes to their roster prior to the start. While it would not be accurate to simply put down their win in their opening game to this, the fact is they seem well-rounded, even if they may have followed up the win with a loss the other day. It’s fair to say they are still easing their way into the competition.

Evil Geniuses proved why they are a fancied team in the Lock In tournament, where they went undefeated in the group stages. That bull run continued until the final where they lost 3-0 to Liquid. That shouldn’t take the sheen away from their star-studded roster that looks good to win the LCS Split.

Dignitas have won two in two, and carry with them both form and confidence. Like Evil Geniuses, Dignitas have overhauled their roster, by replacing three of their five players from the previous season. In their previous outing, new signing River, the jungler, helped regain control of the map. He ended the contest with 0 kills, 2 deaths and 12 assists, the highest in the match. His early-season kill participation percentage of over 80 points shows his utility.

For all the positives and the opening-weekend performances, Dignitas have a point to prove against the pedigreed teams, when they are under sustained pressure. This is also possibly why the odds are against them in this particular match-up. Evil Geniuses have the quality and class to bounce back. As such, these are still early days in the competition. And one loss doesn’t make them a bad side.

The Key For Evil Geniuses

Danny has the best record when it comes to offensive proficiency. The bot laner has a terrific success rate so far, having won nine out of his 12 maps. He lands 4.08 kills, 1.5 deaths and 5.67 assists, along with a KDA of 6.5 and creep score of 290.75. Inspired is another key player.

The jungler comes with pedigree, and lands 6.75 assists on an average per map, the highest for the team. For Dignitas to open up windows of opportunities across the lanes, these are the two players they will want to target. Force them to change their plans and then try and cash in. Of course that is easier said than done.

Dignitas Lack Big Game Temperament

One glance at the numbers tell you Dignitas have some work to do. The kill to death ratio is nearly equal, pointing to holes in their defence. You take the advantage and storm through the lanes to land kills, only to find the opponents charge back at you in retaliation.

How are they going to negate this ineffectiveness of theirs? Among all players, Neo has the best record. He lands 3.8 kills, 2 deaths and 2.8 assists, along with a KDA of 3.3 and creep score of 323.70. Not even a creep score as high as that masks the overall numbers.

While they are decent, they aren’t the kind of stats that intimidate. So looking at the overall picture, don’t let the points table influence who you put your money on. Evil Geniuses are still the favourites. Expect them to do a star-turn.

Immortals vs 100 Thieves Pick

100 Thieves (moneyline)

Immortals Looking To Put Behind Modest 2021

Last year was particularly ordinary for the Immortals. They had clearly underachieved. With more losses than wins, and a success rate of 44% across 45 games, left them with plenty to do in the off-season to try and develop a formidable combination in the run-up to the Spring Split of 2022.

The fallout of the previous season was the exit of Guilhoto as head coach. In came Invert and Dardoch as head coach and assistant coach respectively. They also welcome the return of Wildturtle, the bot laner, who comes in from Counter Logic Gaming.

While it is a decent move to shore up a line-up in dire need of rejuvenation, Immortals would do well to realise he doesn’t come with a magic wand. In 2021, he averaged a kill rate of 4, along with 3.28 deaths and 4.33 assists. These numbers go with a KDA of 2.54 and creep score of 359.56. This kind of offensive proficiency is something Immortals would gladly welcome.

Lock-In Winners Eager Keen Extend Domination

On the other side of the spectrum are 2021 champions 100 Thieves, who are looking to establish a stronghold at the top of the table. They opened the 2022 spring split by taking down Team Liquid, the 2022 lock-in tournament winners, in about 40 minutes.

The 100 Thieves made early inroads, putting bot lane Victor “FBI” Huang in a position to take over the map. By the time 100 Thieves had established dominance and were en route to closing the game, he had a terrific 9 kills, 0 deaths and 4 assists. The kill participation rate of 100 merely put a victory seal for the 100 Thieves.

The Key for 100 Thieves

It is hard to look beyond Closer. The Turkish jungler is looking to better his performances from 2021, and has already shown traces of those. Last year, across 18 maps, he had 2.94 kills on an average per map. 2.5 deaths and 6.83 assists along with a KDA of 2.91 and creep score of 216.61.

