LEC-LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Picks, Predictions April 9-10

  • The playoffs from the LEC and the LCS resume this weekend
  • Fnatic and G2 will face off in the semi-final of the LEC, with Rogue waiting in the final
  • Cloud9, Evil Geniuses are expected to be too strong in this round in the LCS

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LEC-LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Pick

Cloud9 (moneyline)

Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians Predictions

Cloud9 were blanked by 100 Thieves in their opening playoffs match 3-0, which has sent them down quickly into the losers’ bracket to face Golden Guardians. Cloud9 have been extremely stable and consistent right through this season, which makes them favorites for this one.

Golden Guardians have not had a poor season, not by any means but they might find the step up in quality and class far too much for them in this one. Golden Guardians finished sixth in the regular-season standings, which included nine wins and nine losses after 18 games.

Cloud9 have been one of the best teams in the LCS this year. They finished the regular season second on account of having won 13 matches out of 18. They will be desperate to put that poor loss behind them and advance on account of this losers’ bracket.

Cloud9 Relying on Offensive Firepower

Cloud9 have traditionally been a team that have moved quickly in Summoner’s Rift, including in the lanes. That modus operandi has come to the fore again. In the regular season of spring, Cloud9 received solid production from Berseker in the bottom lane, who produced returns of 3.44 kills, 1.39 deaths, and 4.61 assists per map at a KDA of 5.8 and a creep score of 307.94 and a CSPM of 9.68.

Fudge has also produced stable numbers in the middle lane, with returns of 3 kills, 1.61 deaths, and 6.28 assists per map at a KDA of 5.76 and a creep score of 281.39. He has stayed consistent, found kills, maintained a low death rate, and changed Cloud9’s season in the process.

Cloud9 were blessed to receive excellent production in the top lane. In pro-League of Legends, you don’t usually expect your top laner to be racking up kills but that’s what Summit managed in the regular season, with returns of 3.5 kills and a creep score of 286.

How Do Golden Guardians Compete?

Golden Guardians have managed to sneak into the playoffs. That, in itself, will impress the franchise because this is a very competitive league in North America. Performing in the LCS playoffs is a different ball game entirely because it moves from best of ones in the regular season to best of fives in the postseason.

That means one occasional exceptional team fight will not win you a match. That needs to be repeated across three maps at least. And that’s why Golden Guardians might not be able to stay abreast with the quick style of Cloud9.

Golden Guardians will rely heavily on Lost, who led the production from a kill standpoint during the regular season, who had 3.95 kills, 2 deaths, and 4 assists per map at a KDA of 3.97. There are other players as well that will be crucial such as Licorice and Ablazeolive.

Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest Pick

Evil Geniuses (moneyline)

Evil Geniuses vs FlyQuest Predictions

FlyQuest have continued to be a team that stayed inconsistent, in terms of finding able production in the lanes, but they will be pleased that they now have a chance to make an impact in the playoffs of the LCS, a stage that could just help them find their best quickly.

Evil Geniuses finished fourth in the regular season while FlyQuest finished fifth. Incidentally, they both finished with identical 9-9 records through the regular season. EG will take plenty of confidence from their previous result, a 3-2 defeat against Team Liquid, in the first round of the playoffs. That loss put them in the losers’ bracket against FlyQuest.

EG will, of course, start as favorites in this match on account of them having the slightly deeper roster and plenty of experience in their roster as opposed to FlyQuest, who might just find the step up to a best of five too much.

FlyQuest Desperate to Stop Danny

FlyQuest will need to find a way to stop bot laner Danny. He has been exceptional this season with returns of 4.89 kills, 1.89 deaths, and 3.53 assists per map at a KDA of 4.44 and a creep score of 353.47. His prolific returns will be a big reason for EG’s success in these playoffs.

EG also have other players who have performed decently, including mid-laner Jojopyun, who had 2.63 kills, 2.47 deaths, and 5.05 assists per map at a KDA of 3.11 and a creep score of 292.26.

How EG perform will depend on how their bot and mid laner pairing handle team fights. This is a team that was under threat of not even making the playoffs at one point but it seems like they have now found some of their best form at just the right time.

Johnsun The Key for FlyQuest

Johnsun has been the best offensive player for FQ this season, with returns of 4 kills, 1.9 deaths, and 4 assists at a KDA of 4.21. He had the best KDA, which makes him the most efficient player on the team also. With a creep score of 324, he even had the highest returns in that metric.

FlyQuest will need some help from other lanes and other positions if they are to upstage the might of EG in this one. For example, they will need Josedeodo to improve on his regular-season production, which included 2.15 kills and 2.25 deaths.

FQ are no pushovers, not by any means, but they will have to pick themselves up at just the right time. And to do that, they will need to win a couple of early team fights to provide that confidence and momentum, requisites to beat this confident EG team.

Fnatic vs G2 Pick

Fnatic (moneyline)

Fnatic vs G2 Predictions

Over in the LEC, Fnatic and G2 will face off in a blockbuster semi-final between two of the better teams in the league. Rogue awaits the winner of this match in the final as the LEC’s spring split of 2022 draws to a close.

These two teams have already met in the playoffs this season with Fnatic winning 3-1. Fnatic then went on to the qualifier for the final but was beaten in five maps in a thrilling encounter by Rogue.

That makes Fnatic heavy favorites to win this match as well. Fnatic had a solid regular season as well, which included 13 wins out of 18 matches which helped them move to second on the table. G2, on the other hand, finished fourth with 11 wins out of 18.

Fnatic Have Reliable Core Group

Fnatic will continue to rely on the group of starters that have brought them so much success in this season. For example, Upset has been in simply stunning form. Here are some of his returns: 4.44 kills and 0.61 deaths, and 5.67 deaths with a KDA of 16.55, a creep score of 306.33, and a CSPM of 9.68.

Wunder and Razork have both managed more than three kills per map. In the regular season, they both averaged 3.06 kills per map. This level of offensive production from several avenues just improves the holistic outlook for Fnatic.

Fnatic certainly have a competitive edge in this game, from a personnel standpoint at least. They will rely on Hylissang to provide able support. He has a kill participation rate of over 10 already, with 1.44 kills and 9.11 assists per map.

Lane Efficiency Needed for G2 Esports

G2 Esports have built their success this season around some stunning efficiency in the lanes. Three players – BrokenBlade, Caps, and Flakked – averaged over three kills per map during the regular season of the spring split. That level of consistency is exactly what G2 will need even in this one.

In terms of efficiency, they will look at Flakked to stay solid. He generated returns of 3.78 kills, 1.78 deaths, and 5.11 assists per map at a KDA of 5 and a creep score of 303.39. He was the most efficient player for G2 in the spring of 2022.

G2 Esports were beaten by Fnatic 3-1 earlier in the playoffs, which will make this a fairly hard task to prevent that again. However, early signs are pointing to a team that can compete. If they can find their aggressive best, you simply never know in a sport like this.

How to Watch LEC-LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs

LEC-LCS 2022 Spring Split Playoffs Information
Teams LEC: Fnatic vs G2
LCS: EG vs Fly Quest, Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians
Location Offline event, conducted in Europe
Time Saturday, March April 9 at 11.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LEC and LCS official Twitch channel

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