LEC 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds February 25

  • The LEC rolls on this weekend with another packed schedule of games
  • Rogue and Fnatic highlight blockbuster clash from Friday’s matches
  • G2 another team to back in their matchup against Misfits

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LEC 2022 Spring Split 25 February

Mad Lions vs Excel

Mad Lions (moneyline)

Mad Lions vs Excel Predictions

On the face of it, this is a clash between two teams that have faltered at vital times. It’s a clash between two mid-table sides aspiring to beat the top dogs, but have quite some distance to traverse before they can get there.

Excel are placed fifth with a 7-6 record and are just within the playoffs contention. But all that could change quickly, depending on how they go from here. A string of wins will keep them in the hunt, but it could also slip away very quickly if they lose. And when teams lose, it’s easy to lose momentum.

Mad Lions are placed joint seventh, with a 5-8 record. They’re a live example of how teams can slip down the slope very quickly. Two weeks ago, they were handsomely in the top half of the standings, but four consecutive losses threatens to derail their 2022 Spring Split. A victory on Friday is paramount to not just restore confidence but also get back into winning ways and challenge for the playoff berth. As such, the odds are slightly against Excel even if they are a position higher in the table purely on past history and pedigree. That said, expect this go down to the wire with either side capable of winning. As a punter, this may not be the easiest game to put your money on. So expect an element of surprise.

Past History

In the 2021 Spring Split, Mad Lions finished third with a 10-8 record, while Excel ended eighth with a 7-11 record. How the tide has turned now. That said, Mad Lions aren’t entirely out of the reckoning, and if they can get on a roll, the possibilities are endless. Maybe a top-two may still be out of bounds, but at least they can control their own fate.

What happened the previous week?
Mad Lions lost to SK Gaming, who were sitting near the bottom of the pile heading into week six. That they went undefeated against defending LEC Champions was quite a miracle. Mad Lions were expected to takedown their opponents, but at the end of it, they had been handed a massive upset. Mad Lions weren’t able to consolidate on their 3k gold lead and let it slip at the 25-minute mark. It went downhill from there. SK Gaming’s rookie mid laner Sertuss had an unforgettable game. He did plenty of damage by jumping on Mad Lions’ backline, and ended the game with five kills, no deaths and six assists. It got him the Player of the Game award.

Excel began week six with a loss when they were handed a pounding by Misfits in a game where both sides held their own in kills and dragons, before Misfits took a massive gold lead they managed to maintain right through the game before eventually sealing it. They recovered somewhat by overcoming Astralis, although they’d be the first to admit bigger battles lie ahead. The win against Astralis was more comprehensive than they would’ve imagined, with Finn impressive with his offensive proficiency by landing 7 kills, 1 death and 2 assists. The kill rate alone was equal to those landed by every member of the opponent. It spoke of the gap in class.

BDS vs Astralis Pick

BDS (moneyline)

BDS vs Astralis Predictions

Often when two teams right at the bottom of the pile clash, there may be little at stake when it comes to the championship at large, but such contests often provide a compelling narrative since they are a clash of equals. So when BDS and Astralis go head to head, expect a thrilling contest with either side having little to lose and everything to gain. BDS have just three wins, but those came so long ago that they’re unlikely to even remember.

Now they’re on a six-match losing streak and are placed ninth in the table. Astralis are last, with just two wins. But two days ago, they managed to break a massive losing rut to pull one back. But that doesn’t say much about their confidence or their ability to bounce back. And that is why the odds are against Astralis for this clash.

Giant Slayers Astralis

If you are a betting person though, you wouldn’t put it beyond Astralis even though the odds are stacked them, because they’ve shown recently how they can be the giant killers. Last week against all odds, they upset a top-tier contender Fnatic to open week six. Prior to that, they picked up their maiden win of the spring split when they handed Rogue their first loss. If these two wins don’t boost their morale and fire up their confidence, nothing will. By bearing two of Europe’s top sides, they have made everyone sit up and take note.

Astralis’ win over Fnatic came on the back of strong performances from Zanzarah, their jungler. He participated in each of their 18 kills, and finished with a scoreline of 1 kill, 2 deaths and 17 assists, while securing both barons and four out of the five dragons. Such a possibility can manifest itself only if your bot laner is in top form. Having dug into a 0-9 hole to start, the two wins have given them some much needed lift, and while there remains plenty of work to be done to come into playoff contention, there is at least a ray of hope.

BDS Need Massive Lift

In one of the first game back in the league’s Berlin studio in a limited capacity, BDS took an early lead by accumulating 4 kills and taking a lead of 1.5k gold. But they conceded this early game advantage with Misfits finding their beatings midge to eventually take the contest.

Neon proved to be the game changer, finishing with a scoreline of 9-2-7 as the AD Carry single-handedly got his side the points. This game, was however, just the tip of the iceberg. They competed hard but eventually fell by the wayside against Excel too. So they have to pick them up quickly.

Vitality vs SK Gaming Pick

Pick: Vitality (moneyline)

Vitality vs SK Gaming Predictions

A team that has underachieved but has the potential to be pace-setter takes on a team low on confidence and looking to rebuild brick by brick. Vitality have shown flashes of brilliance only to come crashing down.

