LEC Picks, Predictions, Best Bets June 17

  • The summer edition of the LEC will kick off this weekend with the double round-robin league stage
  • Spring defending champions G2 Esports will open their summer season with a game against Astralis and are strong favorites for it
  • Elsewhere, a blockbuster match is lined up to close match day 1 with Rogue (2nd in the spring season) taking on Fnatic (finished 3rd in the spring season)

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LEC Picks June 17

Team Vitality vs MAD Lions Pick

MAD Lions

Team Vitality vs MAD Lions Predictions

This is the first game of LEC Summer season 2022 and it promises to be just as exciting and competitive as the last one.

Team Vitality, who got knocked out of the Spring season 2022 playoffs in the second round after finishing the league in 6th place, will be facing MAD Lions, who did not make the playoffs last time out after finishing in 7th place in the league, in the LEC Summer season 2022 league stages to kick things off.

Team Vitality Will Be Guarded

Team Vitality might’ve had a better season last time out but they lost both their games to MAD Lions last time out and will be aware that this hasn’t been a great match up for them. One of the ways they can see if improvements have been made is by seeing if they’re better off this time. However, Team Vitality will be dreading that they’ll be facing their very first match of the Summer season against an opponent that has posed them difficulties in the past.

They’ve added a new Jungler, Haru, but retain most of the roster from last time out. Carzzy, the bot laner, has impressed this season. He has averaged 3.27 kills, 2.35 deaths, 4.35 assists and has a KDA of 3.25. They won’t be wholly reliant on him and need everyone to make a mark in this match.

MAD Lions Have A Great Opportunity To Make A Statement

MAD Lions will be well aware that Team Vitality will not be fancying this match up and should head into this match fully focused on starting their campaign as well as possible. Last season was not good enough. They failed to qualify for the playoffs after winning eight and losing 10 matches. A good start could go a long way to having a good season.

Key to that will be bot laner, UNFORGIVEN. He has averaged 4.61 kills, 2.11 deaths, 5 assists with a KDA of 4.55. MAD Lions offer the greater value in this match and are an excellent punt.

Team BDS vs SK Gaming Pick

SK Gaming

Team BDS vs SK Gaming Predictions

Team BDS, who finished the league in 9th place during Spring season, will be facing SK Gaming, who finished in 8th place in the league, in the LEC Summer season 2022 league stages in one of the earlier ties.

Team BDS Have Got A Lot To Work On

Team BDS have made a few changes to the side that only managed four wins last time out but will need to improve by quite a margin to seem like a real force in the league. They go into this match as the clear underdogs but can take some positives from one of their clashes with SK Gaming from last season.

They’ll still need some of their older players to step up. Mid laner, NUCLEARINT, will be one of many. He has averaged 2.72 kills, 2.5 deaths, 4.89 assists with a KDA of 3.04 this season. He’ll need to do more of the same to have a real impact this time around.

SK Gaming Underwhelmed Last Time

SK Gaming weren’t much better than Team BDS, also failing to qualify for the playoffs. Winning one of their games against Team BDS last time out might help this time, and they appear like they have a great chance to take a lead and build some momentum on it. If they don’t, it could end up much the same as last season, where they only managed seven wins from 18 matches.

They’ll need the others to rally around and build support for bot laner, Jezu. He has averaged 4 kills, 2 deaths, 3.94 assists with a KDA of 3.97. If they get most of these things in order, SK Gaming should win this match.

Misfits Gaming vs exceL eSports Picks

Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming vs excel eSports Predictions

Misfits Gaming, who got knocked out of the Spring season 2022 playoffs in the third round after finishing the league in 3rd place, will be facing Excel eSports, who got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs after finishing in 5th place in the league, in the LEC Summer season 2022 league stages on Friday.

Misfits Gaming Should Use The Same Strategy As Last Time

Misfits Gaming won both their matches against excel eSports in the league last season and their high league place means they’re the clear favorites in this tie. They’ll be hoping to make it a little further in the playoffs this time around.

They’ve got a new top laner, Irrelevant, but will need the usual suspects to show their best form. Mid laner, Vetheo, has been pretty good this season. He has averaged 4.68 kills, 2.16 deaths, 5.24 assists with a KDA of 4.59.

Excel eSports Need To Switch Up A Little

For Excel eSports, it’s a case of tweaking their strategy a little when they face Misfits Gaming. The tactics from last time clearly didn’t work out. Like their upcoming opponents, they’ll be hoping to make it further into the playoffs.

Bot laner, Patrik, will have a big test. He has averaged 4.04 kills, 2.43 deaths, 4.83 assists and a KDA of 3.64. We think Misfit Gaming will still have the edge in this game and they’re rightfully the favorites heading into this match.

G2 Esports vs Astralis Pick


G2 Esports vs Astralis Predictions

G2 Esports, who won the Spring season 2022 playoffs, will be facing Astralis, who finished in last place in the Spring league, in the LEC Summer season 2022 league stages to kick things off.

This Should Be A Formality For G2

G2 won both their matches against Astralis but it is G2’s remarkable playoff run from last time that makes them favorites for this. G2 did not have the best league campaign, winning 11 of their matches, losing seven and finishing in fourth place. For G2, it’s a matter of playing like it’s the playoffs all the time.

They’ll need bot laner, Flakked, to be fully focused on the task ahead. He has averaged 4.02 kills, 1.84 deaths, 5.73 assists and 5.31 KDA this year.

Astralis Will Be Dreading This Encounter

Astralis have got three new members on their roster and it’ll be a case of marginal improvements. They had some big wins last season but only three in the end. They’ve retained Kobbe, who was their most impressive player and will be hoping the new members provide the same quality.

The bot laner averaged 3.39 kills, 2.11 deaths, 4.22 assists with a KDA of 3.61. There’ll be a lot of excitement over how much Astralis improve after a disastrous campaign last time around but facing G2 to trial their new team isn’t ideal. We think G2 will have enough for whatever this new version of Astralis throws their way.

Rogue vs Fnatic Picks


Rogue vs Fnatic Predictions

This should be the most exciting match of the day. The two semi finalists will face each other once again after having topped the league table last year. Both will be fairly disappointed that they didn’t ultimately win the playoffs and will want to put that right this season.

Rogue Have The Slight Edge

The two were even in the league but Rogue won 3-2 when the two sides faced each other in the semifinals and had the best league record last season. They won 14 of their matches and lost only four, with a game against Fnatic being one of those losses.

This is the perfect test for both teams and their many amazing players. Comp, the bot laner, will be key for Rogue. He has averaged 4.57 kills, 1.73 deaths, 5.37 assists with a KDA of 5.73 this year.

Fnatic Will Want To Exact Revenge

Fnatic will be extremely disappointed by how the playoffs turned out last time. They had a great chance to make it to the finals and win it but lost out on the finest of margins. If they want to make a statement heading into the new campaign, this is the perfect opportunity to do that.

Key to their chances in this game will be bot laner, Upset. He has an incredible KDA ratio of 9.57 this year. He has averaged 3.83 kills, 0.93 deaths and 5.1 assists. If he gets a little help, Fnatic have every chance of winning this one. Rogue have had all the small margins in previous meetings, which is why they’re our pick to win the big match.

How to Watch LEC 2022

LEC 2022 information
Teams Team Vitality vs MAD Lions, Team BDS vs SK Gaming, Misfits Gaming vs exceL eSports, G2 Esports vs Astralia, Rogue vs Fnatic
Location Conducted in Europe
Time Friday, June 17 at 5pm CET onwards
How to watch Official Twitch channel

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