This year so far – mind you, these are still early days – he has started better. Overall his performances so far, including at the lock-in tournament, are encouraging. He lands 4.17 kills, 1.83 deaths and 5.83 assists, along with a KDA of 5.45 and creep score of 176.

Immortals know the odds are stacked heavily against them. It’ll need a performance of the season from one of their players to help get over the fancied 100 Thieves, who are keen to establish their dominance in the LCS.

Team Liquid vs Cloud9 Pick

Team Liquid (moneyline)

Team Liquid vs Cloud9 Predictions

On the evidence of their performance across 2021, Liquid and Cloud9 would want to get rid of their tag of being mid-table teams that are high on promise on potential, but not quite there when it comes to challenging the top sides.

Cloud9 ended the previous year with a win percentage of 62 across 45 maps; Team Liquid’s record stood at 60%. This year, Cloud9 have started by recording two successive wins, while Liquid have won one and lost one.

Cloud9 Looking To Flex Muscle

Visa issues prevented Cloud9 from playing with their regular starting line-up in the Lock-in tournament. They had to use an Academy-LCS hybrid team. Coming back full strength, they needed to make a statement up front and they have. Even though Golden Guardians fought hard, Cloud9 eventually prevailed to open their campaign on a winning note.

Cloud9’s Fightback

What stood out was Cloud9’s ability to bounce back. At no stage did you sense they lacked control. Not even when Golden Guardians surged to a gold lead of 3000 soon into the game. They attempted to try and increase that lead, but were stopped in their tracks by Ivern. Cloud9 eventually ended the game in 26 minutes.

Against Evil Geniuses too, there was a point upto which both teams were neck and neck, before Cloud9 surged ahead and didn’t look back. Overall, they collected 6.3k gold more than Evil Geniuses, landed six more kills and captured seven more towers than their opponents. The end result was as comprehensive as it got.

Berserker and Summit played the role in the offense to perfection. Berserker landed 8 kills, the joint-most in the game alongside Evil Geniuses’ Impact. This apart, he had no deaths and five assists. Summit landed 4 kills, 5 deaths and 6 assists.

Expectations Ride High On Team Liquid

Liquid made massive changes to their roster in the pre-season. These were the most changes made by any of the 10 participating teams. Apart from retaining MVP-caliber talent in Santorin and CoreJJ, they signed LECA veterans Bwipo and Hans sama. They needed to find some proficiency in the mid lane, which brought them one of their biggest acquisitions in Bjergsen, who traded the TSM jersey for Liquid’s. With such wholesome changes, fans expect nothing less than a title-winning run once again.

So far, Blip has had a tremendous success rate since his move, winning 10 out of the 12 maps, amounting to a success percentage of 83.30. He has 4.42 kills, 3.42 deaths and 4.67 assists, along with a KDA of 2.66 and creep score of 293.17. His partner-in-crime Hans Sama has 9 wins in 10 maps. These have been brought about through 4 kills, 1.45 deaths and 5.27 assists, along with a KDA of 6.38 and creep score of 316.

The odds are so close that it’ll really be tough to predict an outright winner in this one. Expect the clash to sway from one side to another. How teams read the other’s plans and plot a counter will form the crux of the contest. This one’s mighty hard to predict.

Golden Guardians vs CLG Pick

CLG (moneyline)

Golden Guardians vs CLG Predictions

Vanquished in both their matches of the Spring Split so far, Golden Guardians are seeking a quick upturn in fortunes. Golden Guardians were devoid of any momentum coming in from the Lock-in tournament. Visa issues for their regular players forced them to look inwards and pick players from the academy side.

They were so depleted that former Golden Guardians bot laner and present positional coach Stixxay made a temporary return to the pre-season tournament. Now, they need to move beyond the quick fixes to bring in some sort of consistency in terms of personnel and otherwise.