They are currently joint sixth with a 6-7 record. SK Gaming are joint-seventh with a 5-8 record. The positive though is they’re on a bull run of sorts, having won three games on the bounce to lift themselves off the bottom. Can they sustain this momentum going forward?

Vitality Overcoming A Crushing Loss

Europe’s top side was taken down by Rogue last week as they assured a playoff spot this spring split. Vitality went down in a little over 30 minutes, in which they went all out aggressive, courtesy Selfmade and Perkz. Howevee, Rogue’s clinical precision and patience helped them prevail in the end as Vitality faltered as the game wore on.

The loss would have hurt because Vitality had a massive kill advantage. However, Rogue applied pressure in the bot lane through Larssen, who had double the minions as Perkz and balanced the gold count. For much of the game, this was an intense battle with one sid landing the punches only to be counter-punched. And then Rogue took control.

SK Coming Off A Massive Upset

SK Gaming are alive and well, dreaming of a playoff berth after taking down G2 Esports convincingly last week. On form factor, G2 were expected to run roughshod over their opponents after heading into the game on the back of five wins in six games. But against SK Gaming, they appeared to have switched off briefly, the window of opportunity enough for them to sneak their way in. This is one big reason why even though the odds are stacked heavily against them, I’d be massively tempted to punt on them.

Jezu The Rockstar
SK handed opportunities to Orianna, Jinx, Volibear, and Leona to kick off and take over teamfights. By focusing hard on the bottom lane, they made their intention clear. They were going for wins, they were going for kills. They weren’t there so simply sit and wait, and then cash in. Although G2’s own AD carry Flakked dealt a ton of damage on Aphelios, Jezu was an unstoppable force. He ended the game with a server-leading 10 kills and seven assists, earning himself a Player of the Game award.

Rogue vs Fnatic Pick

Rogue (moneyline)

Rogue v Fnatic Predictions

Battle of Top Two

Rogue, the high flyers, are comfortably perched at the top of the leaderboard with a two-win advantage over their opponents Fanatic, who have a 9-4 record. It can’t get more exciting than the top two sides going head to head in what promises to be an enthralling battle.

In many ways, this is a continuation of where Rogue left off from last year, where they finished second with a 14-4 record. Fnatic underachieved with a 9-9 mid-table finish in the 2021 spring split, and are on their way back up the charts after a series of indifferent performances that derailed their 2021. This has all the makings of a thriller that could go down to the wire. The odds favour Rogue and for good reason, but don’t discount Fnatic.

Rogue’s Chance To Experiment

The fact they are through to the playoffs must give Rogue plenty of breathing space. It will allow them to play with a degree of freedom that comes with their position in the standings. It helps them to empower their playing group and develop different plans and different combinations.

As Odoamne said on the post-game lobby after the win over Vitality that it doesn’t matter if he gets ganked and dies in the top lane, because that would mean that “the game is won.” This is precisely the kind of freedom they’ve begin to exhibit, and one that could set in stone a new and exciting template going forward.

Fnatic’s TakeDown

Fnatic have been rejuvenated by their superb takedown of Vitality last week. Vitality seemed a bit hesitant, and it wasn’t until late in the game that they brought out their optimum potential. By then it was a tad too late. Fanatic had pushed themselves to the limit right from the early game to win. This early-game aggression helped them land early kills with Zeri becoming faster and more powerful throughout the match.

Misfits vs G2 Pick

G2 (moneyline)

Misfits vs G2 Predictions

In a contest that can be described as one of equals, Misfits will be eyeing a top-two berth as they taken on G2, who are also primed for the playoff. A win here will open up a one-win advantage for Misfits over Fnatic, depending on how they fare in their clash of course. At worst, it will keep them any par with a 10-4 record heading into the final two weeks. G2 have won 8 and lost 5, with a bit of momentum sucked out following two back to back losses. So they have some work to do to get back up on their feet. G2 have slipped under the radar a bit this season, unlike in 2021 where they finished top of the pile at the spring split by winning 14 out of 18.

Vetheo Makes A Splash

Misfits have steadied improved but there was little margin for error heading into week six. Against EXCEL, it was a contest of two halves. In the draft phase, Vetheo bided his time. In the second half of the draft phase, he went all out aggressive, opting for Ryze to provide assistance early on and later in the map. Misfits exercised caution right through to acquire a comfortable standing in the game. It’s this form and confidence they managed to carry into their subsequent two games.

G2 Need New Approach

G2 have lost two of their last three games, to SK Gaming and Fnatic and are on the look out to rediscover the winning touch. Fnatic brushed them aside, while SK matched them neck and neck before eventually getting the better of them. They will want to show off the kind of form they displayed in slaying Astralis. For that, they need better plans and a better approach.

How to Watch LEC 2022 Spring Split

LEC 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Fnatic, Rogue, G2, Vitality, Misfits, BDS, Mad Lions, Astralis, Excel, SK
Location The offline event, conducted in Europe
Time Friday, February 25 at 11.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LEC official Twitch channel

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