LEC 2022 Spring Split Picks, Predictions, Odds February 4

  • A potential blockbuster brewing between Mad Lions and Fnatic
  • G2, Rogue are expected to find their feet and also find wins in upcoming round
  • Astralis aiming for upset against SK Gaming: unlikely but possible

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LEC 2022 Picks

Team Vitality vs Misfits Pick

Vitality (moneyline)

Vitality vs Misfits Predictions

Week four of the 2022 LEC Spring Split kicks off with a mid-table clash between two teams brimming with talent and potential, Misfits have an opportunity to dash into the top three. Vitality are faced with a fight of remaining in the top six so that they automatically qualify. Misfits have four wins in seven; Vitality are looking to draw level with their opponents, having so far secured three wins.

The table is so closely packed that teams will need a string of wins to make significant gains. On paper, though, Vitality are the favorite in this match-up despite having been underwhelmed so far. Having started with three losses on the bounce, that they’re up and running is the cause of optimism among the punters.

A minor slip up against Rogue to end the third week may have come as a bummer, but there’s enough class and experience in their ranks to bounce back. Misfits will have done well to have watched where Vitality faltered against Rogue and pounced on a small window of opportunity. Vitality’s Problem

When you have a team full of superstars, Perkz and Carzzy the biggest of them all, there’s a tendency of one of them being under-utilized. And while there’s enough strength in the offense, there is a bit of a question mark when it comes to who will don the carry role. Vitality, therefore, needs to go back to the drawing board and focus better on role clarity to prevent further slip-ups.

Misfits A Sum Of Parts

Misfits don’t have a blockbuster line up, but one of players who combine together effectively. And it is not like they are intimidated by the big boys. They did superbly well to take down MAD Lions and Excel. This, however, could be another acid test for them.

They will be banking big on the likes of Neon and Vetheo to do all the running. Neon, the bot laner, has a kill rate of 3.86, death rate of 1.86 and assists to the tune of 4.43. A creep score that inches towards 300 reflects the effectiveness of his offensive proficiency. Vetheo, who looks up to South Korean gamer Chovy (who plays for Gen. G) for inspiration, mans the middle lane magnificently. He averages 4.14 kills, 2 deaths and 5.71 assists, along with a creep score of 386 and KDA of 4.93

If you’re a money man/woman, maybe you could try and bet against Vitality to make big bucks. It’s close and they really can’t be written off. But our bets are on the better, more deeper roster that Vitality seem to possess. Good luck!

SK Gaming vs Astralis Pick

SK Gaming (moneyline)

SK Gaming vs Astralis Predictions

Elsewhere, in a clash of two teams scraping the bottom, SK Gaming and Astralis will be playing for pride and points. In a sense, there’s little to lose and everything to gain when a team is at rock bottom. Having been knocked out game after game, the weight of expectation isn’t there, and this could free them up to play the kind of game they may be yearning for, but have not been able to so far.

Is There Something They Can Draw Upon?

They were comfortably underwhelmed four days ago against Team BDS. They managed to land just two kills, even as BDS pocketed 8. SK Gaming captured nearly 10k gold fewer than BDS. They captured just two towers to BDS’ 11. It tells you how they were dominated from start to finish. What SK Gaming needs to draw upon is a plan that keeps them in the contest long enough to try and expose the opponent’s loophole. So far, in being blown away comfortably across the first half of the spring split, they haven’t given themselves that chance.

Where SK’s Problems Lie

Sertuss has a kill rate of 2.57, but a significantly bigger death rate and a modest assist. This weakness across departments points to a lackadaisical offence and defence. He needs a change in approach to give himself a better chance. Probably, it’s time to sit with the coaches and re-assess. The same problem is with jungle Gilius: a very high death rate. And those who land kills don’t build up enough assists. This has been a perennial problem for the team.

Who Is Astralis Banking On?

Plain and simple. Kobbe has the best kill rate of 2.29, and an equal death rate. It’s still far better than an inferior death rate. Kobbe will want to build on his decent assist rate of 3.29 that also translates to a creep score of 334.71, the best for the team. They will need all the other players to rally around him and play their roles to perfection. Get clarity of roles, different plans for different players, spring up a surprise tactic to possibly try and catch SK off guard.

Sporting upsets are great when they happen, but the probability of this one happening is not very high. So go ahead, hinge your bets on SK Gaming. Back them to take this one despite their struggles.

Rogue vs Excel Pick

Pick: Rogue (moneyline)

Rogue vs Excel Predictions

What will it take to stop Rogue – all-dominating, high-flying and with seven wins in seven? That’s the answer Excel will be searching for, even though they’ve been riddled with inconsistency so far this spring split. With a win in their most recent outing, Excel have managed to salvage their position. With three wins in seven, they’re currently placed sixth.