Contractz – The Comeback King

Counter Logic Gaming will be buoyed by the return of “Contractz” who has the most LCS experience of any starter on the roster this spring split. While he enjoyed a main squad position for 100 Thieves in the 2020 LCS Summer Split, he failed to find an LCS spot the following year. Now, he has come back in as a jungler for the rebuilt CLG team. After starting “decently” to win against Immortals in their first game, Contractz described their second against Evil Geniuses as a “bloodbath”.

Poome and Luger will be key in the bot lane, while Jenkins is the rock of the side. Palafox, who mans the mid lane, brings some aggression. It’s this fine cocktail of players with terrific skill and experience CLG hope helps them rebuild and move forward to challenge for a top three finish.

Olleh’s Chance To Prove A Point

Golden Guardians were eliminated from the quarterfinals of the LCS Lock-in tournament. Olleh, one of their key players, hasn’t played competitively in three splits, and hasn’t played in LCS since 2019. He is rusty and will need to shake that off quickly. things. After playing solo queue for a year without playing competitively, he’s rediscovering his touch again. What works for Olleh is his fine understanding of the game in the bot lane.

What Do The Numbers Say

Ry0ma has the best offensive proficiency for Golden Guardians. He has 2.67 kills, 2.5 deaths and 3.33 assists along with a KDA of 2.4 and a creep score of 259. The second-best kill rate is Stixxay’s 2.17. For CLG, the corresponding numbers of their best player is a tad better.

Luger averages 3.43 kills, 2 deaths, 3.29 assists along with a KDA of 3.36 and creep score of 285.43. The odds are against CLG, who are still feeling their way back from a poor 2021 season. They will need to prove a new combination is capable of delivering desirable results. Go ahead and hinge your bets on Golden Guardians for this one.

TSM vs FlyQuest Pick

TSM (moneyline)

TSM vs FlyQuest Predictions

In 2021, a contest between these two sides would’ve been brushed aside as an absolute mismatch. TSM had the highest win percentage. They won 67% of their games to finish top of the LCS 2021 Summer standings. Flyquest were at the bottom, faring marginally better than last-placed Counter Logic Gaming by winning 14 out of their 45 maps to finish with a win percentage of 31.

This time around, TSM have started poorly, losing their first two games. But they are a side with immense self-belief, therefore it’s unlikely they’d be pressing the panic button anytime soon. Fly Quest have begun the bang opposites inning their first two games to make a confident start to the spring split.

All said, TSM are still favourites heading into the contest even if form may not be on their side. There is enough experience and resolve to make the upward climb.

TSM’s Need To Reboot

If they are to look for some consolation, it’s the fact that TSM weren’t blown away in their previous contest against Dignitas. They were neck and neck for large parts before Dignitas finished with 6.1k more gold. Dignitas managed to capture just 2 more towers than TSM, but landed significantly more kills – 15 to TSM’s 6.

There is some work to do nonetheless. If they are to draw some crumbs from defeat, they need to take a leaf out of Huni and keaiduo’s game: the pair landed 2 kills a piece, but combined well with the jungler to remain in the4 game for most parts before it all went downhill.

Janna Smite’s Presence

Janna Smite’s LCS debut for Flyquest is already being talked of. She has accumulated a 58 percent 3win rate in high Elo. FlyQuest decided to unleash her in their match uip against CLG. She e was the team’s first pick on the red side, and on the top lane. Janna Smite Top was picked in the first rotation by FlyQuest top laner Kumo. There was some anticipation about where the Janna would go built up, but FlyQuest’s Leona as the fourth pick confirmed that Janna would be on the top lane.

FlyQuest finally ended the game at 47-minutes. Their top laner laner Kumo accumulated 1 kill, 2 deaths and 17 assists. So there is definitely some encouragement for FlyQuest. Two wins doesn’t guarantee runaway success. Neither does it leave 2021’s results on the back burner. That is precisely why they are the underdogs going into this clash.

How to Watch LCS 2022 Spring Split

LCS 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Liquid, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Golden Guardians, Dignitas, Immortals, TSM, EG, CLG, Fly Quest
Location Events conducted in North America (LCS)
Time Saturday, February 12 at 4.30 PM EST onwards
How to watch LCS official Twitch channel

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