Brushing Teams Aside The Rogue Way

Four days ago, Rogue were up against Fnatic in a battle that would’ve decided the top spot then. And they comfortably beat them, with Malrang proving to be the difference between both sides. He landed an impressive eight kills, had just one death and was involved in six assists. His kills alone were worth more than the entire Fnatic team combined. That’s the kind of form they are in presently that all they touch is turning to gold.

Excel Could Feel UndercookedThey have come off unchallenged by Astralis in their most-recent outing, where they captured 11 towers to Astralis’ 3, landed six more kills and pocketed nearly 9k more gold. Patrik manned the bot lane to perfection, picking off five kills, and with support from Finn in the defence. He was involved in eight assists as the pair put together quite a show of dominance. Sometimes, playing an easier opponent is a double edged sword. While it brings the confidence of having won, it could sometimes boomerang when they face off a tough team next. This is something Excel will be wary of, even though they don’t control their fixtures.

Rogue’s Champions

It is an impeccable partnership. The fire of Larssen and the ice of Comp. Larssen lands 4 kills, 1.29 deaths and 7.57 assists, along with a KDA of 9 and creep score of 262.86. Comp goes at a better rate, landing 6.29 kills, 0.71 deaths and 7.57 assists, along with a KDA of 19.4 – the highest in the pack – and creep score of 311.57. Excel’s bot laners so far don’t have numbers that match Rogue’s. And that could be the difference here.

Go for the table toppers. Rogue all the way.

BDS vs G2 Pick

Pick: G2 (moneyline)

BDS vs G2 Predictions

G2 has two rookies who have been touted to do big things for the future. And while they aren’t the blockbuster team of the past, they are still high on firepower that has come to the fore in each of their five wins in the competition. They are joint-second presently. Make no mistake, they are very much work in progress and while wins have come against relatively weaker opponents, bigger battles lie ahead.

BDS Have A Mystery Element

BDS are joint sixth with three wins in seven. Performance wise, they have some distance to go, but make no mistake, they have an underrated roster. Most sides have a core group they can bank on. BDS have signed youngsters in the hope they can be prolific players for the future. And while they are yet to prove their worth, the team is backing them to the hilt. Their coach Grabbz has the experience of having won four LEC trophies, a Mid Season Invitational title, and an appearance at the 2019 World Championship finals. The team will be trying to feed off this experience.

BDS Rebound Well

After a horror beginning with BDS losing four of their first five games to slip to the bottom of the pile, they rebounded last week with big wins against SK Gaming and Astralis. That has given them some much-needed breathing space. Having conjured up two competent performances, they will now try and put in a complete performance against a top side.

G2 Not Reliant On Their Superstars

BrokenBlade and Flakked hold the key to their offensive proficiency. And going by their record so far, the two are big threats even at half their efficiency. What will however gladden their hearts is some of the others putting their hand up. Against Fnatic, Caps landed the most kills (5), apart from having just 1 death and 7 assists. He was well supported by Targamas, who had 11 assists from the mid-lane. That they’re not reliant just on their superstars is an excellent sign.

Bet on?
On current form, the odds are heavily stacked against BDS. G2 will be a safe bet that won’t leave you biting your fingernails off.

Mad Lions vs Fnatic Pick

Mad Lions (moneyline)

Mad Lions vs Fnatic Predictions

To round off the week, we have got two title contenders on slightly different planes when it comes to the form spectrum squaring off against each other. MAD Lions are placed fourth with four wins in seven; Fnatic are second with five wins in seven. Both sides aren’t in any danger of slipping out of the top six, but it’s the top spot they’re desperately after. But at the end of this contest, only one of them can aspire to get there.

MAD Lions Under Pressure

MAD Lions must still be hurting after the loss to Misfits. The result was quite an upset because MAD Lions were handily placed up until then, with a 4-2 advantage. What will worry the Lions is how they conceded the advantage very early in their game and couldn’t find a way back. They will want to reverse that this weekend. They will once again bank on Armut and Elyoya to do the running.

Elyoya’s kill rate of 4 is the best in the pack; Armut comes second with 3.14. This isn’t that bad a record when it comes to offensive proficiency. Their mid-laners have some work to do, though.

Fnatic Need A Quick Rebound

Like MAD Lions, Fnatic too are coming off a loss to G2, who humbled them in a way not anticipated. Fnatic managed to land just 4 kills to their opponent’s 13, captured 4 towers to G2’s 9 apart from finishing with nearly 5k gold fewer than their rivals. At no stage did they have any semblance of control over proceedings. It’s this aspect they will want to correct.

Bet On?
Normally, this would be the hardest to predict. But on current form, even though the odds are slightly against MAD LIONS, you can’t confidently brush them aside. This will go down to the wire. The punters and those who put their money on either team will be watching with bated breath.

How to Watch LEC 2022 Spring Split

LEC 2022 Spring Split Information
Teams Fnatic, Rogue, G2, Vitality, Misfits, BDS, Mad Lions, Astralis, Excel, SK
Location Offline event, conducted in Europe
Time Friday, February 4 at 11.00 AM EST onwards
How to watch LEC official Twitch channel

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